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Surprise! Corporate America Is Throwing Down for the TPP

Surprise! Corporate America Is Throwing Down for the TPP

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

American big business has now officially endorsed the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), giving many all the proof they need that the 12-nation deal—poised to be the largest ever—is bad news for people and the planet.

When the film Network came out, there was one scene which I was surprised to see. Nobody noticed it, or they just thought it was funny.


One thing not mentioned is that corporations do not fear a backlash by consumers or the public in general. In addition to too big to fail banks must be added too big to avoid using corporations. How can you boycott an Archer Daniels Midland or a Monsanto if you eat food for example.

Nevertheless a public boycott campaign should follow any corporation that directly benefits from using these trade deals to circumnavigate our laws.

Our representatives aren’t representing us by signing away our sovereign laws to private interests. Our nation’s laws represent all of us while a corporation’s interests represent only its investors.


Brilliant and chilling. Thanks.


After Obamacare-enabled mergers we now also have too-big-to-fail insurance and drug companies that after seeing taxpayer funded bailouts being such a lucrative profit center for the banks that they jumped on the same gravy train.


Unless you’ve been sound asleep for decades, people know that if corporate America is signing on to the TPP, it is automatically very, very bad for average people.


They pushed the envelope so hard under Bush/Cheney that they couldn’t believe just how much people were willing to take, so naturally they pushed even farther. That was how austerity evolved. Imagine after the banks caused the economic chaos and get bailed out to the tune of trillions that the banks demand austerity measures.

Does it surprise anyone that the corporations are going for the whole ball of wax now? They are committed and making the final assault. What need for democracy under a corporatacracy? Rule by corporations seems possible since Bush/Cheney. These trade agreements set the stage and it is no coincidence that we have three coming down the pike at once. It is the big push in the war between corporations and the people.

Lol…it used to be the people versus their governments in many cases but now it is the people versus the corporations. Democracy as a viable political system is actually in jeopardy. A new royalty/elites - corporatized feudalism - is being put into play. This time instead of dukes and princes we will have ceos and execs - billionaire oligarchs and plutocrats - democratic institutions will elect those who will serve the new princes. Politicians will be a form of middle management.

I’m glad I am old because I knew the old way and would be stubborn about it. Free speech, free press, freedom of religion, free assembly… you know >>> old fashioned.


Funny how we don’t hear much about the TPP
anymore . . . all the while, the clock is ticking.
90-days time limit for Congress coming soon.


You’re right–we don’t hear much about the TPP because “they” don’t want you to hear anything. But the resisters here and in the other countries are doing everything they can to sound the alarm. And we can use help…


The TPP must be stopped or the entire earth will drown in its -for profit toxic sludge as the earth heats up to the point of no return- from the methane burps and oblivion afflicted by Corporate Empires. This entity has been lurking in the shadows with its tentacles hidden, yet grasping for the very air we breathe. NAFTA and GATT look like Sunday picnics next to this new nightmare. The whores who run the country are swayed far too easily with $ bribes. If these Government whores however, look at how even our last Constitutional rights- not yet speared by big business- that are supposed to protect even them and their families are sold to Corporations, will they sign?


Of course all is silence, it has been overwhelmingly rejected by the majority of citizens in all the countries that signed onto the deal. The most accurate description to date by one of those countries representatives who actually signed that deal, was, “signing the deal was like swallowing dead rats”, this was a public statement and real and genuine warning to the United States of America not to pursue it. This because of the real harm it would cause between the citizens of the affected countries and the relations to the United States of America and it’s citizens, they do blame US citizens and it is US citizens fault for letting their government get so far out of control, as to allow this attempt at a US corporate take over of those countries against the emphatic wishes of the citizens of those countries.
If ever there was a time for a US government STFU, now is it. Pretend it never happened and get your corporations to shut up about it as those countries, who the US government forced into this deal, quietly without much fuss or ado reject in their normal political process. Push it and pay a real damaging political price and still fail to get it passed.

Hands down actor Ned Beatty’s best performance- I always loved the speech given to Howard Beale! And, NO, it is not funny…

I have been trying to find concrete information on the timeline. According to the Fast-track legislation, Congress has 60 (or 90, the wording is peculiar) days to review the text, which was released more than a month ago. Then they have to hold a yes or no vote within 60 (or 90 - again, the wording is odd) days. Since the text has been released, the clock has started ticking, so it shouldn’t be a question of when Obama “wants” Congress to vote on it; the deadline for Congressional voting on the TPP should be a matter of fact and a matter of law. Yet I never see an article that mentions this deadline or gives the date, which is actually already set in stone by the Fast-track.

Some articles even suggest Congress will delay voting until after the elections in Nov, which clearly couldn’t happen, since at most Congress has until April or May. I mean, they passed the Fast-track and Obama signed it, and at no time has anyone repealed it, meaning there is a set date. Why won’t anyone clarify what that date is?

You can bet the ruling elite know the date . . .

and like so many other tricks the Congress has pulled,
some lonely night, just before a 3-day holiday weekend,
our fearless leaders (the Repubs & just enough Dems
to give the party cover) will vote yes for the Prez.

NAFTA was done under Clinton and Obama is pushing for the TPP. Both political parties in America are doing the secretive free trade deals.

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