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Surrealistic Homeland Blues


Surrealistic Homeland Blues

Randall Amster

You don’t need a weatherman to tell you that we’re in the midst of volatile conditions as we arrive at the fiftieth day of the Trump presidency—which feels more like fifty years in regular human time. With each passing day, the news cycle takes us "through the looking glass" with a perverse array of personas ranging from the Mad Hatter to something more like the Mad Hater. Or if you prefer another metaphor: the prevailing winds are leaving bedlam in their wake, and it’s evident that we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Surrealistic is right. Electing the unfit-for-office Donald Trump has brought both a nasty white nationalist and and extreme pro-big business agenda in one crazy package. It has also left us with a climate denying fool at the helm as the worst crisis since the dawn of civilization bears down on us in an unrelenting manner with no time left to procrastinate. The whole thing is a disaster and it makes no sense looking for silver linings. Progressives are hopelessly spit between the Democratic Party haters on the left and the Democratic Party followers. Republicans seems so brainwashed or something that they can no longer tell empirical truth from the latest tweet on some nonsense posted by Breitbart. There is 50 days down and about 1,410 to go. If the last 1,410 days are anything like the first 50 we are in really deep trouble. What other conclusion can you draw from what has already occurred?


Republicans haven't cared about "empirical truth" for at least three decades.They take pride in being able to get away with falsehoods and even more pride in seeing the people they vote for get away with falsehoods.

Despite having created more national debt than his 38 predecessors COMBINED, and ending up with more federal employees per capita than any of his predecessors, Saint Ron's phony champion of fiscal constraint and small gubmit brand is stronger today than it was when he was sleeping through his two terms while his right wing appointees put the 99% into a downward trajectory that continues today.


The way things are going with Trump as president we are all going to wind up on desolation row.


Before the Insane party creates a War were none exists, and completely changes the narrative in the media, I believe We, the 'Sane' People of America, accompanied by the Greens, the Socialists, the Liberatarians, and any other rational minded folks, declare War on the Republican agenda of the destruction of our institutions of government that are there to protect us.

This must be done with the media in attendance and spokespersons will need to be chosen to speak for us all.

Does this sound like something you could be a part of? Any ideas?


I enjoy your writing and you certainly put words to my feelings about all of this. It is bizarre that a common narcissist and abuser would be lifted up and praised at a time when we are supposed to be able to recognize and deal with people like this. They are text book in a way. We know the power of these sick people only comes when you believe them or in them. They know they're nothing, if you don't that's your fault. It's all a con.
What we're getting from him and the Republican party is abuse. They're not smart they bumble and stumble along but the thing is we believe them and give them credibility. Without it they are nothing.
Question is how can we deal with this sickness on a national level when so many in the government have the same illness?


Of course, but who? The republicans are just a hate group, we give them cred as a party but they're not really.


You know of course that if the Democratic party had not veered right the Republicans would never have gotten that strong. We haven't had a real opposition party for a long time.


Maybe especially for older people, Trump just seems like the inevitable next step of what began with the Reagan Revolution. It's not clear yet if this is just the next step, or the final one. Either way, years of work went into successfully pitting us against each other by class, race and ideology. This ensures that this time, we can't unite to push back against (what does meet the definition of) fascism. The "divide and conquer" strategy has a long record of success.

On those "volatile conditions," they've been slowly growing more volatile for years. Our more fortunate just didn't start noticing until now.


The Dem voting base had long consisted of the poor and middle class, for the common good. The Clinton wing split their this base wide apart. The past eight years confirmed that this split is permanent (though the blame for this doesn't go to Obama). We can reasonably conclude that for Democrats, the Party is over for the foreseeable future.

I think the only choice Democrats have now is to lean further to the right in hopes of picking up the votes of Republicans who oppose the extremes of the hard right.


On the other hand we might have had 8 years of Reagan followed by 8 years of George H.W. Bush followed by 8 years of George W. Bush or another Republican and so on. Everything by now might have been rolled back to the days of the late 1800s.


If that is true they will lose the left base that has been trying to support them.


Oh, please. What a load of nonsense.