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Supreme Court Will Decide If Women Can Join Together To Fight Sexual Harassment At Work

Supreme Court Will Decide If Women Can Join Together To Fight Sexual Harassment At Work

Celine McNicholas

24.7 million American workers have been forced to sign contracts that, as a condition of employment, require them to waive their rights to joining a class action lawsuit to address sexual harassment and other workplace disputes.

If the Justices side with Trump and big corporations, women across America will be forced to go it alone when they are victimized and harassed.

Since when did SCOTUS justices “represent” us ?


And the gender pay gap is predicted to close in the year 2159 !

The explicit assumption here is that any court, whether “supreme” or not, can rule on any
people’s rights to protest and take effective action when assaulted, delegitimized, robbed
of their rightly earned wages or suffering any other harm. No one and nothing can take
away or limit that right. It’s in the same class as the right to breathe and live…non-nego-
tiable. The historic successes of all fights for labor, women’s, gay, black and other funda-
mental human rights, all occurred because great movements of people knew this to be
true and refused to bow their heads to received authority from on high. We now live in
a perilous time when we need to relearn these things and make systemic changes.


The ultimate goal of the “free market” worshipping “Conservatives” of course is to deprive workers of all Progressive reforms of the last century, in order to please their/our “Masters” in the Boardrooms and on Wall St.


With all the sexual harassment exposures currently happening, lets reexamine Clarence Thomas.


Absolutely. We so seldom agree.

Really not my intent. Maybe next time.