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Surprising No One, Hillary Clinton to Formally Announce Bid for Presidency on Sunday


Surprising No One, Hillary Clinton to Formally Announce Bid for Presidency on Sunday

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, long presumed to be running for president in 2016, will reportedly make her aspirations official on Sunday.


“For those curious about the Robby Mook … got his start running Howard Dean’s campaign in 2004.”

Now this is the first good news I’ve heard about Killery running again … we all know what happened to Howard Dean, so I would venture a guess that Mook will be able to repeat that ‘winning’ program in this case also! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ye Gods! We are living in an endless police state, a nation of unending war around the world, run by Wall Street and the Military-Industrial-Congressional-Security-Complex, and Hillary Clinton, who advised the “Democratic” Party that if it wished to survive it must become closer to big business and Wall Street wants to become the next, er, President?

  • I hope the American People are intelligent enough to toss this idea in with the rest of the compost.
  • Changing the “Presidency” from Wall Street’s left hand sock puppet to the right hand sock puppet will not solve any of the horrible ills that are dumped not only on We the People, but upon the Peoples of the World, for profit and increased power of the Oilagarchy.
  • The system is not only broken, it is shattered, and nobody seems to want to fix it. Hillary Clinton is no better than whatever “Republican” crazy that is put up to make her a shoe in.
  • Obama is the most effective “Republican” President in history, as he has been able to con the people into supporting the Oilagarchy’s program of “Give to the Rich! Rob from the poor!” I’m sure that Ms Clinton is geared for more of the same.
  • God help us all!


We need effective voices to hammer away at all the nasty, dirty, evil things that Hillary has done over the past 30 years, with and without Bill, to sell out average Americans, as well as the peoples of third world countries that have been the victims of coups supported by her (like Honduras in '09, and the ouster of Aristide in Haiti).

Let us hope a Bernie Sanders, or another true progressive gets into the race to do more than “raise some issues”, or act as a “sparing partner” for her, to make her a “better candidate”, as has been ruminated about in the corporate media. We need true, no-holds-barred opposition to her that will savagely attack, and fatally wound her candidacy. She has a political glass jaw, and negatives high enough that pounding away at her continuously for the next year will make her unelectable in the general election, even if she does hold on and win the nomination. There is plenty of dirty laundry about the Clintons that is true without the tin foil hat Alex Jones stuff. She MUST be stopped.


I agree genedebs, will try, and the same applies to JEB as well…


little hope of a lefty getting in the fray, just to get some progressive ideas in the mix rather than the echo chamber of right wing corporate press. why I’m being-“star spangled to death” to rob a title from an underground film.


Shucks, i thought they already were …


Another true progressive - like Stein?


Oh shucks, just vote Green …


anyone. cornel west, chris hedges, kucinich, stein, sanders. or a complete unknown like a rolling stone


Twitter, huh? Well that just proves her candidacy is definitely for the birds … (as in vulture capitalists …)


Shall we take bets on whether she’ll have anything substantive to suggest?


Whatever the suggestions might be we all know they are bald-faced LIES! Why bother?


Hey, don’t insult birds that way – Dotty, my mourning dove is back, and there’s another robin building a nest in the garden – again – b/c she feels safe laying her eggs here. I understand about birds tweeting, and vulture capitalists :wink:, but there are so many beautiful birds in the Goddess’ world that don’t deserve to be compared to the crap that is Killary and her ilk (vulture capitalists). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good point - but that’s why I specified which birds her candidacy is for (smile) …


Calm down! The actual 2016 Dem Party candidate will be VP Joe Biden. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, of course. For reasons I’m eager to find out, the media marketed to libs have gone into overdrive to sell the neoliberal Clinton, in spite of their knowledge that she is deeply opposed by likely Dem voters. It’s impossible to hide Clinton’s long, consistent record of support for the hard-right agenda – pro-war, anti-New Deal, was busy promoting the TPP before deciding to play candidate, etc.


Hey, our lib media have been telling us that we’re just all aflutter about “Hillary.” She even has her own TV channel (MSNBC). But getting back to reality, the 2016 Dem Party candidate is VP Joe Biden, who will be launching his campaign later this summer. Any Dem pol can challenge him for the nomination, of course. I think Clinton’s purpose is to try to split likely Dem voters to ensure a 2016 Dem party defeat.


I completely agree. Well said also.


We’re all DOOMED I tell you. No. This is a really sick joke on the people in America, since it isn’t Hilary, or Rand, or Ted, or Joe, or any of the rest of the contenders. It’s the very system itself that MUST be replaced, NOT changing the names of the guilty who ALL work for corporate masters in one way or another at our expense. And we had a real chance once. Back during the Church Commission hearings, when the system was exposed for what it is, yet most of the peace activists at least, ran towards the nearest disco after the war was unfunded, apparently believing our war had been won. As one senator remarked at the time about all the social upheavals of the 60’s and 70’s: “We gave them to much democracy.” More controls are needed! Thus the media began to be bought by the self appointed owners, along with greatly increased propaganda, directed at everyone on a 24/7 cycle once things had calmed down and many now had cable. All was suddenly well after Nixon resigned and hearings had been held, all the while the rulers knowing if they changed the names and shouted it loud and long enough that the system had corrected itself and worked as it was intended, enough people would buy in, come out and vote for one faction or another of the party of Big Business, so all would remain well and as it was for the ownership. Worked quite well for them don’t you think? and here we are again with the same old non choices. Remarkable PR or rather, snow job on our citizens and it breaks my heart that the status quo will go without challenge yet again, with some still believing that someone like Hilary or Rand is going to do anything for them of any real benefit.
No question one day, the empire will crumble into ashes of it’s own creation just as all empires that came before, but I was sort of hoping it would happen in my lifetime and while still possible, it’s unlikely. It’s more likely the U.S. will become a third world nation before the people fully awaken and storm the castle so to speak. Election season! What a joy!


Can’t vote for him either since his son is busy with an oil company in Ukraine, and I sure as hell don’t want 4 or 8 more years of the obadrone. In the last midterms I wrote-in Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden and it’s starting to look like I’m going to have to do that again. :smile: