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Sure Feels Like Oligarchy: 75 Percent of Americans Say Wealthy Have "Too Much" Power


Sure Feels Like Oligarchy: 75 Percent of Americans Say Wealthy Have "Too Much" Power

Jon Queally, staff writer

Giving new credence to a provocative 2014 study showing the United States is controlled by powerful elite interests, as opposed to the desire of its citizens, a new poll released Thursday shows that three-quarters of Americans feel voiceless and largely powerless in the nation that heralds itself as the world's preeminent democracy.


Its obvious to any conscious person that money is in control of our political processes, from giddyup to whoa. It follows that far from one person, one vote, the system is slanted in favor of money, and those who control wealth are more equal than others. The system demands wealth to become a candidate (with rare exceptions), to run a campaign, to get any media attention/time, and once elected our reps must spend the majority of their time putting a "war-chest" together to run again, and that is a theft from those they are supposed to represent. Beside that theft where do elected reps go to gain campaign "contributions" AKA bribes? As senator Jay Billington Bulworth said "they aint gettin them in South Central but in Beverly Hills"......and points east.......

"Obscenity? The rich is getting richer and richer and richer while the middle class is getting more poor/ Making billions and billions and billions of bucks/ well my friend if you weren't already rich at the start well that situation just sucks/cause the riches mother fucker in five of us is getting ninety fuckin eight percent of it/ and every other motherfucker in the world is left to wonder where the fuck we went with it/ Obscenity?/ I'm a Senator/ I gotta raise $10,000 a day every day I'm in Washington/ I ain't getting it in South Central/ I'm gettin it in Beverly Hills/ So I'm votin from them in the Senate the way they want me too" Sen Bulworth


It does not seem to matter what "75 percent of Americans say" about ANYTHING.


Please quit with the pussy-footing around terminology. We are not living in a Theocracy or an Aristocracy or a Scientific Technocracy or a Junta of Military elites.

The kind of rule of elites (which is what Oligarchy means) that we have is one where the extremely wealthy rule. The headline says that's what Americans think is happening.

Then why not call it what it is? Why is there a ban that seems to affect even the most radical from using the proper term? Is it too rude? Does it offend the wealthy too much? What is going on?

We live in a Plutocracy. That's the term. That's what it is. The rule of the rich, the rule of the Plutocrats.

Call it what it is.



But most don't realize that wealthy have too much power because they have too much money.

Direct Democracy


Yes, it is oligarchy. And there are, as the ancient Greeks taught us so clearly, MANY types of oligarchy: A few smart people, a few wealthy people, a few generals, a few family members, etc.

What the US has been cultivating since the Civil War is a Kleptocracy. The Kleptocrats bought the court to make corporations fully legal citizens, and to hide behind corporate boards their extreme wealth as well as their extreme capacities for buying power from politicians. Since the 1870s, politicians have found it a 'norm' amongst themselves to sell their votes, and even their careers.

But now, billionaires, like the principle billionaires at Goldman, Sachs, Inc., buy whole sections of the US Government. Like Rudy Giuliani & pals bought the DHS. Like the pile of billionaires who own DOD. Like the billionaires who own the infamously "captured" regulatory bodies. Like the Koch Bros., own whole sections of the GOP. How much does this need to be spelled out?

Learn the distinctions between "vehicles" and "trucks." Learn the distinctions between "oligarchies" and "Kleptocracies." It matters to know if they merely run the government as their own private fiefdom. It matters more when they steal it legally because they already stole the wits of stupid politicians with money. Now they steal power and are rewarded handsomely for it. Like twit stealing the Secret Service to protect his children while they play with his infamous corporate properties.


General terms are always less alarming then specific ones.


That's pretty close. People need to remember the history of what was, at one time, called " radical progressivism " ( they weren't Republicans or Democrats as we think of them today ). The majority were fighting industrialists and bankers, then. It was the fight against monopolists and " the well connected " normal practices, of all varieties. Including the abolitionists pointing to slavery as a bankrupt, criminal economic model, As well as being morally reprehensible and spiritually bankrupting, too. For a new nation, especially.
The development of the country was imploding in very measurable ways. And, a train wreck actually did take place. The railroad tracks were never repaired, either. The money stopped that needed work, too. The War Dept. was needed elsewhere.
We haven't come as far as we like to think. And, our government isn't on the people's side, again. So it goes...
Good comment, thanks.


Really? Only 75% think the wealthy have too much power? Where are the other 25% - in lala land? They need to wake up and smell the sickening stench of rotting oligarchs. Unless we unite against their complete takeover of our government and our lives, we are doomed. We must remember that they have 1% of the votes, and we have 99% of the votes. We just need to exercise our electoral power and they will be history.


The 25% represents the upper middle class who aspire to be wealthy and lots of Republicans and Trump voters for sure. These people just love the plutocrats.


75% of Americans also believe in angels.

Most people have have no idea what to think so they go with whatever is being fed to them in the media.


When 1% control more wealth than the 99% combined and 8 people control more wealth the lowest half of the worlds population, what happens to Capitalism? How can you have a free competitive market when 10 companies control 90% of the food supply? In a strange way Capitalism is becoming a centralized controlled system reminiscent of the old soviet union. It could have many of the same problems. The few fearing losing control will stifle the market place. They will crush descent. They will censor and destroy the internet by the latest measures of removing net neutrality. I suspect they will also slit their own throats as Capitalism to thrive can't be owned by so few people. Also as they can't hear criticism or arguments counter to their own philosophy they will make terrible mistakes. I'm reminded of China's Mao Tse Tung brilliant idea of eliminating the birds because he thought they were eating all the grain. No one dared tell him otherwise. The result was mass starvation. We have the same situation with global warming.


History documents - despite other social options, the majority struggles to survive, imposed as necessity by few powerful others - struggling to survive becomes tradition, the false manipulative necessity of money - job - domination - enslavement, conflict and its attendant politics (called 'progress') - the money lords rule as history and tradition do not lie - recognize the corruption and conformity that sustains this unfreedom - dismantle it with more passion than the beasts who prey on the peaceful herd.
History is recording our acquiescence, domination and confusion right now. But can our stupidity be any clearer than in the bright light of history? Sadly, we are conquered by a coercive, socialized, inhuman economic politics. By a social parasite we are sickened - compulsion presented as choice becomes compulsion. We undermine freedom with every conditioned centrist vote, each reflexive national anthem, and every unknowing assent.
Free your mind from this fabricated, rusty, steel-trap ideology. Like Pavlov's unfortunates, we're salivating because they socialized us with the sound of the bell of $$$$ success, conformity and nescience, all while we were in a cage! Fiction becomes reality! So many suffer unnecessarily in this constructed illusion of necessity!
Let us choose to be people rather than rats.
But like rats, let us never stop gnawing at the truth.


Kind of stating the obvious. But then this is how things are supposed to operate under the US Constitution which elevates property above the interests of the people among other flaws.


I beg to differ. We have always been a plutocracy with some democratic flourishes (we got to vote and fight like hell for our rights), and now we have fascism, with the same democratic flourishes, except Corporations call the shots along with the fabulously wealthy.

plu·toc·ra·cy— (plo͞oˈtäkrəsē), noun
government by the wealthy.
a country or society governed by the wealthy.
an elite or ruling class of people whose power derives from their wealth.

fas·cism—(faSHˌizəm), noun
an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.

When the oligarchs (the 1%) feel the heat from the mob at the gate (the 99%), are they going to say, "OK, let's be democratic about all this," or " Let's use the tools of the state to repress and oppress the mob"? Fascism is here. It may not be in full bloom yet, but the bud has fully emerged and is beginning to open.

Resistance is not futile. We the People have it on our power to nip this whole thing in the bud. The question is: will we?


24% +++ of Americans are mindless idiots ..... more than enough to decide most elections.


Well, I don't see we're differing. I agree the U.S. has been a Plutocracy since the start. I mean Washington just happened to be the wealthiest man in the colonies.

I would add to the definition of Fascism- it's not just a right wing, authoritarian Nationalistic system. It also is a marriage of the state and the corporations. Yes, we've had that a long time here.


From where I sit I can lock or unlock my automobile. With a similar simple tool it would be possible to change the vote in a voting machine. Thus can democracy be defeated by laziness. Visible countable ballots and visible scrutineers to count them are necessary.


The 1% hold almost twice as much wealth as the bottom 90% (40% vs 23%) but only 2/3rds as much as the 99% (40% vs 60%).

The 0.1% holds as much as the bottom 90% (22% vs 23%).


Encrypted online voting is not done on voting machines, but on your smart phone, laptop and home computer. Methods similar to those used by Amazon, your bank, etc. to conduct business securely online. Here is one way::