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Survey of Our Readers: 41.7% Hillary Clinton, 33.4% Jill Stein, 13.4% Write-In Bernie


Survey of Our Readers: 41.7% Hillary Clinton, 33.4% Jill Stein, 13.4% Write-In Bernie

- Common Dreams staff

Hillary Clinton has just an 8-point lead over Jill Stein in an Aug. 3-5 survey of Common Dreams' US readers who are likely to vote in the November election. While the Democratic Party nominee is favored by 41.7 percent, support for the Green Party candidate sits at 33.4 percent.


This article could delude CD readers into thinking that we are the ones that determine who wins.


I participated in the survey and pretty much follow the plurality of responses. I will NEVER vote for Hillary, a dangerous war hawk, with no conscience for the needs of common people around the World, who supports the overthrow of any left-leaning government our corporate masters disapprove of. Mark my words, she will attempt to overthrow the Venezuelan government, and will take this country into another illegal and immoral war over empire and the arms sales of her MIC masters. #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


It will be interesting to see how these numbers change between now and the election. Frankly, how anyone can vote for continuing all these wars and conflicts as Hillary advocates is beyond my imagination. Is there a Hillary supporter here who would care to defend and explain that rationale?


So, what websites do the young folks read? We know where the oldies are :wink:


With Trump doing everything in his power to toss the election to Hilary + Hilary herself doing whatever it is she does can add up to the first female President being Jill Stein. :slight_smile:


I was quite surprised by how old the respondents to this survey are. I would guess that older CD readers are just more likely to respond to this type of poll. Note however that, even if the poll is biased toward older readers, watching how results change as we get closer to the election will be much less biased.


Thanks for that link...


Jill Not Hill!


To answer your question, and let me state that I am not a Hillary supporter, anyone voting for Hillary is out of touch. As the saying goes, if you're not outraged, you're not paying attention. Jill Stein for president.


If this survey truly represents the readers and most importantly writers, then it has very interesting indication on who is the most vocal here. I am really surprised to see 41% pro Clinton voters, they are definitely staying quiet in the comment section.


I was not surveyed by CD. Count me as a Stein supporter.


Speaking as one of those "oldies", I'd say it could be interpreted as a major positive that so many in our age bracket support the progressive agenda, and are not, for the most part, kicking back and letting things slide.

Bernie inspired me more than any candidate ever has, and my memories of Presidents go back to Eisenhower. His progressive agenda resonated deeply in my jaded view of the nasty realm of politics.

I share the sense of utter disappointment by his betrayal, and am firmly in the Green camp going forward.

Green 2016


Mmmhhh. This is rather surprising. I wonder how many CTRs completed the survey. What I cannot understand is how anyone who calls themselves progressives is voting for the Neo-liberal option. Great comments in this thread by the way. It does seem at least up to now, that the comments and opinions on the thread do not reflect the survey vote.

The Struggle Continues. SteinBaraka2016!


I would do a naked slow crawl on broken glass to make Bernie OUR president.


Love you so much mi amiga, amigo?


Jill Stein is in position to become the first woman US president. She acts on her understandings and explains reality. Zero propaganda. Even Bernie has yet to mention what he thinks might happen if 7 billion people are working 40 hrs a week earning enough to live with justice, equality and dignity by keeping sales up for the companies they work for. What might happen to Earth?

Doctor Jill Stein is running for president and will be good for your health. Ask her what she thinks might happen to our health in a fully employed world making new model iGizmos. Ask her if she will help focus human intelligence on an answer and a proposal for action that reduces commercial pressure on Earth's life support systems.


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Hey I was out of town and did not get to vote on this. I would and have since day one supported Dr. Jill Stein. Oops there goes that poll.

Edit: There is about 3 months til the election. There is a lot of news on the internet about Hillary that is not showing up in the idiot media. When that becomes apparent Hillary is toast. She is a beast.

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Wow, that was fast--I came back a half hour later to go to it, and it's been deleted--maybe LostinStates has been deleted too?