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Survival Under Threat, Canada's Indigenous Unite Against Tar Sands Pipelines


Survival Under Threat, Canada's Indigenous Unite Against Tar Sands Pipelines

Nika Knight, staff writer

Indigenous people in Canada are rising up together in greater numbers than ever before to oppose tar sands pipelines on their traditional territory, forming fierce coalitions to oppose pro-oil regional governments and fossil fuel industry officials who are pushing for more tar sands infrastructure.


Chief Simon is right ‘the earth is a living being which provides us everything necessary to sustain life.’ Yet, we have allowed corporations to despoil it at every opportunity - for money. Our earth is a being of truth and morality, trying to outlast insufferable human traits vying for heinous advantage. For too long the wealth and power of corporations have trumped the rationality of sound ecological policies culminating to where we face the end of civilization unless we say ‘not any longer will the majority of mankind bow to greed driven profit masters.’
We the nation of man ‘demand the slow sure murder of earth from those dedicated to it’s annihilation; cease and desist the torture of our precious ecosystems for monetary gain.’

It’s time that greed be defined as the hideous, reckless and destructive mental illness it quite obviously is. Not by the medical establishment but, by us. Mankind must responsibly challenge law makers by insisting upon radical expansive measures to protect this magnificent priceless purveyor of life.
We owe a debt of gratitude to Chief Simon.


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One can clearly see why it was Stephen Harper tried to Change the Indian act and pass legislation that would turn Reservations into private land. He claimed it was to increase their prosperity.

It was in fact to turn the First Nations peoples against one another, to break up those reservations and to have the peoples disperse into the general population so they could not form these entitites that would be able to oppose the expansion of the Capitalists.

Since the First nations people are seen to hold title to these lands IN COMMON they are a lot harder to break then were the lands held by single individuals. Privatization of land is how the theft of the same begins.


Amerindians have survived myriad catastrophes over the past Millennia; aught we not listen to their wise council???


I support our indigenous peoples who oppose the business as usual approach. As the article states, and evidence shows, new pipelines are not necessarily safe, as is presumed, since newer pipelines are also defective. Changes that require more damage payments by energy companies (Harper), still fail to address IF communities will actually be fully compensated in a timely fashion for having their homes, incomes, lands and waters destroyed for decades. My recent communication with TransCanada, builder of Energy East, confirms that the dilbit transported to the east coast is NOT directed toward the Canadian market, one of the oft used inaccuracies to push this project. Numbers employed are, like the article says, exaggerated. However, the repercussions of a major leak are not over exaggerated. Aren’t Lac Megantic victims just finally receiving money from the oil cartel? That is not taking care of people. Their lives have been ruined - have they been fairly compensated for this?