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Surprise! The "Center" in US Politics Is Very Progressive

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/22/surprise-center-us-politics-very-progressive

"If you’ve ever felt like your opinion doesn’t matter and that the government doesn’t really care what you think, well … you’re right.

But, of course, there’s a catch.

…unless you’re an “economic elite.”

If there’s one thing that still reliably gets politicians’ attention, it’s money. While the opinions of the bottom 90% of income earners in America have a “statistically non-significant impact,” Gilens and Page found that economic elites, business interests, and people who can afford lobbyists still carry major influence."

Let’s be honest. Do we hear lefties identify themselves as liberals anymore? No, we took on the disguise of progressive because of all the negativity being foisted on liberals. But the names have changed once again. The centrists try to claim the progressive status, while progressives began to drift to democratic socialist as their political stand. I wonder what the next move is.
Tea Party, poor party, or a soon to be favorite: The moon party. Just show us what you’ve got.

You are singing to the choir here. We need to deal with the policies that allowed a few to own all of the mainstreet lamestreet media including NPR.


In reality all of these things Americans show they prefer in the polls are not right or left or progressive. They are just commonsense based on the premise of doing what is just and fair. I see it akin to a family sitting around the dinner table to eat. A parent does not dish out the food based upon “which of my kids has the most money” , nor is Kathy forced to sleep outside because Bob has more money to pay for the bedroom upstairs. They all get to eat and they all get a place to sleep. If they all get to eat and all get a place to sleep we do not really need to decide if this means they “progressive” or “right wing or leftists”.

We are all family after all. Now were a family to make those decisions based upon how much money each kid had , we would certainly label them as dysfunctional if not outright mentally ill.


Were a family to make those decisions based on how much money each kid had, there might be a great deal less family meals.

Tired of the same old cruel or corrupt or both politicians, well, Give Peace A Chance or "Give Howie A Chance!"


Corporate Democrats will not allow Medicare for All if they get control of the White House and both chambers of Congress:

Obama Alums Tell Health Insurance Lobby “Medicare For All” Won’t Happen – MapLight

On foreign policy, most Democrats support the U.S. Imperial Corporate State with its self-proclaimed, God-given “right” to intervene anywhere, anytime on earth. That’s why they keep voting for monstrously-bloated military budgets which return some of the war profiteers’ blood-drenched profits to their Congressional lackeys in both corporate parties.

The Pentagon is the worst single institution contributing to the Climate Crisis, and its many endless wars, supported by most Democrats and Republicans as well as by the Imperial Corporate Media (for high ratings and profits), continue to destroy habitats and environments worldwide, so supporters of this U.S. imperialism are hypocrites if they claim to oppose and try to reverse Catastrophic, Capitalist Corporation-Caused Climate Chaos.

The hypocritical DemocRAT Party should be disbanded, with its corporate stooges joining the RethugliKKKan Party (where they belong), and its few progressive members should begin creating a People’s Party that would truly represent what most of us desperately want and need.

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To his credit, Nick Hanauer said much the same last year in this piece: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/08/14/democrats-must-reclaim-the-center-by-moving-hard-left-219354

United Way charity reports in ALICE study that 40% of Americans cannot afford seven basics: food, housing, utilities, transportation, phone, childcare, and of course health care. Also 43% of U.S. live in households with after-tax-after-transfer income of less than 200% (double) the poverty line (see the Supplemental Poverty Measure). Let’s look a little closer: double poverty is about $50,000 / year for 4 person household, and that is $34 a day person for all year. Now look at the average for everyone: $128 a day. — It’s detailed, so skip if you want, The total national income is $15.5 trillion says the Joint Comm. on Taxation, and their are 327 million U.S. people, and that’s $129 a day for a full year per person. The BEA.gov (Table 2.1) shows that $48,000 is the per capita income after paying taxes, that is $131 a day per person. – and that’s after paying federal taxes! So why in the world is 34 a day thought of as so-so, not too bad? The numbers are important. It indicates we are very unequal in distributing income. And in wealth it’s far worse-unequal. Why do we put up with the hysteria about raising taxes on millionaires and also taxing their wealth. They have more than they can ever use. It’s time for some change. My blog: http://benL88.blogspot.com, Economics Without Greed, part two.



No matter how much Reich makes you think he’s a progressive and one of us.

DO NOT LISTEN TO HIM when he tells you that you have to support some disgusting conservative, segragationist, war mongering, credit card company shill in the 2020 election.

His real job is to be a Democratic Party apparatchik and what’s he’s doing right now, right in the article I’m comment on, is starting the sheep dogging process by convincing you he’s someone to listen to.


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If his numbers are correct, and the majority supports these things, it needs to be published daily until it is well understood among the masses. It would take a huge funding endeavor, but worth it.
Otherwise, as you say, the well financed propaganda and lies from the corporate sector will continue to influence us.

Reich is being disengenuous. The “Center” is neoliberalism of the Nancy Pelosi type.“Mainstream” is what Wall Street likes. What the American people think or want is irrelavent to the ruling elites that really control everything.

Listen to Ron Paul’s Liberty Report sometime. You will be surprised how much the Libertarians (not those Ayn Rand idiots) and the progressive left (even us “loony” socialists) have in common. I agree with 95% of what the man says about foreign policy and even with some of his domestic ideas. The schism comes at our approaches to fixing problems which are diametrical. Ron probably wishes Ru was his son and not Rand.

Weird, you apparently read a different essay by Reich than I. No where did I find him saying I “had to support some disgusting conservative…shill” in the one I read.

That’s the prevailing media/political establishment definition of “Center.” When it comes to the collective map of the actual public’s preferences spread out on a spectrum from Left to Right…and totals ascribed…then, unsurprisingly those grouped at the Center hold progressive notions. Revealing, as it does, that what the corporatized media and the political establishment would have you believe is actually a corporatized list - divorced from Reality (data).

No, he’s not doing it now. Instead, what he’s doing now is copying what real progressives state, make it seem like he’s one of us, and set us up for later when he tells us to vote for whomever the Clinton wing of the party picks as their nominee.

I say this based not on this article, but a history of following this Clinton apparatchik for 27 years.

Just be ready and don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking he’s one of us. He’s not.