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Surprise! Pro-GMO Lawmakers Get Big Funds from Agribusiness Lobbies


Surprise! Pro-GMO Lawmakers Get Big Funds from Agribusiness Lobbies

Nadia Prupis, staff writer


Political contributions offer the highest potential rate of return of almost any investment, unless, of course, they are made on behalf of the citizens.


Unfortunately, it may be time for some Vigilante Justice with these ‘Lawmakers’. ‘Bennie’ (from Sicily) hires out…to anyone with the $ to pay him.
What goes around, can come around. The problem is, that the 99% would love a Peaceful Solution, to ‘The Monsanto Problem’ (and many others). Me too.
But , if that is not possible…


At least now we know why the legislators we vote for seem to ignore us, it is because they are paid to. Have you noticed how our representatives///strike that, make it, people we elect no longer whine about having to spend all their time soliciting bribes?


It never ceases to amaze me how these corrupt politicians are able to get away with this and still get re-elected. Such is the power of FOX.


► The rest of the Media is lobbied too. The business world funds them all minute to minute

There’s virtually no public service broadcasting left in the United States


Besides the “legal” economic support for re-election campaign, I wonder how much these corrupt politicians are paid privately; money that is being tucked away in an off-shore bank in a tax free zone.


Why, this appears to be nothing but bribes…oh, wait…


And then of course here in Missouri, Monsanto’s home state… you have their lap dog, Mr. Roy bought and paid for Blunt.

Mother Jones’ piece on him from 2013 titled Sen. Roy Blunt: Monsanto’s Man in Washington is a bit dated but you get some history re their ongoing relationship.

His emails to me re following the science that says GMO’s are dandy make me want to throw up and/or plant more heirloom seeds in my organic garden.

His dark leadership in NOT what we need on the planet now or ever.


Or as Gomer Pyle would say: SURPRISE! SURPRISE!


For all the benefits US citizens get for their “democracy”, I think it would be better not to bother with elections at all, since they represent lobbies, corporations but not real humans at ll.


The Monsanto CEO’s should be locked up in a jail in Ferguson.


The issue of HR 1599 (the Dark Act) is much more than just about whether or not GMO foods are intrinsically safe. It is also about the fact that they are bad for socio-ecological sensitive areas around the world; this issue is also about the fact that GMO crops are bad for the environment; the fact that there are a lack of independent studies (especially – published in peer reviewed journals) before GMO foods are approved - as well as a lack of regulations regarding follow-up studies after they are applied in agriculture - which includes assessments of the use of pesticides and herbicides, and more; it is also about IP (intellectual property) and patent laws, and the concept of fewer and fewer companies having control over the world’s food supply (as of 2006, ten corporations controlled 49% of the world seed market – the biggest: Monsanto. As of 2013, five companies [Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta, Dow and Bayer] accounted for 58% of the world’s commercial seed sales);

  • it is also about the corruption of politicians who defy the will of the American people and do the bidding of the biotech industries; it’s about the suppression of science and attacks on scientists who have findings that aren’t in favor of the biotech industry; it’s about the absence of addressing certain ethical issues: should they even genetically modify one food one way at all in the first place, and for what reasons (think golden rice: do the benefits outweigh the risks, such as the inevitable cross contamination of non-GMO rice crops? Since the problem with vitamin A deficiency is linked directly to a lack of comprehensive nourishment overall, golden rice does not address this complex issue and does nothing to solve the problem of the myth that GMOs are necessary to “feed the world.” Why not address this issue directly instead, for example, by simply providing vitamin A supplements, which are much cheaper, much more effective, and have fewer risks); it’s about cross contamination issues of GMO crops with non-GMO and organic crops – also, consider the failed Star Link corn which was never approved for human consumption and which caused the first recall of any GMO product (in 2000). The Star Link Cry9C gene may never be fully removed from the food chain – U.S. corn crops were monitored for up to seven years for the presence of that gene because of contamination other corn crops. As of 2006, it was still appearing in American exports and in food aid shipments; it’s about other GMO failures and/or GMO brands whose safety efficacy remains in doubt and that were not widely publicized – some examples include: NK603 GE corn; drought resistant MON 87460 GMO corn; MON810 GMO corn; MON 863 GMO corn; MON 88017 GMO corn; DAS-59122-7 GMO corn; The Flvr Flav tomato (including the variety CR3-623); Bt10 GMO corn; Bt176 GMO corn; and GNA-GM potatoes;

  • it’s also about the increased use of poisonous chemicals like Round Up and other glyphosate based products, and the addition of 2,4-D to be used in conjunction with glyphosate (such as Enlist Duo by DowAgroSciences), and Warrant Herbicide by Monsanto (with acetochlor), which is recommend to be used in conjunction with a brand of Round Up, and other chemicals like dicamba, and isoxaflutole and more; it’s about the perception of Monsanto’s lack of ethics as a company - and suing farmers; it is about Monsanto and others, such as the Grocery Manufacture’s Association trying to stop labeling laws either by funding lawsuits against states that have attempted - or have passed such labeling laws, or in engaging in those lawsuits directly; it’s about Monsanto’s history of lies and lack of transparency, and making poisons like Agent Orange and PCBs – while at the same time this reality: “For years, these guys said PCBs were safe, too. But there’s obviously a corporate culture of deceiving the public.” (Mike Casey of the Environmental Working Group);

  • it’s about the lack of biodiversity and the continual problems of monoculture that are never addressed; it’s about Monsanto and others, including “front groups,” using propaganda and disinformation campaigns – not only to promote their own products and self-interests, but also to denigrate the organic industry and the millions of people around the world who consider themselves to be part of the anti-GMO community; it’s about suicides in India because of the Bt cotton issue - part of the blame for that goes to Monsanto, who introduced that cotton in India years ago without abiding by the country’s patent laws first; it’s about the decline of the butterflies and bees and other pollinators in part because of the decline in milkweed as a direct result of the increasing use of Round Up and the use of neonicotinoids which are made mostly by Bayer and Syngenta; it is

ALSO, in the end it is about:

the right of the American people to be informed consumers, for ALL the reasons listed above, and more. It is about 64 other countries around the world having that right to label GMO foods (in varying degrees) while we are exempt from that right because of a corrupted political process. It is about the absence of a true democratic process, wherein over 90% of Americans, in poll after poll, said they wanted GMO labeling, and in light of that, the fact that the House of Representatives FAILED in their jobs, on the whole, to REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND INSTEAD REPRESENTED THE WILL OF THE BIOTECH INDUSTRIES AND INTERESTED PARTIES.

It is about this: TIME to FIGHT even harder, TIME to contact your senators, and then send letters to Obama who MUST live up to his 2007 campaign speech where he supported GMO labeling, and INSIST that he VETO this piece of shit legislation.
( By the way, all you pro-GMO advocate trolls lurking out there, I have five pages of sources listed - too much to post in this comment, so don’t go on about “well that’s just your opinion,” or “that’s all misinformation.” It’s called research, try it).