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Surveillance, Privacy Concerns Raised as FAA Gives Domestic Drones a Nod



I was thinking sling shot, but potatoes work for me as well.


The only thing that would tempt me to own a gun ....


i like that they'll have to fly below 500 feet. beautiful. this problem will be easily addressed with some selective target practice.


I thing this recent conflation of small unmanned aerial vehicles with spying is unfortunate. Hobbyists have already been flying "drones" under similar rules since the 1950's. Aircraft are already used every day for topographic surveys for construction sites, urban planning, or other purposes. Electric powered unmanned aircraft will give this task a far smaller carbon footprint and much lower cost. The use of these things in the hands of police need to be regulated in some way, but another agency other than the FAA will have to do that. The FAA regulates flight safety, not the Fourth Amendment.


It's a Federal Offense to shoot or fire lasers at any aircraft. So I'm thinking trained carrier pigeons that are fed with your own drone that has perches for them and does not move around until they are fed.

Ever see Alfred Hitchock's "The Birds?"