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Supreme Court Punts Birth Control Case, Leaving Women 'in Limbo'


Supreme Court Punts Birth Control Case, Leaving Women 'in Limbo'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

In a unanimous unsigned decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday failed to make a ruling on a major reproductive rights case, sending it back to the lower court to find a compromise over whether religious employers should be required to provide contraceptive coverage for workers.


Let's have a constitutional amendment that says Supreme Court Justices will be elected to one term of 15 years. This lifetime appointment is bullshit, along with the nominating process.


Cases are written to be obfuscatory, which is made obvious in the "opinion" written by Justice Sotomayor. The ghost of Scalia hovers in glee! As for Roberts, Alito, Thomas, and Kennedy...the terms "biased, prejudiced, and self-serving" come to mind.

I don't tell the conservabot Christians what to do with their lives and I sure as H - - - - would appreciate their reciprocation. What business is it of theirs to interfere in women's lives and the lives of their families? Guess the medieval purpose of/rationale behind the ban on contraception remains in their annals to this day: keep the population up so their membership rolls are secured along with the tithing by those members to maintain the priests' lavish lifestyles (so much for vows of poverty...oh, wait...that is for the nuns in the Catholic church). Pander to the patriarchy.


Given that the Court is deadlocked 4 - 4 on this issue, today's decision really was the best that could be hoped for. It's important to remember that, while most of the lower courts had ruled in favor of the government and a woman's access to contraception, one circuit court ruled in favor of the religious non-profits. Given the Court's deadlock, a temporary compromise was essential; there was no way a clear majority of the Court would have been able to reverse the one unfavorable decision. In all likelihood, the issue will come back to the Court once there are 9 justices. Until then, the Court's solution (find a way to get the employees contraception without involving the employer), is the best option currently available. To be candid, I think the government can get the necessary information without involving the employers at all. The insurance companies know the names of the employer's covered employees and know that these employers don't cover contraception. Unless I'm missing something, that is all that is needed to assure that the insurer separately covers contraceptive services.


The US gubmit should be giving everybody contraceptives at no charge, a prudent use of the money that we pay in taxes.


How about one term of three years?


Yes, it's the religious right who wants more babies -more members for their cause.


How about zero population growth- and tax breaks for people who never had kids!


No problem; I'm open to suggestions!


Yes, and what someone else does personally is not a political issue. What happened to our constitution that states that we DO NOT have a national religion?


The ZPG movement became poltical in the 1960s here with strong connections to the environment. It's basic premise is to either replace yourselves with no more than two kids or not at all . You can connect to other child free groups or people or just live your life that way. The world is way over populated. China has taken some measures for this by restricting the number of kids people can have to one I believe. The US has wildly overpopulated in the last decade or so but no politician or religious leader will dare speak out. Notice : only tax breaks for those who have kids, not those who don't. There are some who believe that disasters or even Wars are another means to control populations certainly not practical. WIth people living longer, and more babies being born, the world cannot sustain the resources at this rate. Many problems related to humans and extinction of other species are caused by overpopulation and overuse. They are also caused by eating meat(vegetarians save one acre per person a year), and overcomsumption of goods.


Notice that the women are always at fault-no mention of a man's role in regards to birth control. Oh wait some of these nut case phrmacists have even refused to sell condems. We all know this a ruse to get people distracted from the real issues at hand- climate change, job shortages, poor infrastructure, world hunger, lack of clean water and other resources, and of course war!


Exactly, the government needs to stop forcing people and organizations to participate in actions that violate their morals and religious beliefs!


When Obomacare mandated that employers provide birth control as part of required insurance, the government made it literally made it part of their business.