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'Surprised, No. Disgusted, Yes': Study Shows Deepwater Horizon Oil Spread Much Further Than Previously Known

Correction: You have one chance: Bernie.


A hallmark of oilaholism is persistent backsliding into a pattern of deceit. They swear that they are changed and then in an hour they’ve gone back to being no good even to their best friends.


I’d actually been working for Enron’s NDE Lev III, as they’d coined the “bridge fuel” große Lüge. We’d later a tittering, drunked-up kinda nervous laugh, over what obvious BS this all was. This was 15 yrs. before those bore-hole/ casing integrity failure-rate predictions, by Slumberger, that Tony Ingraffea’s posted repeatedly… only to be vilified and ignored.




…And if Bernie (most hopefully he will be) isn’t on the final ballot, I’m still votin’ blue…

Great reply…thanks!

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Does anyone doubt we were lied to…as always.


I think you meant “only in direct democracy can public sentiment be of any consequence.” We have a so-called ‘representative democracy’ where public sentiment is usually ignored.


Ending the entitlement and privilege to lie without serious, immediate consequences must be a priority objective when people decide to try democracy for a change. This privilege is a fundamental corruption that endlessly replicates the anti-social irresponsibility that makes democratic transformation impossible.


Yup - we actually need more mourners, as people who truly grieve established, corrupted traditions don’t replicate same with their votes.
Get sad - don’t vote for the BAD! lol

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“Just days before the BP explosion, the White House opened much of the offshore U.S. to new oil drilling. (“Oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills,” he said by way of explanation. “They are technologically very advanced.”)”


This is what you get when you vote “blue no matter who”.


I’m of the pretty unpopular position, that it actually got worse? PHMSA 80% SMYS gigs at BAD Indian, Russian owned mills. When you SAW something, you’d shut the fuck up. Fracking in the Marcellus was primarily Ed Rendell, and PA folks are only beginning to die from it. Tag-team Kleptocracy, Deaths O’ Disparity. ALL, heartless criminals!

Thank you.
A very good read. The state and feds certainly dragging along slowly to clean up after all these years. A young perogi proggy had me to pro-publicka a few months ago and I tabbed because it has a Chicago burea. Now I need to learn how to tab them three places.
thank you
And I do really enjoy the peoples who live in Louisianna and their cajun music. Button boxes rule.

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No I meant exactly what I said,

In our corporate oligarchy where the electoral machinations effectively eliminate the contribution of public choice in the electoral process, and where the supposed representatives are members of an organized crime syndicate who work only on behalf of organized crime bosses. In such a completely corrupted and malicious regime as ours is, both the representative is missing and so is the democracy. In other words - obviously, we have nothing that even remotely resembles a representative democracy! Anybody who thinks any different is the whole problem.


Obama was/is ‘fakery’ personified. Face it; the USA is, and always was, a nation built on the backs of immigrants, the poor, genocide and slavery and racism. Being lucky enough to have been born to usually white and privileged parents enabled many of us to survive the inequities that so many others constantly faced. Climate change will be the true equalizer from which our oligarchic system will not escape. Endless wars are the mask which disguise that reality from most while the rich and ignorant ‘party on’ 'til the lights go out and continue to rob us of the desire or financial ability to meet the real enemy - Climate Change!

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Yeah, the magician knows his game well.

You’re not going to replace petroleum with solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and tidal, because those sources are almost exclusively used for electricity generation whereas petroleum is used predominately for chemical production.

Now the EV and PHEV markets are going to impact petroleum indirectly by removing market dominance of ICVs, but when it comes to petrochemicals there are little to zero substitutes.

My point is if we are actually going to be serious about replacing petroleum then we need to identify the products that petroleum is used for and identify the specific sources that can be used for replacement.

The argument should be replace petroleum with EVs, biomass and biofuels - not with all renewables and emphasizing solar and wind…

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The truth is in the actual doing, not the talking. All of what you say is good. The making it available in sufficient, affordable amounts is the difficult part in an ever increasing population with ever increasing demands under an economic system of ‘winner take all’ capitalism. The petri dish is polluted, it is full and the experiment did not have lasting, good results. It’s time to clean up the lab and start over.

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Now we are into an entirely different discussion. How much CO2 is put into the atmosphere by using fossil fuels for petrochemical production as opposed to their use for energy production? Is it significant? We must also take into account that fossil fuels are not renewable and their supply is limited (re-read “Limits to Growth”). Should we continue to burn them a up at great cost to both supply and the Earth’s liveable environment; or, develop and use renewables for energy and use fossil fuels for needed petrochemicals? Just a question.

This “lesson” was supposedly learned as a result of the Exxon Valdes spill, wasn’t it?

You mean we are expected to learn it AGAIN now? And how many times after this will we continue to be “surprised” by how easy it is to KILL THE ENVIRONMENT? Is it NOT POSSIBLE for Profiteers and Damagers to retain (you know, in their so-called “brains”) the idea that spilling oil into life-giving waters will mean not-life-giving going forward?

The problem is Greenpeace is explicitly talking about petroleum. In the US, while oil is used for the bulk of energy production it is practically non-existent for electricity production.