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Supreme Courts Renders Puerto Rico 'Powerless' in the Face of Austerity



Another ruling by "our" government for the 1% over the 99%. We are living in a very evil time and it is not going to end well.


Colonies are not responsible for debts run up by corrupt colonial wheelers and dealers.

Both Greece and Puerto Rico have been saddled with debts engineered in the back rooms of colonial pirates.

Puerto Rico and Greece deserve reparations.


We're all colonies. Remember Obama refusing to bail out CA in the 2008 collapse? Germany doesn't want to bail out Greece? Well here, they're pitting each state (or outright colony in the case of Puerto Rico) against the other.


Puerto Rico is the biggest colony of the western hemisphere. The United Nations needs to take notice of the horrible situation on the island. The General Assembly needs to put Puerto Rico back into the list of colonies and demand decolonization once and for all.


The General Assembly is basically powerless and the rest of the UN is not going to be of any assistance. Is there really any hope for and in the UN? I just read, "Danny Danon, Israel’s representative at the United Nations, was elected
Monday to head the world body’s Legal Committee also called the Sixth
Committee, which oversees issues related to international law." Talk about putting the fox in charge of the hen house.


The USA should declare its independence from Israel. The UN should declare its independence from the USA & Israel. Puerto Rico should declare its independence from the USA.


We have a front row seat in watching capitalism, via neo-liberalism, cannibalizing itself on a global basis while destroying millions of lives in the process. In case you haven't noticed, the ruling class is totally out of control. Every move they make becomes increasingly more psychopathic.

So many people on this website decry a real revolution. They say it is nothing but violence and a bloodbath with questionable results. Instead, these folks believe the system can be reformed (although history proves otherwise) and this in spite of the current system that is continually getting more psychopathic, exploitative and oppressive by the day! How much worse does it need to get before you cry "uncle" for god sake?

I ask all of you who advocate this position to explain to me, with any sense of intellectual reasonableness, how subjecting the majority of citizens of entire countries to mandated poverty and never-ending despair is more humane? The wretched existence these people are having to live under now and will be required to live under in the the future without any glimpse of reprieve is 24/7/365 until their death.

Do you really believe that being subjected to the life-long violent torture of poverty and prostrate subservience to the ruling class is better than possibly (only possibly) loosing your life in the fight for freedom from the oppression and exploitation of the ruling class?


I respect your passion and to some degree I tend to agree but a bloody revolution sounds good when you arent the one bleeding. One of the biggest problems I have always had with people that declare a bloody revolution necessary is that they are asking others to shed that blood as if the life of a poor person doesnt matter.

I have traveled the world extensively and while the life of many of the poor may be unbearable to us here in the US those people have hope, aspirations and although bearly, they are surviving. A revolution usually takes place when death becomes a better prospect then life and only a handful of countries a living through that now.

So here is my "intellectual" reasoning, the worlds population need to become aware of their own situation and choose the method that best suits them. Next they must elect to use political, systemic, economic, social or violent means of changing their situation. In addition, what we know is that the elites will go to extreme measures to quite a movement and will welcome violence with more violence. Again this is not a challenge to your empassioned response, this is simply a different perspective on a similar problem.


Big Money selects candidates, controls elections via parties,media and subservient politicians climbing the "ladder", Congress fulfills its "duty" to big-money, passing legislation favorable to their 1% masters, like the "laws" on restructuring "debt" hamstringing Puerto Rico: Usury on a national level.

"on Monday Scotus ruled that U.S. bankruptcy code bars Puerto Rico from restructuring more than $20 billion of its $72 billion debt" the financial parasites of the world who control money, its loan/debt usury, printing of money, and making sure the serfs (99%) cannot escape from their status as debt and interest slaves control the courts as well as Congress, et al........
The entire world is held captive to the 1% masters and their long established mechanisms of domination and living off the labor and lives of the 99%.....