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Supreme Court Decides to Hear Case on Trump's 'Bigoted' Travel Ban


Supreme Court Decides to Hear Case on Trump's 'Bigoted' Travel Ban

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Supreme Court on Monday announced it would hear arguments on President Donald Trump's proposed travel ban—also known as the Muslim Ban 2.0—which had previously been blocked by two federal appellate courts, one of which ruled the ban is "rooted in religious animus" and therefore unconstitutional.


That the SCOTUS would allow any portion of this discriminatory EO to be reinstated, is shameful.


How many times have I written a reminder that Hitler is reputed to have said, "To truly control a country, you must first control its courts. Then, whatever you do is legal and whatever the opposition does is illegal."? That pertained to the Nazi Third Reich and it worked very well for them.
* It would appear the same dictum has been followed to further control the US Fourth Reich under the orange turd's plan to make the Constitution and any other sane and decent legislation obsolete and null and void in the Trumpire.
* I think we can probably look on this as a test case to see if the Supreme's control works. It obviously does. The bottomfeeders are probably already starting to bloat as they slurp and burp.


I agree with provision that it didn't last very long. Such absolute control rarely does. It is like herding cats.


How can they "decide to hear" the case? Their same announcement to hear the case they also pre-emptively ruled on the case - reversing the lower courts' rulings halting the EO, leaving one small exception. What, exactly will they be ruling on in October? They have already shown their fascist cards!

This article, including its headline, seriously needs an update.


The decision is already a done deal. This country has devolved into a not so pale imitation of 1930's Germany, where prejudice is written into law. Now, Muslim = terrorist. I sincerely hope that we can erase that equal sign, and soon. I do not hold very high hopes however. It seems that we are to go through the gamut of fascist bootheel politics, possibly all the way to the destruction of any semblance of a tolerant society. It not only CAN happen here, it IS happening, and at a breakneck pace. Beware if you are Muslim, poor, a woman, elderly, or, in general, anyone who is not white, male and wealthy. The barbarians have demolished the gates and are running amok among us.


SCOTUS has a long history of implicitly supporting prejudice, with a few exceptions here and there. White male privilege rules, and the pathology of threatened dominance will continue to infect our politics for awhile yet.


When you consider that all the SCOTUS right wingers are under age 70 (Gosuck is only 49) while swing Justice Kennedy and two of the center-right justices being well into their eighties and likely to retire during Trump's Regime, SCOTUS is currently as centrist as it will ever be during the next half century. Grab your ankles and take a deep breath.


You are so right. I recommend this short course for readers of these comments, the article (below) entitled: Looking Past Citizens United and the First Amendment: Corporate Perversion of Individual Constitutional Rights

It contains a link to a timeline [ https://movetoamend.org/sites/default/files/timeline_hmprint.pdf ] which shows the definitive cases in which corporations or people gained or lost power in the US. Despite a few setbacks where We the People were victorious, it looks awfully like a strategic plan to build a fascist America--very disturbing.


Is the hate for Trump so strong that even the Muslims, and especially the Muslims for Reform, would be condemned for being happy this passed? Because they have expressed as much. Since these are failed states with no Governments even they feel unsafe as to who might end up over here and they are tired of wondering, with every incident, was it another Muslim. Please don't let it be another of our Muslims to make it harder for us. So is it about reality or is it about Trump?