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Survey Shows 1 in 5 Teachers—Citing Covid-19 Concerns—Likely Won't Return to US Schools This Fall

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/survey-shows-1-5-teachers-citing-covid-19-concerns-likely-wont-return-us-schools

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Time to make that internet cable coming into the house a public utility so it can become affordable or free

and while were at it - why am I still paying that $8.50 per month “Regional Sports Fee” on my COMCAST bill? What Sports?


As an educator for over a quarter of a century I can attest that the face is key to understanding whether or not the message is being effectively conveyed. The eyes can only tell so much. I weep at what masks will conceal. Technology has robbed the joy of teaching beyond belief. Now, this insidious virus and the response to it will inflict so much more damage. I can only hope that the words of the giants such as Emerson, Aristotle, Voltaire, etc. can pull us through this abyss.


“…why am I still paying that $8.50 per month “Regional Sports Fee” on my COMCAST bill?”

Reruns. Who doesn’t want to watch a replay of the 2010 Masters Golf Tournament? Also bowling, tiddly winks, and who can forget croquet!


This may well be the most treacherous and difficult challenge we face. Keeping our children and grandchildren safe, while expecting them to conform to a regimen they are highly unlikely to maintain may be as close to mission impossible to achieve as we will ever see. Layer on top of that the Covidiot Parents who will rebel at the notion of their child being made to follow rules or wear masks and you have a recipe for disaster, and likely, violence or at least threats thereof.

The waning months of this year are unlikely to be pretty or pleasant.

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Probably true, Sports reruns - I’m not that desperate.

First of all, our country can do just about anything that it sets its mind to do. The price may be stopping the dirty little wars (which interferes with some incredibly rich person’s profits), taxing the incredibly rich people and otherwise tightening up on a vast amount of corruption. So maybe the answer is actually no, this country can’t do a thing except die a lot.


Hey! I binge watched the entire Scotties Tournament of Hearts (Women) and Tim Hortons Brier (Men) Curling tournaments on ESPN3 and enjoyed every minute of it!

Of course, this was streaming on Sling, not via cable.

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I’ve never been THAT into sports

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In terms of curling, you just don’t know what you’re missing. Lots of strategy and the only chance you’ll ever get to see Canadians, who must be among the nicest people on the planet, scream at one another— but only at their own team mates.


Yes, CIVD19 is a challenge to the system. Yes, it deserves significant attention. But- it is not the end of the world. It is a corona virus that is genetically very similar to SARS. Corona viruses have a history of dying out within two years. Current research suggests that CV19 does not survive nearly as long on surfaces as was initially thought. To implement lock downs in order to flatten the hump was reasonable. The hump is flatter now than in the early stages. The reason for flattening the hump was NOT to defeat the virus. It was to ensure that hospitals would not be over-stressed. There may well not be a CV19 vaccine, as there is none for any of the other corona viruses.

The costs associated with continued ‘fear-mongering’ are far greater that the costs associated with the virus, itself. Caution is one thing. Promoting fear is quite another. In relation to education, the cost of the continued on-line format will be large and long term. Gates, Cuomo, and others would love education to be on-line, and they are pushing hard for it. The best way for them to succeed is using fear.

I’ve been a university educator for 30+years. At this time I’m watching as many of my colleagues take early retirement. They anticipate a continuation of on-line education, and are very opposed to it as a good model for true education. On the other hand, corporatised university administrations are drooling at the prospects of on-line education. You hire adjunct professors, have them develop an on-line course, let them go, and have TAs run them at a fraction of the cost.

CV19 is NOT the end of the world. But the manipulation of it via fear is a real threat to the end of the world- as we know it.

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Educations must take a longer time view. Four years.
We are hearing too many rumors about class sizes, one teacher will now teach all subjects and students remain in one room.

Plan on second wave, pause, third wave.
Vaccination is not as easy as DC PR tells us. 2021 is a dream if everything were to go right.

And there is arguing about the virus morphing.
Young peoples are dying in India and Brazil.

High school hands on labs for biology, chemistry and physics can still be scheduled.
High schools can go to two shifts to reduce student count inside a room.
House trailers can be rented, placed on school parking lots and used for classrooms.

Big 10 universities have a much bigger problem -finances. Who is gonna pay the big bucks to take their classes at home using a lap top?? Students may be wise tosit out one year.

Competitive ax throwing is on too

The stupids will open the schools just about the time Wave 2 will hit, the start the normal flu season. October maybe? If this virus follows the historical pattern last seen in 1918/20. So far it has.

My paternal grandpappy lived through that one in the trenches of France and, believe me, as a 8 year old I still remember the stories he told me.

My retired biologist neighbor keeps telling me: Wait until August. Because he is convinced that Part II of Wave I will commence in 2-5 weeks and everything is going to fall to absolute hell. He’s been an environmentalist for 45+ years in these mountains and I’ve never known him to be so grim…even with the climate destabilization hitting.

Of course he doesn’t think Wave I will recede because of the stupids and greedy running this country. It’ll just flow right into Wave II.

So…just what is going to happen in the schools? I can’t think of a single school I’ve been in (went to, taught in, had kids attend) where it is physically possible to do anything whatsoever to stop the spread of this once a single asymptomatic kid goes walking down the hallway, in the gym, back of the classroom, all with nice hard shiny cool-temperature surfaces and air vents going to every room from every other part of the building. We both taught school in different generations and very different age groups. The US form (world’s form) of mass education in large groups centrally located in confined spaces (like prison, eh?) is NOT going to work in a Pandemic.

But here’s a little good news. My neighbor was Army, in bio-war labs in Germany during Viet Nam, and he says we are lucky this is just a ‘natural’ virus Pandemic like 1918/20. If it would have been a War Virus we’d have at least a 90% kill rate with 72 hours and all ages.

I don’t have answers. All I see are dilemmas piling one on top of another. Damn.

And does anybody really think the neoliberal wealthy are going to fund ANYTHING other than their own power base? Trump or Biden isn’t a choice. Neither was Trump or Clinton. Pick your poison, folks, since you are allowed to only vote for one or the other and they are part of the same Wealthy Owner Class. Their kids DON’T GO TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS!

I’m…discouraged that I am. And it was an 80’F day under an incredibly blue sky in these mountains and I got a lot transplanted this afternoon and all are happy. Then I come read into CD and it all rushes back. Reality does that, doesn’t it?



Never have I been so happy that I homeschool as since this whole mess has started. We live out in the countryside and are barely affected.

I can tell you right now there is no way in the world anyone can get a class full of kindergarteners/1st graders to wear masks properly all day (or five minutes)

I hear you, but it is a righteous sacrifice in the name of saving lives.

We here in the Western world are so stupid. Meanwhile, In Mongolia:

" The best COVID-19 response in the world."

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I was ECE, taught the little ones, Pre-K 4-4 1/2, and they were even more primate-behavior oriented since that hadn’t been trained out of them so much yet. Primates are pack animals, touchy-feelie hug and sit together and talk loud right in one another’s face and…HA! NOT A CHANCE you could even get a mask on one of 'em much less for actual minutes!

I still teach self-defense but in the dojo breathing hard? Not likely! I have a purple belt that has been coming over outside in the dirt/gravel/grass parking area…12 feet away and downwind! She works in a school, she gets it!

Been quiet around here for nearly 2 months. On purpose. Not a single friend in the house since the first week of March. Visitors stay outside and down in that parking area and I stay up on the porch roughly 20 feet away. Nobody that comes minds a bit but then the people that do drop by can think themselves out of a paper bag. If you get my drift!

Pretty dang depressing dilemma.


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