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Surprise! Non-Partisan Analysis Finds Trump Tax Plan Primarily Rewards Top 1%


Surprise! Non-Partisan Analysis Finds Trump Tax Plan Primarily Rewards Top 1%

The plan would also raise taxes for many middle class families, a fact Americans for Tax Fairness denounced as "absolutely outrageous"


And the 30% of moronic Americans who bow before Il Douche - when shown these figures, assuming they can comprehend them - would simply scream “fake news! fake news” and go right on bowing.


Trump thinks he can bully a large percentage of the population into being as stupid as he is…and…he is right.


Needs adjustment to be fair - we should all get a govmt funded 9.7% raise. To be paid for by increasing corporate taxes.
By the way, are we still borrowing for the Iraq/Afghanistan/Syrian/Libyia/etc wars?


Didn’t you know? These clowns only use alternative facts. You just need to start using the “right” (if you’ll pardon the pun) set of facts and you’ll be fine…


As in past “tax cuts” actions, the lower caste does hear about their, slightly, lower taxes and will benefit their bottom line. I know because I fell for the same ruse in the 80’s when ol’ Reagan buddy lowered my taxes at the lower 25% that I was in, and yes I did notice the cuts at the top 1%; I didn’t know how much they actually were. The Chicago economics model of neoliberalism , AKA trickle down supply side economics, doesn’t work and never will. This new proposal is a veiled attempt to, once again, lower the tax rate at the top in a most regressive form of taxation. i.e. The lowest 50% get small cuts and the top 10% and above get even larger % cuts which equates to a regressive tax. Regressive means it affects the lower classes much more than the upper classes. Sales tax at the cash register is a regressive tax. Same rate for everybody but 10 tax one a hundred purchase hurts much more if you only make $ 300 a week than say if you make #2,500 a week. The smoke and mirrors coming out of the new administration are so fast and furious that it’s hard to keep up. Fight this new tax push as much as possible by letting your representative and senators know you won’t stand for more cuts to the wealthy.


At Bernie Sanders’s website is a chart showing that 58% of all NEW income since the 2008 Wall Street crash has gone to the top one per cent.

If Republican tax cut theory had any semblance of reality about “lifting all boats”, our middle-class “boats” would be rising as a result of the one per cent’s NEW income of the last 9 years.


The fruit has ripened of the creeping, long-germinating, authoritarian ideology, planted and nurtured for decades. The right of the few to most of the pie assented to and usurped in blind centrist politics. Implementing the freedom they’ve stolen, and the poisoned fruit of “meritocratic hubris” (Sandel), lies are now omnipotent state truth as the newest decepticon rules a fractious roost of royalty, while increasingly impoverished, useless, sick, aged and working poor are excluded from the comfortable economy/life and politics.
The plunder of democracy and of humanized social policy continues.
Animal house.


Time to sharpen those pitchforks, folks. It is going to take dedicated organizing to overthrow the corporate agenda. The UK Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is doing just that. First order of business in the US is for the masses to get de-hyptonized from the glitter of money and the overrated “work ethic”.



What do studies highlight? If our middle and working classes were thriving this country would be doing so much better than what the Republican Supply side trickle downers have been preaching. Their theory is the best for our rich to be getting richer and having tax breaks because that wealth will trickle down to the rest of us. Actual studies show very little or no trickle down at all. So let’s summarize, supply side trickle down is a boldfaced lie and has been a lie for decades. So what does real research point to, tax breaks work best when given to the working class and middle class because they that money actually gets spent, and it is the spending that stimulates the economy. In the meantime, the rich and super rich move their money offshore where cannot be taxed into illegal tax evasion bank accounts and invest in shell companies so the money isn’t taxed even if the companies don’t really exist. By far the most invested in shell companies is Donald Trump, who has been paying no taxes at all.


Trump and the rest of the DC mob DON’T “dole out more yachts and private jets”. By 1999 the .01 % already had as many goods and services as they wanted and 21st century corporate welfare and tax “reform” gives them more money to buy more politicians here and abroad who in turn give the 1% an ever bigger piece of the pie at the expense of the 99%.


Fake News! Fake News! will be Trump’s rallying cry to his base. They still buy the trickle down lie that has never worked.


Didn’t he say in 2008 or 2012 when he was first threatening to run for the Presiduncy that if he did so it would be as a RePooplcan because “most of those people will believe damn near anything!” ??

They’re counting on us to look at the change in tax RATES, not at the change in tax AMOUNTS that result.  Just for example, say they lowered the middle RATE on amounts over $100,000 from 25% to 21%, and after deductions you had $200,000 net income so now you owe 21% on the upper $100,000 instead of 25%, or $21,000 instead of $25,000, so you saved $4,000.   But some Little Fat Cat who also gets a 4% rate cut – from 39% to 35% on amounts over $1,000,000 – if he makes $2,000,000 pays $350,000 instead of $390,000 on that second million – a savings of $40,000, or ten times what you saved.  Of course a Really Big Fat Cat who “earns” $11,000,000 a year would get a $4,000,000 cut in his tax AMOUNT from that same measly 4% RATE difference, and it helps the Really Really Fat Cats even more . . .


As ridiculous as the “9-9-9” flat tax that can be written on a postcard, and all we need is someone who can use a pen.

We need regulated capitalism and a progressive tax system more than ever to keep the corporations and the wealthy in check.


This is a great point-----the corrupt feeding the corrupt.


The media must stop calling republicans CONSERVATIVE! This is part of the BS. These republicans are not conservative–Reagan blew up the debt,Bush ran up the debt-kept war spending off the books, and the republicans in congress supported all this ballooning of the deficit. Here they come with round three for more tax cuts for the wealthy with all the usual BS that it will grow the economy. I see these so called “conservative” republican congresspeople being interviewed with these little smirks on their faces.These people are crooks.

I don’t think people understand that these republicans and democrats are stealing from the future. Lives have already been impacted by all this stolen wealth over the past decade. This money could have gone to boost social security payments,healthcare centers,rebuilding inner cities----and all these things would boost the GDP ten times more than these tax cuts.----Create a living wage this will boost GDP-------???


Basic Elitism = deception, theft, crime, murder


“Trump and the rest of the DC mob DON’T “dole out more yachts and private jets”. By 1999 the .01 % already had as many goods and services as they wanted…21st century corporate welfare and tax “reform” gives them more money to buy more politicians.”

A good point, raydelcamino - that oligarchy is not simply about inequality, but about political control by the rich.

But, rhetorically, the visceral, enraging unfairness of symbols of affluence like…well, private jets, say - stratospheres above material care, not giving a sht about the vast suffering below - will…and should…remain an important part of progressive peoples’ movements…

…doesn’t have to be one or the other…


I hope everyone saw the article detailing how Trump himself has benefited from his tax plan. What a role model president! He hasn’t paid taxes in years due to tax evasion by way of investment in offshore shell companies. That’s why the Panama Papers mentions his name more than 3,000 times. A president that does not pay taxes is not exactly what you call a role model president.

Then the Republicans will keep telling us about supply side voodoo economics. Studies show supply side trickle down economics does not work at all. The rich tend to hoard their money or invest it in shell companies offshore, or save it in tax evasion bank accounts offshore. In the meantime studies also show that tax cuts for the middle and working classes invariably stimulates the economy because most of that money is SPENT in America. The spending is what stimulates the economy. Trump and the Republicans need a huge public backlash over their grossly unfair tax plan favoring the rich and super rich.


Trickle down? That sounds more like the rich and super rich monopolizing the money while urinating on the rest of the nation.