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Surprise: Trump's Latest Tax Plan Would Benefit the 1%, Burden the Poor


Surprise: Trump's Latest Tax Plan Would Benefit the 1%, Burden the Poor

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Donald Trump's latest tax proposals would give the biggest windfalls to the richest households in the U.S. and raise the debt by $20.9 trillion by 2036, according to a new analysis by the nonpartisan Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC).


Is there anything good that can be said about Trump? The only thing I can come up with is that he may destroy the Republican party and it may become a dinosaur like the Whig party of the last century!


The headline says "surprise," but I don't see one here.


Yes, and the new crypto-Trump left needs to defend the interests of the comfortable "middle class" right?


You only talk about yourself throughout in your self-absorbed soliloquy. Why do you not learn to think about someone besides yourself? A Trump presidency will be vastly worse for poor and minorities USAns than a Clinton presidency - that should what guides your vote.


add to the mix WW3 with Russia


Just bizarre. So Clinton has made you willing to vote for the most vile, vicious, jerk that has probably ever sought the Presidency in this country.

Exactly what kind of revolution are you praying for?

Don't make me out to be a Clinton supporter here, but I'm so clucking sick of so called "leftists" becoming Trump supporters.

Anyone who would actually vote for Trump, isn't a person who would actually vote for Stein.


I forget we are 16 years into a new century sometimes too. The Whig party of two centuries ago. The majority of those Whigs went on to form the Republican party which went on to dominate the Presidency for many decades. Perhaps something like that would happen again if the Republican Party broke up. Unfortunately, the Democrats and Republicans are so entrenched in our political structure that I think the current duopoly will last the rest of my life.


I agree, HRC is the more dangerous war candidate.


Based on what exactly? His stable personality? This assertion about Trump is just so ridiculous.

Yes, yes, yes, I understand and have written many posts detailing the dangerous neocon driven policy of confrontation with Russia that Clinton has adopted, and that such a policy actually does increase the danger of nuclear confrontation with Russia. I get that.

But to assert that Trump is somehow a safer bet in this regard is just ludicrous. If Trump ever perceives the slightest insult coming from Putin, this raging megalomaniac would go nuclear just to score a personal point.


Based on what? His personality? The guy who would not take the nuclear option off the table in regard to ISIS? That guy?


This is no good. I DO NOT CARE about Trump or his hypothetical vileness. The election is being gifted to the lady who the CNN/MSNBC/Huffpo, MIC/NSA/Mossad et. al, and the Corpomonsters of Agri/Pharm/Chem/Oil elite all support. THEY ALL SUPPORT HRC!! and they are essential in vilifying trump. Not to mention her close Love with the Military and Breedlove WWIII network. I never type in all caps, but this farce necessitates it. STEIN/BARAKA is thee best choice, obviously. Whether or not it will penetrate or dent their armor does not matter because this is the point of the battle where you bury some sense and charge full-throated towards utter destruction. I am nauseated at the task of converting "infowarriors" and "liberals" when there is no palpable society to covert them to. Re-engineering our plane in mid-air after sailing of the cliff of industrialism (D. Quinn)? There is a green new deal born in the youngsters of today but, unfortunately, we'll have to stomach the wars (likely on our coasts this time) of these seemingly extraterrestrially-incentivized sociopaths.


And the oversized share of the pie that goes to Military/Intelligence?


Well, don't forget, Trump would likely raise taxes on people too. Guess which ones?

Yep. Not the folks he's surrounded himself with. So massive breaks for himself basically financed on the backs of ordinary folks. Sounds awesome!


If you watched the first "debate" then you saw Trump pretty much spell out his entire domestic agenda - it only took about 15 seconds: tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, indiscriminate de-regulation, and a tax holiday on all of that off-shored money held by the wealthy. Didn't need to dissect any proposals - he said it quite plainly.

As for Ms. Rodham-Clinton? Since she is the darling of the oligarchy expect smoke and mirrors and be prepared to find yourself, Mr. and Mrs. average American, pretty much in the same boat as today. That is, watching the 1% getting even richer, the military budget (and US involvement in military conflict) the same or larger, and infrastructure repair and updating to be a clusterf#%k of the worst cronyism and corruption you've ever witnessed.

The Republican Party should have had the good sense to can that shit-ball months ago, but none of that makes Clinton any more desirable as POTUS. I would like to feel good about the fact that Trump is sinking in the polls like the turd he is, but we're still faced with the reality that we're ending up with a Republican president, nonetheless. She can promise anything she wants, but we've heard it all before, and I'd get a second opinion if she said the sky was blue.

The only glimmer of hope I see, and it is very faint and feeble, is that Trump's base will punish the GOP down ticket. However, I suspect this too is only the pipe dream of the Clinton noise machine, and all those "deplorables" and "rednecks" that the Clintons disparage fully understand how the game is played, and as angry as they are at the GOP establishment, they truly and completely "hate" Democrats.


Trump is at the very least as dangerous as Clinton in regard to war.

What troubles you about Trump?


Oh go cluck yourself you right wing jerk.

There is nothing you have criticized Clinton for that I haven't already covered ten times over in scores of posts against Clinton.

I have a solid record in this regard.

"Leftists" for Trump!!!!

Pretty damn pathetic

It is so obvious in your post that you are a full on Trump supporter.

There is NOTHING leftist about you.


Anyone who would actively engage in that ridiculous strategy by actually voting for Trump is an utter fool.


Trying to make me out as a Clinton supporter makes you out to be a fool around these parts.

Check my comment history.

As soon as you tell someone to "shove it", sorry you lose your case about name calling. What, you haven't engaged in name calling on these forums?

But here you are making case after case for the Trump. Saying he is the "ethics candidate" and that he is the "jobs candidate"

You have lost your way.



Why would I engage you, a Trump supporter in serious debate, jerk?