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Supreme Court Ruling Denounced as 'Dangerous and Serious' Attack on Women's Right to Contraceptive Care

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/08/supreme-court-ruling-denounced-dangerous-and-serious-attack-womens-right


This is colonizing paternalism writ large. Now that abusive men can claim the right to dictate/enforce their female partner’s / wife’s choices, be prepared for a spike in abuse of women. In countries where women have pointed to the US as example of the advancement of women’s rights, be prepared for stark regression and a spike in instances of abuse.

Worst of all is that the very basest of personality/character are the ones who will abuse to assuage their denied sense of powerlessness also systematized and institutionalized by the autocratic colonizing claws of what increasingly appears to be a soon-to-be-failed state.

Long live the strategy of Lysistrata - which worked for a reason.


If you dig deeply enough into this issue, you will discover…chattel slavery. A female slave was prime property, able to breed more prime property(and to allow Massa some sexual relief since Missy finds the act repugnant). Once land was depleted by constant planting of cotton, the plantations in the Upper South became breeding farms. Children are not human, but property. This ruling fuels that culture, that children are simply future employees, property of first the father and then the corporation.
The Constitution’s philosophy and main purpose was to protect private property. Women and slaves were not citizens. Slave owners wrote the document, after hard wrangling with northern interests. Therefore…birth control is unconstitutional, according to the Originalists now crowding SCOTUS. The religion angle is just another hole in the wall dividing church and state.
Another topic is that the ruling gives corporations the status of owners of their employees. Since they’ve already been declared legally as persons, it’s one small step that they can own other people. There are no longer Personnel departments. It’s Human Resources. And employees are assets, to be disposed of when no longer productive.
This is one bad ass ruling. One that brings the Republic of Gilead running towards us in our near future.


Trump and those seven disgusting supreme court justices have no business restricting child bearing decisions for any citizen or human being. The campaign by right wing zealots to impose false religious based ideas in schools and doctor’s offices is a moral outrage and dangerous for the continued health of the planet. There are too many people in this world and that is leading to a series of increasingly more difficult catastrophes to prevent. Global warming, nuclear or biological annihilation are mankind’s future due to the grave chararcter flaws inherent in those people who are motivated enough to become leaders that descend into tyrants, overcome by their own insatiable love of power.

Trump thinks this will help his re-election. Its the only thing he ever really thinks about and it drives all his bizarre speech and behaviors. I’m sure he’s funded abortions whenever he’s needed them.


People seem to be overlooking a couple of the larger issues at play here. First of course is that apparently the first amendment does indeed give you the right to infringe upon other people’s rights to free speech and expression. Classic libertarian ideology, I should be free to anything I want as an individual or employer, up to and including infringing upon the freedom of others.
The second issue is that this may mark the beginning of the end of employer sponsored group health insurance. Let’s face it, any employer can now say they won’t cover, or hire, anyone who is a woman, or black, or sick, or Muslim, simply based on the faulty ideal that your religious freedom holds primacy over all other employment regulations. This could be the advent of company towns with only company doctors and company stores, with only company script.
Just wait until an employer sues the federal government saying that he believes having to pay for Medicare or social security goes against the tenets of their religion. The SCOTUS is already spoiling to make Medicare unconstitutional. This may speed up the process.


Church wants to be part of State, make them pay taxes.

Church wants to be part of State, well then, it’s time for church to prove the existence of the almighty in a court of law.

Church wants to be part of State, make them confess to how many abortions have been performed on women impregnated by clergy.

Churches have been buying up hospitals for profit across the U.S. to pull the plug on abortions services. How much profit do they make off of deliveries, then deny contraceptive services, hmm, conflict of interest no? For profit hospitals that are part of the reported 100,000 Americans dying annually due to negligence. Exactly how do they balance that sacrilege with their moral superiority claim in denying medical services in this case!

They have no standing!


If/When the fascists are deposed from power, i really hope progressives aren’t going to let handwringing over “constitutional process” or any BS like that deter them from revoking, repealing - just undoing - absolutely EVERYTHING the fascists have pushed through. Can’t let these bullsh!t laws remain on the books, simply because they’re the law.


…going back to the day The Smirking Chimp was inaugurated…


Going back even further than that, IMO (unless by smirking chimp you’re talking about one of the Founding Fathers)


Right wing nut jobs value profit above all else. Birth control pills are much cheaper than maternity leave. Right wing nut jobs are not good at math.


Humpfty drumpfty just found a new way to piss republican women voters off who might have otherwise voted for him. That’s what happens when your entire existence is predicated upon me, myself, and I, without any regard to the consequences. Immediate gratification is short lived and shortsighted.


What kind of dumb ass employer want to increase the number of their employees getting pregnant and missing work-talking from their perspective which is the only thing someone like that would care about.

Blessings be upon the house of Dr Daniel Grossman for such clarity and concision: "This is dangerous and a serious violation on workers’ freedoms, privacy, and healthcare access.

“No employer is welcome into the exam room when I talk to patients about their contraception options, why should they be able to dictate the method from their corner office?”

Clarence Thomas isn’t persuasive as either a moralist concerned about when life begins and how life is treated, or as a secular reasoning jurist. I’d like to see Kagan and Breyer’s reasoning for upholding the Trump exemption. The knock on Kagan when she was nominated by Obummer was that her record showed her privileging corporate prerogative. That same knock followed Sotomayor. Interesting to see Sotomayor stepping up with her lonelier than need be dissent to the Neo-Cons along with everybody’s favorite pastrami maven, RBG. Breyer remains that enigma wrapped in a riddle. Curious about his reasoning as well.

Deeper discussion forthcoming elsewhere, though the MSM never has time between the corporate ads and political season’s paid pitches of the PR industry.

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Thomas Jefferson , that great lover and “Liberty and freedom for all” boasted that the returns on his breeding slaves and the selling of their children to other slave owners earned him returns that were higher then what he earned from the crops they raised for him.

He also used the “natural increase in his stock” as he referred to it so as to lease out those Slaves to others. He used his “breeding stock” and potential increase in what he saw as little more then a herd as collateral so as to secure loans to build Monticello.

He would have been appalled at the notion that the women he owned be able to control their own bodies. Their wombs were HIS property.

Obviously the concept of the females womb belonging to the male goes way back in time. One of the Greek Tragedies by Aeschylus concluded that the female womb was in fact the property of the male.

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Totally agree with your post. Except, Lysistrata strategy may not work so well in this day and age of Tinder and such…

Colonialism is a brother to Fascism. Progressives will have their hands full to clean up the mess…

Jefferson disgusts me more than any other founding father because of the juxtaposition of his treatment of his slaves with his supposed brilliant mind. Funny… John Adams was pretty brilliant imho but he abhorred slavery from day one…
When the kids were still at home spouse and I took them to Monticello. We got into quite the todo with several ( white) docents … It made quite the impression on both of them… Then in high school (Desert Vista HS in Phoenix AZ- a right wing hellscape) our daughter’s history teacher made her leave class as she was ‘disruptive’ because in making a presentation our daughter was telling the class how Jefferson was a disgusting slave owner and breeder. Spouse and I have never been prouder of her… We threatened to go to the school board, the press and get a lawyer when the teacher tried to fail her for it. The teacher was after her until the end of the year - a real shit show… apparently when you expose the truth people get pissed… who knew…And may I just say, even though it’s been 15 years… Fuck you to the moon Desert Vista High school…


If a mask mandate is an infringement of rights, why is controlling a uterus a function of government?

Asking for a friend.


Your daughter and your contributions to her education give me hope for our future. Sounds like the whole High School may not have been as vindictive as the history teacher. who couldn’t be a very happy person… though a great example of misogyny in action.

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They might be testing the waters to go after Roe. That and Social Security have to be the ultimate prizes for the republicans to have on a stick.

I wish men would just do the right thing and have themselves fixed. Problem solved! I don’t think it’s fair to expect women to always be responsible for birth control anyway.