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Surviving the Holidays While Poor


Surviving the Holidays While Poor

Andrea Fuller

While the holiday season is meant to be a joyful time, for many of us it is a time of great financial challenge and worry.

Throughout December, as Christmas and New Year’s Eve drew closer, I felt increasing anxiety about how I would pay for necessities—rent, food, utilities—as well as some modest gifts for my children.


I was a single mother who also worked a variety of jobs in order to secure rent, food, the maintenance of an aging auto, electric bills, and so forth.

What I don't understand is why low-income persons remain in expensive cities where rent is seldom less than $1000 per month.

I don't resonate with all aspects of country life, but rents in small rural towns do tend to be MUCH cheaper. In my neck of the woods, one can live in a very nice and spacious 2 bedroom mobile home with yard, carport, garden, and extra screened in porch for about $500 a month.

A bit of commuting to a larger city might be necessary if one wishes to work in a hospital, university, or private industry... for me, lowering my rent burden may have also involved a slightly lower income; but for the most part, it allowed a decent standard of living at a far lower monthly cost.

I don't recall the article or writer, but a similar claim was made about rents running at $1000+ per month.

Again, that is not the norm in all parts of the U.S. and it's worth considering a move to a place where that necessity is cut in half.


I moved to an area that had the better chance of getting some work, but still was within driving distance (3 hrs) of my children to take up my visitation rights...

The judge repeatedly ruled that the children had to go to the household with the most money, not the best one suited to their needs... AND he set the child support at what someone making 1/3 of what my ex's earnings had to pay, so right off 3/4 of the family income went to the abusive spouse!!
He also stated that husbands could not commit domestic violence, "because they were the head of the household" in the marriage & set the rules.
Strangely, back in the 1980s, this was NOT grounds for even another judge to hear the case in later sessions!!


Everyone's situation is unique.
I appreciate I got to hear more of your story, but you did not have to defend your actions.

My heart goes out to you, and i hope you can find a much better situation very soon.


I am sorry you had to face such unfairness with the criminal "justice" system.

I spent Christmas with a savvy friend who knew that I'd had some challenges with the local justice system lately. He put it very succinctly: everyone else wins, BUT the plaintiff pays.

The person being sued has done the damage and largely gets away with it. The court makes money FROM the suit being filed. Try collecting.

Many judges are notoriously sexist.

The rules used in homicide cases are provably harder on women. Typically, a female who kills a male serves more time than a male who kills a female. Furthermore, the court system pretends that there's an equivalence between men and women when it comes to self-defense.

In other words, the female who's been battered and finally decides one day--with police doing nothing, and the criminal justice system doing nothing to protect her--that SHE will get rid of the maniac. Typically, to pull this (granted, violent and extreme, but also desperate) act off, she must PLAN.

After all, if a woman raises the knife, the guy usually is strong enough to overwhelm her. A gun might be harder...

So women who murder their abusers tend to get longer sentences under the stance that their crimes were more heinous and "cold blooded premeditated murder."

I recently did a study (astrological) on serial killers. What amazed me most was how often it was that some of the most vile and violent offenders were let out with relative hand-slaps for rape and violent assault. Many of these jackasses served less than 5 years. Often the sentences were 1-3 years (showing the misogynistic disdain a great many judges show for women and basic women's rights), and the guys got out early.

How many rape kits sit untested? How many guys assault females who "serve" with them inside the military and when these crimes are reported, their superiors do nothing? How many colleges pretend that no rapes go on and try to get the females to just look the other way.

Someone I once respected (who posted in these threads) tried to say that MOST men are not violent. His dearth of sensitivity really hit me. He was clueless to the fact that MOST men stand idly by while a great deal of violence happens TO women. Men do little to dismantle the SYSTEM (of privileges and hierarchy) that patriarchy not only built, but viciously keeps in place.

Patriarchy, the exaltation of the mighty muscle, greed, and religions that teach gospels of hate and exclusivity are LETHAL combinations. Our world reverberates.... and bleeds accordingly.


So what is the most consistent placement of planets that causes the criminal mind?


Usually there's something major in Capricorn, or that sign's ruler, Saturn (which is a cold and potentially sadistic signature) in major aspect to a planet linked with relating like the moon or Venus.

The SUN sign that came up with the highest statistical frequency (in a sampling of 20 serial killers) was Gemini. I think 5 or 6 out of 20 were sun-sign Gemini which lent extra respect to the novel about Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. Moon also showed up in Gemini often.

In total, a majority had sun (or moon) in Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces. None are notably violent signs, however they are chameleon-like signs. This quality lends itself to those who can show a particular (seemingly normal) persona to the world, and yet harbor another one--quite bestial--entirely.

I just finished a book linking the supermale ethos of a Spartan-like homosexuality to the rise of the Nazi state. The author pointed out that quite a few serial killers were men who preyed on younger men or boys.

I didn't take that factor into my sampling. Pedophile behavior also links to Saturn--the angry father god.

I've done several hundred chart analyses (if not more) in my career and it's amazing how many Capricorn men act like Humphrey Bogart--showing such impatience with any show of tenderness or feelings. I can see how that sign/sign ruler (Saturn) would enable certain particularly sick individuals to kill and think little of it.

I want to study Gary Ridgeway's chart with more detail. There's a patern with Aquarians (Scott Peterson, Green River Killer and a number of Aquarian men who I have known) for an incredibly radical form of detachment. That is also helpful if an individual has a thing for killing.


Your efforts are appreciated, but I think your presentation is wanting.


Luckily, I had smart sons & got coaching on how to point out positive aspects to protect them. They also had a wicked sense of humor & referred to their father as "The Master" ( = Dr Who villain).
Their religious fundamentalist Dad thought that they were acknowledging his dominion, so he didn't come down as hard on them as they got older. He thought that PBS network was contaminated by the Devil, so he never even watched it!!
They both left when they turned 18 years, are happy, working, & turned out fine. Now I have a new grandson by one of them, so it didn't sour marriage for them after all...


Yes, but that $1300 per month rent in the city may allow someone to live without a car. The places you are proposing - especially the god-awful state of Florida, not only require a car, but driving it 50,000 miles per year.


So you (a self-described amateur astrology buff) baited me to explain my findings, and I watered them down to fit into a comment on a site that shows mostly disdain for my field of expertise, and then you suggest that "my presentation is wanting." Hilarious.

I am published in LOTS of venues over the course of 3 decades on THIS subject, and you assert that MY presentation is wanting.

Next time I won't bother to answer you.

You want to read REAL analysis--check out my articles at one of the world's leading Astrology sites:


Just put my name into the Search box. I have several there.


I use about 12,000 miles a year.

I thought you might say that salaries are better in cities.

Do you want the entire world to resemble an urban traffic jam... such as is found in cities in India?


Ok I will look you up astro.com

From your first two responses on this post, your mental state is clearly visible.
You make some great points on this site, as maybe expected from a cluster B disordered person.

I can get real analysis from real astrologers, who does not give a glib response to an honest question.


I want the cities of entire world to resemble Amsterdam or Brussels, where many parts of the city don't have cars at all - and a majority of its resident don't own a car at all (and no, they are not Amish - there is is always renting a car on the rare occasions you need one).

I still have a car for getting out of the city on outings, but I use it only about 4000 miles a year.


Reading Ms Fuller's story was heartrending. My son has been struggling to make ends meet with rent, utilities, and transportation costs escalating while his earnings either stop or do not keep up. He is motivated, intelligent, active in his community, a creative artist and a committed, loyal worker. The Christmas holiday is particularly difficult for him and for me knowing how stressed he is. He has rudimentary (basically catastrophic) health care coverage thanks to Obamacare, which does not include dental or vision care. I help him as much as I can by buying his groceries, paying his cell phone bill, and coming to his aid in other emergencies (he lost a parent who died (intestate) in an auto accident when he was three and a half years old and I never remarried so he was the child of a single-parent family). We live several hundred miles apart in the same state and I work full time, which makes helping a challenge. He is an out and proud gay man whose life would be a living hell in the town where I live (rural albeit it college town), a town where he was bullied, targeted mentally and physically by classmates and teachers through the years so a move back home is not a consideration. Oh, and he has more than $25,000 in student loans to pay off.

A Christmas miracle would be our Congress being filled with compassion for the underemployed, unemployed, disabled, elderly, homeless, uninsured, students/adults burdened with debts that will never be able to pay off in a lifetime and DOING SOMETHING TO ENSURE AND EXPAND A SECURE, SOLID, SOCIAL SAFETY NET and increase the minimum wage to at least $15/hr in the New Year and beyond. If they can cavalierly fund military actions worldwide, funnel billions into defense (including buying population immolating drones), and give corporations ongoing tax breaks, they can surely divert funds to take care OF THE PEOPLE, ENVIRONMENT, AND OUR NATION'S INFRASTRUCTURE.