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Surprise! The White People Who Started the McKinney Debacle Are Thugs and Creeps


Surprise! The White People Who Started the McKinney Debacle Are Thugs and Creeps

It seems lunatic now-resigned cop Eric Casebolt isn't the only bizarro player with a tawdry history in the McKinney pool party story. The guy who called 911, hurled racial epithets and praised the police response is Sean Toon, who served time for maiming and killing farm animals, and for assault. The woman who attacked a black teenage girl is a possibly racist loan officer who has been put on leave. And social media - including a deft SeanToon911 hashtag - is all over them.


Sean Toon is someone who, in a healthy society, might not have gone to prison (it’s a toss-up) for his vicious abuse of non-humans, but would definitely have been taken into locked-ward care as someone who’s shown himself to be a continuing danger to others.


Is Sean Toon that fat slob always seen waddling about as a sort of passive assistant to the cop in the video?


The " Car " Toon looks and acted like the spawn of Cliven Bundy. With, of course, some George Zimmerman thrown in, for that little extra racist zest. Or, George’s cousin. possibly? It’s a good thing he didn’t have a permit to carry, as an felon, or does he? Maybe George sold him a gun over the world wide web? And, Officer Nutcase and Loan Officer Hitler’s Mistress Eva are just the kind of ingredients to take this Texas stew to the next level; of crazy, that is. All it needs is a dead armadillo, maybe fresh road kill, to make the finishing touches memorable. Where’s The " Car " Toon when you need him? Robbin’ the fridge would be my first guess.