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Supreme Court’s Arizona Redistricting Ruling a Major Victory for Voters


Supreme Court’s Arizona Redistricting Ruling a Major Victory for Voters

Brennan Center for Justice

In a 5-4 ruling today, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Arizona State Legislature v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission upheld an Arizona ballot initiative, adopted by voters in 2000, which took redistricting power away from elected politicians and gave it to a nonpartisan commission.



Because of their exclusionary, self-serving, compassionless policies and proclamations, Republicans have not been able to garner significant percentages of the votes from key demographic sectors of the electorate. Therefore, they have opted for a different approach – reduce the number of these citizens who are able to vote and/or minimize the impact of their vote.

To that end, we have already seen – and, despite the ruling of the SCOTUS, expect to continue to see – Republican-controlled state legislatures renew their efforts to create voter eligibility roadblocks and engage in the deliberate manipulation of election districts so that white conservative, sparsely populated rural regions have a disproportionately larger impact on elections than do multi-ethnic, heavily populated urban centers.

Basing voting district borders on a region’s land area rather than its population size is not only unethical, it defies logic … unless your motivation is to rewrite the rules of American democracy to give your party an unfair advantage.

Using aforementioned gerrymandered districts to determine Electoral Vote allocation in a presidential election is an affront to the fundamental tenets upon which our Great American Experiment is based. Enter the modern Republican Party, a shining beacon of Machiavellian methodology.