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Sure. Let's Invade Venezuela. Another Jolly Little War.

Sure. Let's Invade Venezuela. Another Jolly Little War.

Eric Margolis

Sure. Let’s invade Venezuela. Another jolly little war. It’s full of commies and has a sea of oil. The only thing those Cuban-loving Venezuelans lack are weapons of mass destruction.

This week, leading US neocons openly threatened that if the CIA’s latest attempts to stage a coup to overthrow Venezuela’s Maduro government failed, Washington might send in the Marines.

It might help if we get back to normal with our patronage of the troops. I could understand the fawning over our troops for a few years after 9-11. I supported them mainly because a large portion of our fighting force was made up of the Reserves and National Guard doing multiple tours of duty.
Weekend warriors? This glorifying at sports events has to end.
Next thing you know we will be having mega sized portraits of Trump on the facades of buildings and on billboards. Saddam Hussein Insane Trump. SHIT


This gal in my opinion the most credible on addressing the war machine and the call to war.

I am getting the feeling that in Venezuela there was a Smedley Butler pulled. Smedley Butler went along with those orchestrating a Coup in the USA in the 1930s so as to help expose them. From what I am reading the US was gamed here in much the same manner.


Chavez was using oil money to fund equalizing benefits for the poor. Then the price of oil collapsed. I have read this collapse may have been orchestrated by the Obama administration specifically to disable the Russian and Venezuelan economies. Obama’s blood thirsty SOS HRC supported the Honduras coup, hated the Russians, and just look what she accomplished in Libya. The Saudis signed up and we have armed them and supported their vicious sectarian war in Yemen. Makes since to me.


That is a powerful video in my humble opinion.


I don’t know Eric, but calling Chavez and Maduro’s economic policies as
crack pot” when they did and do help the desperately poor in
Venezuela, makes me wonder if you aren’t on both?


“Venezuela is in a huge economic mess thanks to the manipulations of the still existing oligarchs – and US economic sabotage.”

There, fixed it for ya.

Let’s be clear here what is going on with this piece. It is a subtle article intended to sell CIA propaganda selling points by putting them in a context of anti-intervention so it can convince those against anti-intervention to agree with the CIA narrative as it is used to manufacture consent.

There was nothing ‘crack pot’ about Chavismo or Maduro’s attempts to continue it against the oligarchs creating artificial shortages and the US stealing Venezuela money via sanctions and the Saudis over producing at a loss to lower the price of oil to destroy Venezuela’s income.

It is a talking point that Chavez and Maduro somehow caused all this, as well as Maduro being corrupt, but there never is ANY EVIDENCE to back up these assertions. Why? Because it just isn’t true.

So this is the second freakin’ CIA talking point. It’s an out right lie. Moscow has a right to be involved there as they were invited in by the legit, democratically elected (in a UN certified fair election) government. Only the US should get the hell out. Moscow does have an interest in being there, opposing the American Imperial Project and supporting its allies. It’s in Moscow’s interest to oppose this because sooner or later that Project intends on going after Russia. But stopping it now is wiser than just letting the US get control of any nation that doesn’t already submit to it.

Finally, it totally disgusts me that the anti-intervention here is couched only in terms of what it will cost the USA in money and harm to USAians. Oh my, when we attack foreign countries who’ve never done anything to hurt us and the result is we kill hundreds of thousands of them, make tens of thousands of refugees, destroy their economy, and put fascists in charge who will implement slavery, genocide, and oppression, it’s only wrong because it hurts us.

What the hell is going on with Margolis? How can he write…

We’re in deep trouble when the people who oppose war are just as nasty as the people who want it.


Is it just me or do I see a pattern? Of the 9 countries with largest oil reserves:

the U.S. overthrew the government of Iraq (# 5 largest oil reserves in the world) and participated in the overthrow of Libya’s (# 9). Now it’s threatening Venezuela (# 1) and Iran (# 4). And Russia (#8) is seen as a bitter enemy. The others are U.S. aligned sheikdoms – Saudi Arabia (#2), Kuwait (#6) and the UAE (#7) and wimpy Canada (#3). Figures from US EIA.

Is our foreign policy really about oil, even in the face of climate change and the absolute necessity to stop using it? If so, our leaders are even crazier than I thought.


Also, sickandtired, few people know that Chavez sent FREE HEATING OIL to the U.S. to heat the homes of the elderly and poor. What a real asshole, huh? Can you imagine the oil companies doing that?! (Rhetorical question)

This is only one example: https://www.foxnews.com/world/free-venezuelan-oil-keeping-thousands-of-poor-u-s-families-warm-is-back-after-hiatus


Oil has become an addiction to the U.S. Until that addiction can be undone by transferring to “green energy”, the violence and regime changes will continue. (I rarely use the word “war” when speaking of U.S. invasions. War, by definition, means two or more countries agreeing(?) to fight. Invasion is a whole 'nother can of turds, and the U.S. is #1.


Is that a bullseye in the middle of his face, or a mustache?

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Economically it would be totally inefficient to invade Venezuela. That country is circling the drain as it is. When if finally gets sucked down everything will be for sale at rock bottom prices.

Jeez people, 1989 was only 30 years ago.

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Well done here. Margolis only gets one thing right in this twisted piece of … ah, mainstream spin. Anyway, that is that most Americans couldn’t find Venezuela on a map if their job depended on it. Sadly, it’s true. And, no mention of China’s relationship with Venezuela? And Chinese investment in Venezuela and energy deals w/Russia? Quite unbelievable or purposeful?
Again, good job.


“Until that addiction can be ‘cold-turkeyed’ broken by banning fracking and deepwater oil drilling, by blocking pipelines and oil import terminals, by ending industry ‘subsidies’, by taxing it for all its externalities…” Using phrases that I think echo sentiments here - Fixed it for you.

Yes it is. To a degree not appreciated on this forum. The people here want people to choose to no longer use fossil fuels. In Venezuela, through profound mismanagement of their fossil fuel infrastructure, it will break and stop working. They won’t be able to extract oil even if they wanted to.
– But then we also have to ask whether Cuba and Russia want a ‘friendly’ Venezuela so much that they help establish a North Korea style dictatorship there, with a government allied to the socialist cause, and indifferent to whether their people end up dying in famines, building walls to keep the fleeing from escaping.

The $60,000 question perhaps too few people are considering is the opinion of the Venezuelan people. Maybe invading Venezuela would be like Vietnam or Iraq, which were never pacified and (superlative of) thousands of people died. Or maybe it would be like France in 1944, where the people wanted to be rid of their government and the backers/imposers (Nazi-s in 1944 France) of their government.
– BTW, question for the people who say Maduro won a UN supervised fair and free election: which election. Sure, in 2014 he did. But what about in 2018? And would he win one this year, what with the Cuban-trained collectivo raids in the barrios to suppress opposition?

2nd BTW, whether Maduro’s government deserves to be overthrown can be and should be considered separately from whether the USA by military intervention should do it. …

Was this necessary Mr. Margolis?

Stick to the real issue: US Imperialism and the havoc and destructiveness it causes in the world.


“Venezuela is in a huge economic mess thanks to the manipulations of the still existing oligarchs – and US economic sabotage.”
Good job zeroing in on the core wedge that keeps coming up on the left: many condemn Pompeo/Bolton/Abrams/Pence/Trump for what they’re doing but begin with some expression of criticism of Maduro. How do you evaluate someone’s performance when they can’t breathe?
Very little talk of sanctions, a little more on the gold and money the empire stole and is trying to get to their puppets but not enough. I hope we can get some highly skilled, courageous and reputable economists and investigators like Michael Hudson and Greg Pallast to look at how the imperials did the heist and what they’re doing now


There is one other unknown candidate that is the other voice of ANTI-WAR, Mike Gravel… Along with Tulsi they are the voices of peace. Joe “Hands” Biden wants to war as bad as anybody. Screw him and his f**king horse. We don’t need another intervention that destroys yet another nation. This has to be part of the debates and could define the future. Global warming is the other major concern of all Tellurian inhabitants. Tulsi “gets it”. Peace, Ya all
Edit: Apologies to the poor horse. :wink:

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Great response. Saves me the trouble of saying the same thing. I consider Margolis a “faux Progressive” because he still sticks to the Great Western Narrative by framing everything in terms of what benefits the U.S. economy (i.e. the 1%) rather than what is needed to stabilize Venezuela. Margolis made no mention of how it is imperative that all sanctions on Venezuela must end immediately or how Venezuelan frozen assets must be returned to the Venezuelan government. No mention is ever made about how the anti-democracy efforts abroad mirror the anti-democracy efforts at home. Also Margolis says that about “half of Venezuelans hate Maduro” but fails to mention that the anger stems from Maduro not being far enough to the Left rather than their support for right wing facists. It is precisely journalists like Margolis that confuse the public over what are the real roots of any manufactured crisis of countries that are they’re singled out for regime change by the U.S. elites.


Hi telos2, I thought that was very weird of the writer Margolis too. I was wondering how he could write what he wrote------because Chavez made life better for more people, and if the US would go home, Maduro would be able to do more too.

We need the money and the military do do some positive work like repairing Puerto Rico, and providing affordable housing for so many people in so many states—and of course Medicare for All and the Green New Deal. A lot can be accomplished when Congress actually cares about the people in their own nation. Tulsi is the first military person since Eisenhower to remind people of what he said on leaving office—to beware of the military -industrial -complex. I want Bernie/ Tulsi and I want Elizabeth to stay in the Senate and get those great ideas passed into law!

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Exactly. Immediately after reading the article, I said out loud to myself, “I hope some of the commenters eat this writer alive.” Thank You!