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Supreme Court Rules States Can 'Torture People to Death'


Supreme Court Rules States Can 'Torture People to Death'

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In the most closely-watched death penalty case in years, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday ruled 5-4 (pdf) that Oklahoma can use the controversial and experimental execution drug midazolam that was behind the last year's horrific killing of 38-year-old man Clayton Lockett—who writhed and groaned for 43 minutes before passing away from a heart attack.


Eighth Amendment, folks. Or are they just “pieces of paper.”


Not to worry. I am sure all those peoples exercising their 2nd Amendment rights will be on hand to defend the 8th Amendment rights.



Ultimately this right wing philosophy whereas anything goes in the pursuit of holy vengeance will come back hard to bite them. Once criminals assume that they will be tortured, possibly to death, they’ll fight to the finish instead, which cause a greater degree of risk for the so-called “lawmen”.

Really, burning at the stake and drawing and quartering–while disgustingly gory–are also far quicker ways to die then how many of these injection victims are being killed.


Have you ever had midazolam? Believe me, you are unconscious and in no pain. As a PACU nurse I have given plenty of Versed (midazolam). It is fabulous stuff. The patient doesn’t feel a thing. The time the prisoner was “writhing and groaning” was because the IV was not properly placed. If someone would check the prisoner after the midazolam is given to make sure it is in the vein then he/she will not feel a thing. That said, I am on the fence about the death penalty. Some, I feel deserve it, but there are too many innocent people sent to death row. I am not comfortable with that.


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