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Survey Shows Americans—Regardless of Partisan Affiliation—Don't Want Biden to Appoint a Corporate Cabinet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/16/survey-shows-americans-regardless-partisan-affiliation-dont-want-biden-appoint

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And the survey says, “Too late.” Ding, ding, ding…the number one answer.


Status Quo Joe says his corporate cabinet is in the know.



Oh my what a surprise! We like our corporate owners as our government leaders work very diligently to protect them, give them extra-judicial status above what any breathing entity receives (which makes us somewhat equal to non-cognizant animals) and sends us to war to protect their interests. Biden obviously is very contented with this arrangement as his appointments show vividly that he has a special place for their representatives in his cabinet.


I don’t know what it is; for some reason I think that
the horse left the barn, went over the hill and down the river already.


However, the Oligarchy does not care what the American public wants. Who do you think will win? Do Nothing Joe will hopefully be the death of the current Democratic Party that only knows how to give lip service to a progressive agenda while they are gratifying the Oligarchy.


If you voted for Biden, this is what you voted for, so why the surprise? He is doing exactly what he said he would do, and has been doing for the last 40 years.


Surveys show that most of what government does is contrary to what would be done if America was a democracy.


guarantee biden your vote, then wait until after he is elected and you have zero leverage to make your demands

what game theory genius came up with this strategy?


Well, The right Wing Dems sold it, and enough people bought it


the entire partisan Democratic blogosphere ran with this football.


A higher priority than the Covid vaccine should be a remedy to cure the Democratic Party’s corporate money addiction.

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Got it. For once in my life (age 74) I am in the majority.

“There’s little doubt that Biden eschewing corporate lobbyists and executives from his administration would stand to shore up his base of support,” Segal said.

Bullshit. It would avoid the loss of about 75% of the people who voted for him, vowing to oppose him all the way and never vote for him again.

I really get a kick out of all the nihilism on this site. But all you folks so sure that humankind is inescapably doomed, would you please do yourselves and everyone else a favor and get out of the way of those of us who will keep fighting? Please read Churchill’s speech to the House of Commons upon the retreat from Dunkirk (“We shall fight them on the beaches . . . , we shall NEVER surrender”). Had you been in his shoes we would all be speaking German now–or more likely Russian, or by now maybe Chinese.


We just had four years of professionals taking jobs they knew little if anything about the job they accepted. Is that really what people want?
Or do we want competent people experienced in the positions they are assigned to?
The latter I hope. How they adjudicate their responsibilities is the administrations bane, and ours if we have the will to be outspoken when things don’t go right, or look right.
Give peace a chance.

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Churchill had Russia to defeat Hitler for him, we have no such heroes in our Oligarchs’ class war against us with their Republican and Democratic allies.


Yes, Churchill had some tenacious if not well-equipped help. And he himself was a royalist asshat.

But that’s not the point. The point is that you can’t win if you believe you can’t win. Too many voices here (for me anyway) maintain a posture of defeat and hopelessness before the fact.

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It was Marx who described a government as the executive committee of the capitalist class so should we be surprised if the President so easily assumes the role of CEO for America Inc. and appoints business representatives to his Board of Directors i.e. Cabinet.

Those who bought the election fully expect to be served.

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They were and are fourth rate people because D>Trump brings in his own self image. You may need Mary Trump to examine my now slender remark.
I will comment on #3 and #5
revolving door = bringing in experienced, successful managers from private businesses, not for profits, elected governors and mayors, is a good way to gain some speed, some results that move us forward. For example, will the new war dept chief cancel any contracts for some of the toys being brought forward? Some of these will not win any air, land or battle at sea. Do we need 15 super carriers? A space corp? etc. Can he pare this down to what works, will work - and win? Will he reduce the budget down to less than 500 billions within 18 months?

#5 =wall street influence. Well, it is Nancy and Shumer, guilty as charged.

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When have they ever listened to what the People want?

We are just the gravel on their road to unearned wealth.


It appears to me that what people on this site are saying is that they can’t believe it’s possible to change the duopoly from within and the sooner citizens realize that the more possible it is to win the fight by changing strategy.