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Surreally Unpresidented


Surreally Unpresidented

Much to our soul-sick, bone-deep, God-forsaken sorrow, the electoral college did it - on almost the darkest day of the year, yet. Given the state of the nation - never mind Aleppo, Brexit, Russia, the loss of Bowie, Prince, Cohen - little wonder Webster-Merriam Dictionary just announced its word of the year is "surreal," followed by "fascist." Mirroring many others' feelings, The Guardian chose "unpresidented." What's left to say? Resist. And remember: There are more of us than them.


Great photo from Sweden. On my desktop now.


I wonder if CD would be saying the same thing if HRC was chosen by the Electoral College...

Probably not, although I would still argue that she wouldn't have been any better.


If Obama or Bush or Clinton, or Bush, or Reagan were your presidents, then Trump is merely another one. If he's not, but you imagine representation of your interests in any of the others, then you weren't paying attention then, because we've been on the same path the whole time.


I don't like HRC but I don't know how you can look at the collection of right-wing fanatics he is nominating for the cabinet and say that. He has surrounded himself with the very dregs of humanity.


Russia? Pop stars? Really? Read Norman Solomon's piece.


Never lose sight of the fact that its OUR country, and Trump is merely applying for a position as hired help. IF AND ONLY IF he divests all his business sideshows will he be eligible for the job. We need ten million people at the Whitehouse door telling him "Little Donny, you can't come in here with all that dirt still in your financial dealings. Also, your little hellion playmates are not the kind of people acceptable in OUR HOUSE and society. Now, if you try to force your way in without meeting ALL of the Constitutional requirements covering the position, many people will, no doubt, see that move as an attempt to illegally seize control of our country, and will spank your little rich-boy ass like it has never been spanked before. If you want to play OUR game it will be by OUR rules, or you will be out to pasture with Jeb(!) and Hillary even before you can tell your next lie!"


BG, CD is more than one single individual and those folks for the most part were Sanders supporters before the DNC got a hold of the election.

Just saying.


Agree. False equivalency if I ever heard one.


I would like to nominate the word "vulgar" to add to the above mentioned list.


If politicians do not truly fear us, then we have awarded them all the diabolical power to rule us.


Basically agreed, but a gross oversimplification as well. IE, could marijuana (cannabis) be a medicine (and I do not mean synthesized) to millions in over half the US states, (And even DC) under Reagan regime, who said, “I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” and Nancy's rabid "Just Say No" campaign, the most failed, ineffective, destructive anti drug campaign in my lifetime besides Nixon?

Or for that matter, under "I did not inhale Bubba"? who helped the racist drug law escalation.

And Obama failed miserable on peace, but also said, "I did inhale, and that was the whole point." Also he did more for environmental preservation than any president in my lifetime (50). Visiting a prison to have a sit down with prisoners? Which other president? Who has pardoned as many nonviolent drug offenders as he has/is.?

But I would argue the real satan of all of them was Reagan, as it was his Golden Shower economics which enabled the 1% to suck the poor and middle class dry ever since then. (with Bush a close second on starting the longest US war and destroying the economy) And as we know in the US, progressive change is the most difficult of all .


Was Socrates anti-Pop Music? I do not get the point.


"Be the woman hitting a Nazi with a handbag you wish to see in the world.": Yes, non violence has its limits when it comes to the obtuseness of fascists. Danuta's spirit needs to be emulated while we also organize, organize, organize!


Yes, we are working on state-wide organizing right now. It's tough to get people to engage in action, but worth the effort! Just a thought, I think it would bother the snot out of Drumpf if Jan 20th was the least watched event EVER! He loves his ratings. BOYCOTT it!


" There are more of us than them."

True, except it is "them" that has all the political power. Unless millions unite against the incoming Trump regime and I mean millions! The American people will see exactly what Sinclair Lewis wrote about a long time ago in the prescient book: IT CAN'T HAPPEN HERE!


Just like Obama's Cabinet, HRC would have surrounded herself with Wall Street insiders, corporate hacks and neocon warmongers. At least with Trump, the mask is off and we can really see the monster that's always been there and nobody can pretend that it's anything else.


True, Trump may be the worse monster but he's an obvious in your face monster. Well, obvious to those of us who have the courage to see reality for what it is and do not fool ourselves into willful ignorance.


It may be time to sharpen the pitch forks and exercise the 2nd amendment right for the very reasons it was granted. I'm sure that will get their attention.


Interesting to read all the "Yeah he's bad but so is Hillary" comments. Okay, so Hillary is a crook. Trump is a crook on steroids. And frankly, anyone who tries to deflect, normalize, ignore,or in any way minimize his criminality and that of the gang of thieves on his cabinet, is complicit and open to the censure of the people who become their victims.