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Surging in Polls, Elizabeth Warren Now Has a Path to the Nomination

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/09/surging-polls-elizabeth-warren-now-has-path-nomination

Lizzy sure talks a good game. I just keep remembering her choosing to endorse Hillary over Bernie. She chose the Corporate Tool over the Progressive.

And then I think, why would that ever change?


I keep hearing the word “electability.”

Then I keep hearing the word “Pocahontas.”


Ed Kilgore bringing his neoliberal BS over to Common Dreams?
He completely discounts Bernie as if he didn’t exist.
Ed Kilgore is such a corporate tool.
He’s been smearing Bernie non-stop over at NYMag.


Why take a copy when Bernie is the real deal? Frankly, despite her nice ideas she does not have a clue as how to implement those which simply means another Obama term.


I feel the Bern…Bernie or bust and others. Bernie has always been who he is now. Elizabeth was once a republican. Bernie writes and introduces bills in the Senate and co-authors bills in the House. Elizabeth has plans. Don’t get me wrong, I like her, she is smart, well spoken and is on our side mostly. But she does not hold a candle to Bernie.


Yeah, Liz is going places, going to the 2nd round. Don’t be fooled, she’s splitting the progressive vote in the party to ensure the primaries go to the 2nd round, and the dnc gets to pick a DINO for the 2020 ticket.
If she was truly progressive, she would put her support behind Sanders, and drop out.


This women represents me and I always voted for her but in the summer of 2014 hundreds of Palestinians seeking refuge in a “safe Place” from Israeli bombing were all killed (mostly children, women, and old people who were trying to survive). Warren rationalized those killings and essentially said the Israelis were not to blame. As far as I am concerned that was a defining moment for me - I will never vote for this phony with blood on her hands.


Ok, when he had majorities in congress, Obama passed a major economic recovery plan and the ACA. Six months in, the Republican filibuster locked him down.

Warren passed an excellent consumer protection law which has saved millions for thousands of working class Americans. She has a set of excellent plans (I doubt you have read) and was one of the top legal scholars in the US.

It’s ridiculous and should be embarrassing to suggest that she has no clue. That’s not a serious comment.

When did you teach law at Harvard?

Bernie has no comparable legislative accomplishment to his credit.

I like Bernie’s ideas but Warren has gotten more done in fewer terms.





Or Bernie could do the same.

I think she’s 50-50 to beat Biden.

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Another Israeli apologist.


Stay focused.


Pure Capitalism: An economy driven primarily by the largest owners of private capital, typically with the aim of bringing the highest possible return to themselves. Explains privatization of the public sector, offshoring jobs, money printing, bank bailouts, irrational asset price inflation, skyrocketing rent and education costs, endless wars, tax cuts for the rich, jobless recoveries, markets/media/elections rigged by big donor bribes/donations legalized as “free speech.”

“Capitalist to my bones” Warren to split Progressive vote and allow Biden to Win the Primary

If she truly supports the “Our Revolution” agenda, why run against Sanders?

  • Obama packed his entire economic team with Wall Street bankers and their henchmen who in turn tapped Warren to oversee that the TARP funding got to the Too-Big-To-Fail (TBTF) banks without strings attached and later centralize financial oversight under a new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that reports to the private Federal Reserve, owned by the same TBTF banks who caused the crisis.

  • After Sanders 2016 bid propelled the “Our Revolution” agenda to be favored by a high majority of Americans, Warren adopts similar if not exactly the same agenda items in her bid for President in 2020. No reason given for why Warren is running against Sanders in 2020 with policies so similar and why in 2016 Warren could not find a difference significant enough to endorse Sanders over Clinton.


Corporate America will choose anyone over Bernie. That in itself is reason enough to throw all of our support behind him. If Warren is truly a Progressive, she needs to announce that she will run as Bernie’s VP early on in the campaign.
One drawback Warren is that she still has no idea of how warped U.S. foreign policy is. She should have been on the attack from day one against HRC for her atrocious foreign policy record during her time as Secretary of State. Instead she endorsed HRC in 2016.
Having said that, the majority of Americans still believe such nonsense like North Korea and Iran are a threat to the United States. To convince most Americans that the entire foreign policy of the U.S. has been driven by a narrow, corporate agenda since WW2 is no easy feat. Bernie has avoided the foreign policy fray as best as he can because he also knows that too many Americans think that way, but he may be able to convince Warren about how corrupt U.S. foreign policy is if she is on the same ticket for 2020.
In any case, Biden is still corporate America’s pick and we have to do everything we can to prevent this right wing, corporate sycophant from winning the nomination. Anything less will mean four more years of Trump.


Warren wants to fine tune the economic system while Sanders wants to change it. A Biden-Warren ticket is more probable than a Sanders-Warren ticket.


Warren stands out among Senators as someone looking out for the people’s interest. She is probably better than 95% of them. I’m glad she is in the race because she has great ideas and energy. I hope she goes far. I have made some financial contributions to her campaign but yesterday I gave money to Bernie. Either one are good for me but I have been moving back towards Bernie. He blew away the last debate. What a guy!


More like 10:1 for Biden to beat Liz!

At some point before the primaries begin, Sanders and Warren are going to have to join forces and run under one banner, in order to stop Biden. If they really cared about the people and not just about their personal power, they would do so.
It would only be proper if Bernie headed the ticket, as a lot of Warren’s “progressivism” is just a join in on what Bernie’s been saying for a million years.


In another era, and not that long ago, no one talked about neoliberalism, it was simply called laissez faire capitalism. In that other by gone era much talk was devoted to what was called a “mixed economy” meaning one in which government played a key role in regulating the economy for the common good, and everyone knew it. This New Deal approach has been under attack since its inception, and it has gained strength as the Democratic Party abandoned it and joined Greed, led by Bill and Hillary Clinton and the so called Democratic Leadership Council, now The Third Way.

Bernie’s foreign policy will keep many from voting for him, especially his buying into one of the greatest frauds in U. S. Political history, a fraud that has done permanent damage to U. S. domestically, i.e.an attempt to remove a duly elected president on no evidence, and Russia phobia leading to a new Cold War. Bernie is the best of this field but seriously flawed because of his foreign policies and apparent Russia phobia. A vote for Bernie is iffy at best.