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Survey Shows Nearly Half in US Suffering Serious Economic Hardship—and Situation 'Going to Get Worse'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/11/survey-shows-nearly-half-us-suffering-serious-economic-hardship-and-situation-going

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In all fairness, before the Coronavirus recession about half of US households were living either below the poverty mark, or within 30% of it (a household of 4 living in poverty is defined as making less than about 28 thousand a year)
Before Covid the top 17% of wager earners made 83% of the money. And subsequently, the bottom 83% made 17% of the money (it’s probably worse now) Now consider that the average rent in the USA is over $1200 a month. While the average mortgage is over $1300 a month. The average car payment is approaching $500 per month. And none of this takes into account that the price of food is skyrocketing right before winter, and a very mediocre fall harvest is expected that will make matters much worse. And none of this considers that some 20-30 million Americans either still don’t have work, have no access to healthcare, or both.
Before Covid America was a bad place to be for poor people. This winter, it will get much worse.


"a new poll finds that nearly half the households in the country report facing major economic pain during the ongoing crisis. "

Half of the 99%. How is the 1% doing?

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The corporatocracy wants poor people, the evidence of their failure, to just vanish into thin air.

Poverty is increasing at a rapid rate. The neoliberal global grab is a failure to itself and others.


Well on their way to owning everything, we’re a good chunk of the way there.

America, when can you be out of here by?

There’s a limit to everything. When are the pitchforks coming?


And there is little Larry Kudlow telling everybody how great the economy is------Kudlow and other clowns who would dump on Obama’s Fed policies-------these clowns have run up the national debt 40%??? All this money we should all have a $100,000 in our bank accounts-----7 trillion dollars -where did it all go???

I thought it was only 3 trillion. Whatever, 3 or 7? Where the fuck did it go?

the sad truth here is that 1/2 of our population has been abandoned by BOTH political parties in favor of the ultra wealthy corporations and their owners–


Hopefully never, because the situation that exists today is hurting everybody and promises to get much worse if we throw our nation’s social contract out, as if it didnt matter.

Trade deals attempt to do that by replacing democracy, with a new, incredibly Byzantine amoral system based on the divine rights of money. And ruled from overseas, places like Geneva.

Nobody wants the oligarchs’ immoral global coup for the rich.

Canada has now gone a week with no COVID-19 deaths.

Its the global grab.

Stealing everything thats not nailed down.

Congratulations to Canada!

The problem is that a large number of these poor people don’t see Trump as being the source of their problem. If people are determined to vote against their own self interest, there’s not much you can do against that kind of Darwinism-in-the-field

Trump ISNT the original source of their problem, he is a paid reality TV actor who is deliberaly trying to do his job, being a reality TV actor.

As in “America, youre fired”

We live in a simulacrum because of treaties that have been signed behind the country’s back. Nothing is as it seems.

There is a lot of truth in a theory that the system that Biden clearly represents is one that wants to maximize profit in a maner that leaves many people with no means of supporting themselves, something which most Americans would far prefer to do.

Trump too, but there it has been hidden fairly effectively, which constrains what Trump can do now a lot. Because he clearly won on preventing the very worst thing that they want to do which is replace the Americans who currently do millions of high skill jobs in the US with global guest workers.

Honestly, we cant afford either candidate. Our entire system now is captured. We ca bet everything that emerges from the current structure will also be captured. Its a big big lie.

In order for the big problems to be fixed, we need to come to a national consensus that both of the two parties are obsessed by preventing. And we need to do it fast or their trap will snap shut.

There is no way to fix certain things without just aking them dirt cheap or free and leaving it at that. But trade deals prevent all that. So there is a brick wall we have hit, although we dont know it. In order to put aside democracy they had to involve other countries, so they made up a huge scheme, or not. But they did.

It officilly ties our hands, something the general public doesnt know. Their jobs are also up for grabs.

We get out of this treaty now or otherwise we’ll descend into a hellish dystopia very quickly.

The fraud is almost complete.

Do you know anything about the GATS? Its global deal to trade jobs for markets all around the world, lowering wages by a lot. It privatizes practically everything in order to turn those jobs into bargaining chips in trade.

Thats whats really running our country now.