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Survey Shows Most Americans Agree With Ocasio-Cortez: $5 Billion Should Be Spent on Healthcare and Education, Not Trump's Border Wall


Survey Shows Most Americans Agree With Ocasio-Cortez: $5 Billion Should Be Spent on Healthcare and Education, Not Trump's Border Wall

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) suggested last week that the $5 billion President Donald Trump is demanding for construction of his "border wall" would be better spent on education, healthcare, green jobs, and other priorities that actually have a tangible impact on people's lives, and a new survey published on Thursday f


I agree- some people on this site are so naive.


Priorities of the American people?

  • Don’t ask the Republican Party.
  • Don’t ask the Democratic Party.
  • Would it matter if they did know?
    Sadly, it doesn’t matter to most representatives in Congress what the priorities of their constituency are.

If this were a functioning republic, where elected representatives actually made an effort to represent “We, the People,” one national priority might become --identifying our priorities, and sharing the results, widely.

Can I be the only one who thinks 800+ U.S. military bases around the world is not a priority?
Can I be the only one who thinks continuous war is not a priority?
Can I be the only one who thinks over 50% of our taxes go to funding professional killing to solve problems?
Can I be the only one who thinks a focused, explicit national discussion of priorities amongst the citizenry would be healthy?


Comparing the Wall to these other uses of money seems to make little sense. The Wall is a symbol of intolerance. Whether it functions or not isn’t relevant. The Wall would say the United States is intolerant to those who do not look like the white majority and they should stay out. The other choices are not symbols. They are actually things we need for health, education, etc. I guess for the 19% who would rather spend the money on the Wall believe that making a statement on white supremacy is more important than just about anything the government could spend money on. .


FF, what you call “the government” which doesn’t give an eff, is actually the EMPIRE that doesn’t give a shit.

And if we continue calling this EMPIRE our government then we will never get an effin thing changed.

You have to know, name, and confront the actual target of what is effin you or we’ll all continually be getting effed, by something we don’t even have the brains to name or confront.

Go figure how stupid people are, eh??


No, you are CERTAINLY not the only one with a firm grasp of sensible, sane priorities. But, as another commenter noted, it doesn’t matter what we want and need done to the Corporate Tools in Congress. Their legal bribes and re-elections are what matter to them.


Most USians don’t even realize that the U.S. is a monstrous, destructive EMPIRE. Politicians and corporate media sure as hell won’t tell the truth about that.


One takeaway from this poll, assuming it took a cross section of the voters and not skewed to produce a desirable result, is Trump could be more vulnerable in 2020 than we think. Of course that doesn’t account for gerrymandering or electronic voting machines, but is a good sign.


We can spend $5.7B on “boarder” security and really make a difference. Spend it in Guatamala and Honduras to repair some of the damage from decades of CIA backed coups and civil wars.


If the Orange One actually pulls out of Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq before the 2020 election, I think we will have a whole new ballgame. He will be starting an attack on the Empire at it’s core. It would be cool if he proposed closing all the bases in Africa that Obama put there…his survival to make it to the 2020 election could come into question…

We might need more popcorn for this one…


It’s an argument about how to spend money. Not too complicated, really. Is it?


Can you provide a link summarizing all the bases established by Obama. They had to have been funded first, and I’d like to know if my representatives voted for the funding.


She is correct but both parties don’t listen to the American people!
Corporate Democrats have even urged people to vote against progressives in their own party!
30% voted for Republicans in the last election 30% voted Corporate Democrat and 40% did not bother to vote at all that is because both parties do not listen!


No doubt. When you add up the field of contenders, on both sides of the isle, it wont be boring.


Is the statement pulling out o Syria just a photo op? Where will the proof be that he actually did it- especially with his lies.


HI FascistFokker----what would be interesting is to learn if Trump has his Wall building company picked out already-----and why do I think that IF he has -----that this wall making company will probably have the wall built by the people that Trump is actually trying to keep out, and have them build while standing in Mexico Oh the irony! : )


I wonder if anyone actually did a cost/benefit analysis on this whole thing. How many illegal entries is $5B gonna prevent? How much does the US spend on services for illegal aliens (undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers whatever the PC term du jour is)?

Should be pretty easy to figure out.


How many dead immigrant children do you think you’d be able to bury with the $5b? Maybe they could spare a few bucks to reunite the kids they stole from the parents that were simply seeking asylum from the chaos created by them. The American dream is actually a nightmare.


The Kurds will let you know immediately. I’m sure they won’t even wait for Turkey or their proxies to start bombing or killing them. The Kurds are actively communicating/meeting with Russia, Iran, France and other European countries to defend themselves against Turkey if the US pulls out their 2000 or so troops.

It seems that the Orange one’s noises about pulling out troops is probably not just a photo op. But who knows?


Billions have already been spent on this tax dollar scam since the big push from GW BUSH in which big corporate names have walked away with some valuable tax dollars.

Some wealthy haciendas and GOP donors do not want this wall on their property which will leave large "holes"along the way.