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Surging Sanders Could Surprise Nevada Caucus


Surging Sanders Could Surprise Nevada Caucus

Brent Budowsky

As the Nevada Democratic caucus on Saturday comes closer, Bernie Sanders is surging, Team Clinton is panicked and the contest will be much closer than pundits expected.

For the last six months the national Democratic party establishment, which is virtually united in its support for Ms. Clinton, made four major mistakes in writing off the chances for Mr. Sanders in Nevada.


The Clinton campaign realizes that they have no ideas, so they are doubling down on negative attacks. So far, what voters have gleaned from Clinton's campaign can be summed up as follows: 1) I have experience (let's not talk about whether or not that experience demonstrated good judgment); 2) I would make a better commander in chief (she has supported wars of choice in Iraq and Libya, creating the unstable conditions that breed terrorism); 3) I can get things done (as if the Republicans will be more likely to support her agenda than, say, Bernie's); 4) I am a woman.

Oh yeah, and she can beat any Repub from the clown circus.

I'm feeling so inspired by her message that I am going to vote for Bernie!


Great analysis and commentary from Brent Budowsky as usual. The surprise of a potential win in Nevada from a "surging" Bernie Sanders will cement his position and infuse further dedication and activism in Bernie's volunteers and contributors, as well as increase pressure on super-delegates to support his nomination.

Demands for a "political revolution" in American politics extends beyond the election to a revolution within the Dem Party apparatus to depose the entrenched corporate/DLC/financial-parasite supporter wing of the Democratic Party back to a more FDR/Eleanor representation for the common-good........taking-back a hijacked party will really shake things up, and lay the foundations for the next election cycle......and taking-back Congress from extremist ideology.


Lots of good info about Nevada in this analysis by Budowski published in The Hill.

But i do not know any "good works of the Clintons" on behalf of communities of color, that he could be referring to.

What were the impacts on Black USAns of:

What am i leaving out?

And what is the basis for talking about "the good works of the Clintons"?


I keep hearing that also. I have tried to find any evidence of Hillary or Bill actively working with community groups or maybe mentor young PoC - children, perhaps? But I can come up with nothing. Seems like the only real thing that Hillary has done since leaving her job as SoS was giving speeches and receiving outrageous fees and setting up her presidential campaign.

Neither one of those things helps poor people, women, children, no matter what ethnicity. So what is this? And the other thing is since both candidates are older and white why would Bernie win predominately white states over Hillary? I can't figure these things out.


"good works" indeed. If corporate media werent so successful in spinning the real ugly Clinton legacy then Killary would be getting richly deserved payback


"While the Clintons have earned much goodwill from minority communities, many minority voters are too young to remember most of the good works of the Clintons..." Huh???

Of which good works is the author referring? Welfare "reform?" Criminal justice "reform?"


Hillary has the campaign optics down. Lots of photo ops with black people and platitudes in her speeches about how great she would be for people of color. Yet, very little material evidence to support that claim.


There are more:


Telecom Act of '96

Defense of Marriage Act

Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (Wiretapping Law)

Illustrating the power of misinformation, disinformation, and lack of information?


Thanks, i knew my litany was missing a lot!

NAFTA and the entire "free" trade agenda caused a fat chunk of economic devastation, not only in, but particularly in, communities of color.

i recall B. Clinton doing PR for the looting class, wearing a "working class" baseball cap emblazoned with the logo "NAFTA: WE HAFTA".


NAFTA screwed over the masses everywhere it was enacted. What's Bernie's position on NAFTA? Has he been quoted on that? Recently?


Here's the first three hits i get on an Ixquick search for Bernie Sanders NAFTA:

From his own site, a denunciation of TPP where he calls out NAFTA;

From his FeelTheBern site, denouncing "free" trade and slamming NAFTA;

And a HuffPo article with video of Sanders critiquing the media in 2015 for not covering "Obama's trade deal" the TPP, and again trashing NAFTA.


Thank you did you notice him saying anything about getting US out of NAFTA if he becomes president? Even PBO said he'd consider that in an interview before he actually could get us out.


No, found no commitment to break NAFTA.


Thank you. Seems like a no brainer. I wonder why he wouldn't offer that. Imagine the union membership that would be putting pressure on their leadership or at the very least ignoring their leaders call to vote HRC.