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Supreme Court Stops the Sham: Texas Abortion Law Struck Down


Supreme Court Stops the Sham: Texas Abortion Law Struck Down

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Women's health advocates rejoiced on Monday as the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Texas' controversial abortion restrictions, saying they pose an unconstitutional burden.

Justice Anthony Kennedy sided with four liberal justices for a 5-3 decision (pdf) in Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, considered the biggest abortion case since Roe v. Wade.


Texas conservatism–because the stone age rocked!


Hillary Clinton will ride the wave of this one (she’s probably tweeting about it as I type)
In the meantime the biosphere is collapsing and Clinton/DNC are promoting death (on a global scale) via TPP, fracking and a refusal to enact a carbon tax.

This law was horrific, I am relieved it was struck down.
BUT this is an issue that I believe will further propel HC to the presidency as she poses as a progressive who will fight for women. You can’t say you are fighting for women while you are consciously, willingly destroying mother earth and lining your pockets from the proceeds of that destruction.

addendum: her refusal to fight for single payer/her support of the ACA will lead to an increase in suffering, deaths, financial devastation for countless people. But she will continue to preen over her “advocacy” for women and children.


Theres problems with this: the nutters that claim to be religious arent going to be happy, a woman gets rights over her body, and the Supreme court judges did the right thing. Its the Canadians fault for this. I know they have weapons of mass destruction…oh wait, somehow I entered into Bushite/Trumpism’s 'Murican dream. Wth


How daunting it is to constantly reinvent the wheel!

Too bad that this intelligent Supreme Court Legislation doesn’t become the Law of the land without each retrograde state forcing it to revisit the same arguments ad nauseum.

The right wing never stops when they lose a battle. What they can’t cheat, bamboozle, or bribe their way into actualizing, they’ll continue to bring to court.

Judging by the comments, there’s no empathy for women’s rights shown. Posters either politicize this breakthrough as a means to attack Hillary Clinton or make glib remarks about “Liberals.”

REAL Progressives care about people, and most of them are Feminist-enough to appreciate and honor women’s equal rights.

Not one poster shows a modicum of resonance with the aforementioned principles!


At least they got this one right (sort of)…Even the Ronny RayGun nominated justice Kennedy agreed with this common sense-common decency ruling - now if the ruling will only be implemented, respected and enforced…about as likely as pigs flying…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…nominating young (relatively) people to the SCOTUS is a double-edged sword…a nominee with little written record, usually refusing to discuss specifics, is put forward to represent a specific point of view - if confirmed his/her political prejudices and mind-set for corporate or environmental or civil rights issues are with us for good or ill for maybe 50 years! Fine for some, anathema for others. The truth of how our republic and people are victimized shown repeatedly - like “Citizens United” & “corporate personhood”!
Things change too fast these days to have that long time-frame deciding critical issues as the norm…justices should be required to be over, say 70 or so, to assure a relatively rapid turnover of ideas and people…far too much hyper-partisanship and machine politics and not enough integrity and honor!


Hi Caroline –
Think you’re probably right – also the press over last 10 days has been knocking down Trump
for her. Her supporters think she’s gaining, but a very obvious unleashing of the press against
him has been happening. Of course, I’m happy to see this – though don’t like the idea that it
benefits Killery.

Re her alleged advocacy for children, she supported Bill Clintons’ attack on women and children
in overturning 60 years of Welfare Guarantees – and Edelman’s husband (Peter) who was part
of the administration resigned over that.
Everything with the Clinton’s is fakery –

Very happy with this decision, but while I waded thru the decision, right down to Alito’s opinion …
I didn’t see anything about the nearness of clinics to schools. ???
Perhaps that wasn’t part of the petition?

PS: Also think this will further enrage the anti-abortion crazies –
and that the GOP anti-abortion fanatics will even more so see the need to get two more Alito’s
on the SC.


What comes to mind is the funding issue in Texas that has financially hamstrung Planned Parenthood clinics statewide: One hurdle has been conquered (Thank you Justices Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Kennedy and for the dissenters, Roberts, Alito and Thomas…go back to your caves) and now it is on to yet another.

"The first blow to Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics in Texas came in 2011, when lawmakers cut family-planning grants by 66% across the state. The money that remained was directed toward community health centers and county health departments that provide more comprehensive care.

This dramatic cut in funding was responsible for the closure of 82 family-planning clinics in the state, researchers said. About one-third of them were affiliated with Planned Parenthood." (read more here: http://www.latimes.com/science/sciencenow/la-sci-sn-planned-parenthood-texas-births-20160203-story.html

Women’s Whole Health clinics in Texas managed to cling to the side of the parapet by the supreme efforts of the women owners, directors, managers, doctors, and nurses who care deeply about women’s health and their right to choose. They never stopped whether it be fundraising, being activist, or working with the Center for Reproductive Rights to fight the legal battle, which reached the Supreme Court where justice was served!

The groups promoting TRAP legislation and circulating it nationwide will continue with their attempts to strip women of their right to choose. And there is absolutely NO Christ-like behavior behind their “crusade.”

All women who firmly believe in a woman’s right to choose must come together in their towns, cities, and states to combat the assault on that right through vigilance and activism!


So if there was Brexit, can someone please put together Texit?


Agree with all your points Greenwich. Thank you for speaking the truth re Hillary and Bill Clinton betraying women and children


I guess to recognize this requires a capacity for critical thinking that is clearly lacking among Clinton supporters?

Excellent point about the schools and yes, this will most likely further enrage the anti choice camp.

What a mess.

I’ll share what my teen daughter passed along to me (gallows humor) last night from Bernie Sanders “dank meme stash”:


Sympathize with that GIANT METEOR cue - - I’ve felt exactly that way at times!



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Its the Canadians fault for this. I know they have weapons of mass destruction

True. It’s those damn geese.


Less than a century ago Margaret Sanger said, " a woman’ body is hers alone. It doesn’t belong to a state. nation or the larger world ( or some damn religion ). " It most certainly doesn’t belong to a bunch of paternalistic, chauvinistic swinging dickheads. Which Texas, and the U.S. has an oversupply of. If the Democratic Party won’t disown their horrible trade deals, and NGOs screwing around in the world, could they at least make it that the countries involved must accept 10 million of these jackasses and get them off our hands.


Funny, that is exactly what I think about the left wing; lie, cheat, bully, whatever it takes to implement their policies.


Somewhere along the line you got your wires seriourly crossed. Go back and check your wiring harness, please.


Ha,Ha, nice. A giant asteroid, even better.


Shocking I say, shocking. I’m gobsmacked that this court, at one member short, managed to spit out this ruling, but it doesn’t really change women’s status as second-class citizens. As a female, it’s nice to win a battle, but I still feel like my rights are under assault and that my daughter will have to keep fighting for her rights long after I’m dead.


If I remember correctly, costs are higher because women need obstetrics, not because women get better or even equal treatment within the medical arena.


Does the GOP want unwanted kids to fill up the private for-profit prisons?