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'Surge on a Surge': Fauci Leads Health Officials Warning of Post-Holiday Coronavirus Spike

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/27/surge-surge-fauci-leads-health-officials-warning-post-holiday-coronavirus-spike

Trustworthy?..are you willing to put your trust into what he professes?


We put our trust in methodical scrutiny and the scientific method. There’s no point in developing medical knowledge, and the scientific skill to reliably expand knowledge, only to throw it all in the dust-bin at the very moment we need it most. We fundamentally trust science – the deepest, most potent resistance to the regnant insanity ruining our lives, which is driven by the only alternative: willful ignorance. We’re not ashamed of finding something trustworthy to trust, of finding a way to live happily, and think usefully.

Is there some detail of what Fauci says today for which you’d like to express well-founded doubt, or are you just having a blast with willful ignorance out of sheer nihilism, like Orangeman? You’re annoyed by public health officers attempting to save lives, perhaps, because you’re in favor of genocide by viral proxy, as a mean of population control? This is how you raze awareness to rubble, friend.

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Not sure what you are referring to regarding Trustworthy???


Greetings to you Aleph_Null! I was hoping to find a comment or 2 from you under this covid piece and here you are! :slight_smile:
I always appreciate your comments!

RE: not trusting (having doubts about) Dr. Fauci-----
I can’t speak for Razed Awareness re: his/her feelings about Fauci, only how I feel and why I do not trust Dr. Fauci.

I prefer getting information from Dr. Haseltine, Dr. Reiner and Dr. Osterholm----none of these doctors were part of the dangerous (fatally dangerous), misleading charade that was the trump covid “task force”.

It’s hard to trust Fauci who knowingly worked under the thumb of a disturbed/dangerous individual----many psychiatrists feel he is a sociopath and/or malignant narcissist as you know.

Fauci did not disavow DT or Pence. He did not speak the truth about DT’s mental health and the horrific consequences it is having on the world (nonhuman and human).

It is a doctor’s duty to speak the truth if there are health dangers. Fauci is not dumb. He has to know how mentally ill trump is and how dangerous he is.

He remained silent and that in my mind makes him complicit. And I’m not talking about some utterances by Fauci that he disagreed with DT now and then. I’m talking about his silence about how dangerous trump is for all beings on this planet. DT is a health threat to the world.

What would have been the downside of Fauci speaking loudly and clearly about trump’s mental health and the fact that the covid task force did nothing to control the spread of covid?

As long as you are in trump’s circle you are part of his sick narcissistic game and used as a pawn for triangulation, smearing, gaslighting which does nothing but leave a wake of destruction.

There is nothing I can find to point to that illustrates how Dr. Fauci is a “hero” in so many people’s eyes. While he was on the covid task force hundreds of thousands of people died.

I can’t imagine Haseltine, Reiner or Osterholm remaining on a DT task force that was chaired by another extremely sick individual—Pence.


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  1. The biggest issue that I have is the almost complete reliance upon technology to respond to this virus. Viruses are very good at changing. Are you willing to have a new covid shot each season?
  2. These vaccines target the spike proteins… These Covid viruses will change their spike proteins to respond to our virus… Look at the new variants of the Covid… These new variants may or may not be a reponse to our vaccine…
  3. Why are we only using this technology?.. Why are we not trying to strengthen the immune systems of people as the primary defense?.. I have only heard vaccines, lock-downs, mask up and separate…as tools to take on Covid… these seem to be more control measures of people than ways to really deal long term with Covid.
  4. I have yet to hear Faucci call for health care access for all people?..

Hi Caroline,

Nice to hear from you. I appreciate your wariness of Fauci, but I’ve come to just plain disagree, in that I’ve developed some respect for Fauci, despite it all. Biggest mistake he made, which he openly admits these days, was early miscommunication on the subject of masks. For my part, I don’t attribute that mistake to vile motivations.

Biggest difference he made: getting some sanity through agitprop machine filters to the US American people where those who care to listen to science might hear it, and consequently refrain from behavior which endangers their family members. You can’t tell me he’s made no difference in that regard. Getting that message out has clearly been his top priority, not settling issues of culpability. People dis Fauci for not quitting that fraudulent task force in protest, but he’s enough of an experienced veteran to know the quitter strategy is foolishness: futile moralistic garbage. He’s done a good job, against all odds, imho.

Our national outbreak is exhaling a moment after the Thanksgiving surge, as COVID hospital admissions soar beyond double previous highs. The new UK variant’s enhanced contagion might be showing up in the most predictive metric: Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity. Some of the heartland states, which initiated the latest surge in November, are resuming rises in positivity, amidst a general plateau.


Ranking is momentum-based on Johns Hopkins’ test-positivity factored with “per-capita newcases” & “immediate mortality” – the ratio of totals on hand for deaths and cases.

>                       JH      per-capita    immed
>                   positivity   newcases   mortality
>                       %           %           %
>  1. Idaho            53.7        66.5        1.18
> --- --------------------- ----------- -----------
>  2. Pennsylvania     38.1        67.1        1.86
>  3. Alabama          38.0        69.4        1.13
>  4. Tennessee        19.0        99.6        0.96
>  5. California       11.3        85.0        0.55
>  6. South Dakota     38.8        66.5        2.95
>  7. Arkansas         17.9        66.7        1.73
>  8. Mississippi      22.2        63.6        1.48
>  9. Kansas           33.7        62.1        1.70
> 10. Arizona          14.2        80.4        1.06
> 11. West Virginia    11.1        66.4        1.52
> 12. Utah             18.4        74.8        0.48
> 13. Iowa             35.2        49.9        2.65
> 14. Oklahoma         15.4        75.0        0.75
> 15. Georgia          13.1        54.0        0.76
> 16. Nevada           15.1        74.4        1.21
> --- --------------------- ----------- -----------
> 17. South Carolina   11.0        55.6        0.97
> 18. Kentucky         15.3        60.5        0.84
> 19. Ohio             15.5        73.6        0.82
> 20. Texas            13.5        49.3        1.19
> 21. Indiana          11.4        79.8        1.35
> 22. Delaware          9.0        70.3        0.67
> 23. North Carolina   10.2        51.5        0.83
> 24. Virginia         12.2        41.1        0.78
> 25. Missouri         15.9        49.5        1.81
> 26. Louisiana         9.9        48.1        1.39
> 27. Massachusetts     5.8        63.3        1.15
> 28. New Hampshire     9.4        51.2        0.94
> 29. Florida           9.2        45.7        0.96
> 30. Rhode Island      6.8        82.6        1.35
> 31. New York          5.4        51.1        1.06
> 32. New Mexico        9.6        69.7        1.88
> 33. Nebraska          9.5        60.8        1.54
> 34. New Jersey        8.1        49.7        1.30
> 35. Wisconsin        10.3        58.0        1.52
> 36. Montana          12.5        57.1        1.44
> 37. Illinois          7.7        57.7        2.06
> 38. Maine             5.8        27.2        1.21
> 39. Connecticut       5.9        53.2        1.48
> 40. Wyoming          10.6        60.5        1.39
> --- --------------------- ----------- -----------
> 41. Michigan          8.6        45.1        2.37
> 42. Maryland          5.8        40.6        1.55
> 43. Colorado          7.4        56.4        1.58
> 44. Minnesota         6.5        60.3        1.56
> 45. North Dakota      6.6        55.5        2.51
> 46. Alaska            4.6        62.5        0.57
> 47. D.C.              3.2        34.0        1.38
> 48. Oregon            6.0        29.3        1.37
> 49. Washington        7.5        30.4        0.68
> --- --------------------- ----------- -----------
> 50. Vermont           2.0        15.6        2.11
> 51. Hawaii            2.1         7.9        1.17

Mostly valid objections, for which I thank you. (Reserving judgement on your open point 5!)

We might be getting a little deep into the weeds of MRNA as a vaccine strategy, relative to Fauci’s “darkest days” prediction. After almost a year of intensively tracking the trajectory of USA’s COVID outbreak, I can measure the doubt I have about that prediction in mini-micro-curies.

Incidentally: the article @wingsofadove links above is quite interesting, on the subject of enhanced vulnerability of children to the new UK variant:

This [national “lockdown”] idea is supported by teaching unions, who have demanded that the government keeps schools closed as evidence has grown that the new virus variant is proving to be particularly infectious among children.

This point was backed by Paul Hunter, professor in medicine at the University of East Anglia. “If this new variant is behind the increase in this age group, then that is a big worry,” he said.

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They dare not say it: We’re losing.

Maybe too political for him to stomach.

HI shipleye:
I thought he meant Trump----but maybe not.