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Supreme Court Quietly Denies North Carolina Redistricting Delay


Supreme Court Quietly Denies North Carolina Redistricting Delay

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Late Friday night, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to stay a ruling that ordered two North Carolina congressional districts to be redrawn over racial gerrymandering.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer, that means a lower court ruling issued earlier this month will be left intact and elections in the state's 1st and 12th districts, both majority black, will be paused until new maps are approved.


And it begins. I've been putting a lot of thought into the different scenarios that can play out as GOP Senators do their best to obstruct filling a vacancy on the Supreme Court. I won't get close to unwinding the myriad scenarios; every theory my mind hits on, backfires big time, especially in the cases of big corporations suing, which want and need matters to be settled.

In all likelihood, this vacancy just impacted the turnout of the 2016 elections in North Carolina. That's a pretty big impact for folks in that state, and the selling out of the promise of American democracy. Mind-boggling to think the GOP wants to maintain a vacancy for nearly a year. Trying to win that battle, will lose them the war.

This could very well be the demise of the GOP. I'm praying for a scenario where the Dems will rush in to fill that space, creating a wonderful opportunity for a truly oppositional left leaning party. A party cleansed of corporate corruption and greed, could take and hold that political ground, until a proportional system of representation transforms the remaining shreds of our democracy.


Gerrymandering - Dems did it in NC when they were in power, but the Repubs have taken it to a high art with how they draw district boundaries. They are such little babies. It's embarrassing that these men have positions they do - they have no honor.


Good stuff.


How about trying democracy - no gerrymandering (after we un-gerrymander a broken system) + proportional representation where every vote counts equally+ no super-delegates= more democracy.