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'Surprised, No. Disgusted, Yes': Study Shows Deepwater Horizon Oil Spread Much Further Than Previously Known

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/12/surprised-no-disgusted-yes-study-shows-deepwater-horizon-oil-spread-much-further


Obama taught us about who owns the country, back in the day, when he pretty much handed the keys to BP after Deepwater Horizon. That wasn’t my first clue.


Ten years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster sent hundreds of millions of gallons of oil across the Gulf of Mexico, researchers say the reach of the damage was far more significant than previously thought.

It is never reported, but the same thing can be said of Prince William Sound in Valdez, Alaska.


And of course the very toxic Corexit dispersant sank the oil allowing it to spread much further in deeper waters.
A unmitigated disaster to the Gulf.


What renewables are we replacing petroleum with?

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Contemporary University of Georgia and Florida studies, positing a FAR more accurate assessment than our government were ignored by all but the NYC financial blogs: WSJ & frigging Bloomberg’s young reporters were actually still reporting more accurate figures AND how Corexit was simply sinking the nightmarish lethal sludge to the floor (basically, to hide it). I’d been working in Alabama and had inspected 24" Q125 casing for 36K’ deep Blackbeard (originally, abandoned by ExxonMobil, over concerns simply ignored by BP) and Chevron’s Lafitte. This will simply happen more and more frequently, regardless of which party is getting paid-off. None of us now eat Gulf shrimp, grouper… any bottom feeders. The government, media and now, the universities lie their asses off, blacklist or prosecute whistleblowers. And, since Correct The Record and PropRNot, if you speak the truth, you’re a Russian bot… & nobody reads it, anyway. Funny, how the most accurate prediction of atmospheric carbon right NOW, was from Exxon in 1982?


“Time to get off fossil fuel and on to renewables.”

It wouldn’t matter if you wanted to outlaw rape and genocide, you would have to eliminate all existing traces of the fascist oligarchy before your ideas could even be considered much less implemented. Every idea that does not address this core problem is just an idea and will never be adopted, much less enforced. Only in a representative democracy can public sentiment be of any consequence.


Uhm…electric trucks have been with us since the 1890’s–and Lithium battery tech is now making Tesla’s ELECTRIC TRACTOR TRAILERS a coming reality.

Electricity for those semis CAN be generated via WIND, SOLAR, GEOTHERMAL, TIDAL/WAVE, BIOMASS, etc…

The question is, what are you going to replace your last SPECIOUS, bad-faith, bot-agenda’d question with?


The eleven dead workers have never received justice. The BP managers who demanded continuing when they were notified of serious problems deserved prison for manslaughter, at least.

BP should pay the dollars to have the gulf bottom vacumn the oil and dispersent. They sold the Alaska pipeline and north slope production for 6.8 billion last year. Suggest that the corrosion in the pipeline, old age, and low flow means they made a good deal for themselves. Winter of 2006, they had a massive spill and replaced 28 miles of pipe up there. Half from Lorain and half from Nippon.

They and Royal Dutch Shell own Houston!!


They own DC, NYC & New Orleans too… I’d started reading ProPublica, DeSmogBlog and TXSharon after Katrina’s destruction of MARS and the other Shell TLPs touched off the fracking Ponzi Scheme. Before Brock’s CTR fed the lefty blog-aggregators to K Street, even Guardian and involved papers like Pittsburgh’s Post Gazette had individual reporters performing actual journalism. Now, papers are all owned by the perpetrators, dictatorial oligarchs and facts are “leaks” sowing divisive Russian agitprop, or tin-hat eco-terrorist Luddite… we’re so very fucked. It’s only just starting a new, more obvious, more authoritarian, far scarier iteration, with Bloomberg & Bezos in charge?



…PSwanee…please quit letting someone else do your work for you, and quit sniveling…

Barry also handed BP the US Coast Guard. A useful free press should have caught this.

Now, don’t we all want to know who that corporate tool wants us to vote for in the primaries?


…You’ve got two chances Bernie & Elizabeth, that’s it…

How can you know what Liz stands for? Bernie is the only one who has consistently walked like he talks. Liz has exhibited little concern for truth over a long period of time.


Shell is the lead owner in the $40 Billion dollar LNG Canada & its pipeline, which is now in the news as the Wet’suwet’en Nation protests the Coastal Gas Link Pipeline in British Columbia.



…Just sayin’, who can you even ‘start’ to trust below this line. Sorry to say, but it’s ‘still’ “Blue, no matter WHO”…

It’s end the wars, address climate change, universal single payer, no matter who.


Permafrost thawing is causing massive subsidence beneath pipelines, critical infrastructure such as high value processing plants and most immediately the dire future for the roads and highways already experiencing constant widespread thaw conditions.

Alyeska Pipeline installed underground refrigeration units (back in 1977) which have worked as yet. Temperature readings at 65 ft. below ground show rising temperatures in the North Slope to near melt point. At 15 ft. to 30 ft., the permafrost is currently experiencing thaw. The ground surface is subsiding over large areas causing the whole arctic pipeline system to be re-evaluated and the inescapable need for it to be re-engineered. They expect to use similar technology as is currently used in undersea oil development as ground subsidence is causing lengths of pipelines to be covered by water and/or to sag until breaking point. 6 to 8 billion, if your estimated figures are correct, seem a bargain price to me.

Driving along the sinkhole plagued gravel bed roads and highways is not what it used to be.


Vote, and the choice is THEIRS! As Wasserman Schultz sneered, Donna Brazille & Mark Penn had ghost-written, before absconding, loaded to FOX? Warren was simply a ploy to divvy-up their ersatz “left” so DNC’s now far wealthier, ever more dead-eyed corrupt superdelegates can choose Amy, Pete… Ivanka or Chelsea to throw another one to Trump. I’m trying to remember what I’d written in Naked Capitalism, back when It was all Beto(!) & Kirsten was tasked to take down Franken… for fondling Single Payer? “Creative Class™” typifies yuppie Liberal’s totally un-self-conscious lack of irony, cultivated speciously oblivious mindfulness (Buck Henry TRIED to parody these souless churls, and just LOOK where it got him?) Trolls in 5… 4… 3…


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The Gulf of Mexico was already being massacred when the Deepwater Horizon blew up, and that incident and the use of Corexit accelerated what was already an ecocidal crime.
Manmade chemicals pour out of the mouth of the Mississippi River, creating a massive dead zone in the upper Gulf.
Population growth along the Gulf Coast pours huge amounts of poisonous runoff and defecation in the Gulf.
Cruise ships, fish farms, fishing, boating and jet skiing, spearfishing, fossil fuel exploitation, acidification and dredging have all helped destroy what was once a body of water so teeming with life that you could walk on water, that’s how numerous the fish were.
Read the Pulitzer Prize book “The Gulf: The Making of an American Sea,” and mourn the destruction, which is happening to every ocean, sea, lake and river worldwide in one way or the other.