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Supreme Court Delivers 'Transformative Triumph' for Marriage Equality


Supreme Court Delivers 'Transformative Triumph' for Marriage Equality

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday issued a historic 5-4 ruling that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states, sparking instant celebration and declarations of triumph, as well as reminders from some in the LGBTQ community that the road to freedom is long, with many vital struggles remaining.

  1. Fine, great, all for it. However, there are more important issues – climate change, the surveillance state, U.S. imperialism, TPP / TTIP / TISA, corporate control of U.S. and state governments, etc.

  2. It is not just republicans that will have an issue with this. In fact, there are
    people against same gender marriage, etc. from all political corners.

  3. I wonder if there will be some form of physical backlash in the 14 states that did not allow same gender marriage?


Good for them!


It may be a bone, but it’s an important bone to the brothers and sisters affected. Good win and a good day.

This will, however, energize the crap out of rank and file reactionaries who will want to remake the court as soon as possible, so Democrats have their work cut out for them. I plan on watching all this with a bucket of popcorn.


Nope ain’t gonna happen to Wyoming anyway. We - or at least some of us are no longer PROUD of being a red state and we’re going to run you folks outta here. Go to Texas - they might secede again one of these days but you won’t take Wyoming with you. We like it here without tanks blasting you guys out of your caves thanks. Idiots - you can’t nor should you win. Come into the 21st Century where we’re all going to learn to share.


Agreed. Everything cannot be of equal importance. And, it is very difficult to keep many focused on that principle.


“he U.S. Supreme Court on Friday issued a historic 5-4 ruling that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states,. . .” Last I looked Roe v Wade did the same thing for abortion. How’s the constitutional thingy playing out on that front?


They did try a while back, you know, but we wouldn’t let them.


It is now time to remove any age limits on marriage or sexual relations. If two young people want to get married or an old dude and a very young woman agree to have sexual relations, who is government to tell them at what age these things are legal.Equal rights should not have an age clause.


Yes, sexual inequality is glaring in the US. One can be arrested and destroyed for really harmless behavior.

I am jumping up and down and cheering for this wonderful victory for bourgeois sexual repression.

Meanwhile, in bullet land, economic suicide is ticking upwards.


Just in time to let the Republican Presidential candidates line up on the wrong side of history.


Still, equality is better than inequality. And marriage actually conveys a number of economic benefits. The downside isn’t as huge as say, equality in military enlistment.


Wait for the ‘Transformative Triumph’ the Supreme Court Delivers dogs and cats for marriage to their owners. It is a slippery slope into this perverse descent.


What is to stop states from treating same sex marriage the same illegal way they treat abortion?


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Perverse descent? You mean like you throwing your dark hateful shadow on this forum?

Yeah heterosexual marriage is pure by comparison right? Your comparison to bestiality is quite a testament to your sense of justice and decency. You have none.

This world will be such a better place once sociopaths such as yourself have gone the way of the dodo bird. You know the one you had a “special moment” with after you got drunk yet again.


So true. People are jumping up and down saying things like" Freedom won, love won, equality won etc."

I am sure that the oligarchs will be watching what other social issues the people are divided on and start pushing it into the foreground so that they can continue their real plunder of the people and of other countries.


Hopefully, those 14 or so States get pissed off enough to secede. I say this time we let them go. Hell, buy them a plane ticket out of town, because a train ain’t fast enough.


I’ve noticed a good many comments lamenting that citizens United, global warming and saving baby penguins wasn’t addressed today. Can’t you guys just celebrate something good happening in the USA for five fucking seconds without starting to bitch and whine about all the other wrong shit that wasn’t addressed today?
Be happy. Some people got civil rights today. Have a drink, get a good nights sleep and have at it tomorrow?
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nor was it torn down in one.


Just like people like you point at hate and call it principle. Go away.