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Supreme Court Ruling Smacks Down North Carolina's Racial Gerrymandering


Supreme Court Ruling Smacks Down North Carolina's Racial Gerrymandering

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled (pdf) Monday that race predominated the Republican redrawing of two of North Carolina's congressional districts.

"This is a watershed moment in the fight to end racial gerrymandering," said National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC) chairman Eric Holder, the former attorney general. "North Carolina's maps were among the worst racial gerrymanders in the nation."


Wow! Never thought I’d see Thomas join with the correct wing of the court. Something must have resonated with his own life experience.


I think it was way too obvious what was going on.


North Carolina seems to be a leader among states when it comes to right wing white people who are trying to undermine democracy to grab power. The legislator stripped the Democratic governor of a number of powers. Extreme gerrymandering and ID laws are their tools for hanging on. The great number of Democratic voters who now live in the Research Triangle are seen as threat to right wingers who dominate outside of the Triangle. The white wing does not seem to be sparing any type of way to manipulate the vote in their favor.


Stealing a government away from any racial minority by gerrymandering Congressional districts within an inch of their lives is an abomination worthy only of tyrants and moral cowards.

For much of my lifetime, Congress has tried its hardest to put the fix onto the Supreme Court. Sometimes the fix simply doesn’t work. Certain men and women, once they get their lifetime protection from the political animals, no longer shall stay bought by anyone.


Ha! I know. The world really has turned upside down.


I guess I need to stand on my head now…


One of the best things i saw online last year, as Trump gained steam and things got weirder and weirder:

“I’m not saying that David Bowie held the fabric of the universe together, but…”

I"m beginning to wonder.


“It means that race and party are not really discrete categories”

I must admit to not finding this in the holding nor even in the dicta which is not legally binding. Perhaps this is an inference and conclusion from the writer rather than the SCOTUS.

Thomas basically said nothing different. Maybe he didn’t want his name along side the others? Looks like Scalia’s death grip may be loosening, at long last.


Gerrymandering can also be done to school districts. Take Calhoun County in Alabama, for instance. I saw a circle aroud a street with Mexican migrant farmer workers with them bussed to a farther away district with poorer families.


I find it interesting that Eric Holder did nothing about this when he was arguably in a position as AG to do something about it.


I think the right wing white people in North Carolina are a whole lot clumsier and arrogant about undermining democracy than right wing white people in other states and so they got caught. Of course they won’t spare any type of way to manipulate the vote- the ends justify the means after all… Winner takes all…