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Surging Ten Points, Sanders Lead Over Biden, Warren in California Tracking Poll

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/14/surging-ten-points-sanders-lead-over-biden-warren-california-tracking-poll


Expect more Sanders hit jobs now that he has surged to the top of the California Polls. I guess Warren doesnt really want the VP position

CNN’s Sanders Hit Piece Is a Journalistic Outrage


The article, by CNN correspondent MJ Lee, is so journalistically shoddy that someone reading only the first few paragraphs would end up believing that it is a fact that the current top-polling candidate for the February 3 Iowa Caucus actually said that. Never is Sanders’ “quote” prefaced with the term “allegedly.”


None of the other declared candidates for POTUS should be considered for Sander’s running mate. None of them are really progressive. The idea that the VP candidate should be another one of the candidates for POTUS is one that has a long tradition, but also one that is often a really bad idea. One thing that can be said about the likely Dem ticket is that it will NOT be two white guys. That just won’t happen anymore, at least outside of the far-right. I don’t want to see an establishment running mate forced on Bernie. It would give the establishment incentive to make sure something “happens” to Bernie if he wins.


I allege Liz has hired Carl Rowe as an advisor…


Did you mean Karl Rove?


What in the hell is wrong with voters over 45? Biden?! I don’t personally place too much value in these polls, but still. Among those asked, when this country faces so many issues, people want to support a corrupt right wing Democrat with a horrible record, clearly mentally declining, and bad personal conduct? That sure sounds electable in 2020. Mind blowing.


Iowa in play - apologies for unwelcome news.

Folks, IA is throwing up diff. poll #‘s, w/Biden ahead again recently, and it’s important symbolically…am making yet another small donation to Sanders’ for lack of anything else I can do from NY…


Bernie will prevail.


I wish I had your optimism.


I would argue that the only way Bernie will prevail is if millions of Progressives refuse to allow Biden the democratic, nomination for POTUS. Biden’s demeanor and smile tells me he knows he has the Democratic, CON…VENTION ALL WRAPPED UP!


I have spoken to some Biden supporters ( usually over 45) about why they would vote for Biden and I get two answers: 1. Obama picked him for his V.P. 2. Biden is the most electable and Bernie is too radical and too far left to beat Trump in 2020.


moe of 6.5 pts!!! Really, who does this serve??

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Agree completely. The statement was for the Bernie/Liz supporters. I think Liz should stay in the Senate another term or two and show us that she is actually Progressive. But I think it’s more likely she would be on a Biden ticket.


Klobuchar, Duckworth or … possibly Castro?

Fascinating, isn’t it? The media, the consultant class, the DNC couldn’t stop Bernie, but someone that this site and the media grouped him with the entire time comes along and does the dirtiest attack in a long time and it could be something that ultimately leads to Biden winning. Some legacy she will have, especially when he loses to Trump in the general election.

I think Bernie could most definitely win, but Warren has done all she can to guarantee that if it isn’t her, it is at least a little less likely that it will be Bernie. Vile, and I hope this site doesn’t post a single article touting anything Warren does.

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Every elder I know supports Bernie, with the exception of a few women hung up on identity politricks that go for Warren. Not one supports Biden.


I’m a Sanders supporter and generally a democratic-leaning voter of regular appearance at all general elections and most all local and state elections whenever they occur. I’m also more than half again over 45 and have supported Sanders since he threw his hat in the ring back in 2015, though my support is almost entirely policy based, it really, really helps that he has held the same opinions and pushed the same policies for at least a half century now.


Americans are detached from politics for the most part. And so it’s not that difficult to see that it’s name recognition, not performance that steers them.
Bernie will out do Biden in the end.
And that’s likely because Bernie started, or actually continued his campaign from the last one, giving him a lot of name recognition.


As what? Biden VP or Bernie?

Pretty sure all three are even less progressive than Warren. If you’re referring to ByeDone it’s irrelevant to me because I won’t be supporting him

“Sanders appears to have gained almost all of Kamala’s former supporters in California,” [tweeted] The Hill 's Krystal Ball in response.

Shaking my head in utter amazement. Jumping from support of the far right neoliberal candidate to support for the main street America candidate seems totally incompatible. Surely, these are not the same people.