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Suspect Reportedly Dead Following Shooting at YouTube Headquarters


Suspect Reportedly Dead Following Shooting at YouTube Headquarters

Common Dreams staff

This is a breaking news story and may be updated.

Residents of San Bruno, California were urged by police to stay clear of YouTube headquarters on Tuesday as reports of an active shooter on the tech giant's campus began to emerge on social media.


Shhh, Be careful of that for which one wishes; it just might not go quite exactly as expected.

I suppose it would be somewhat naĂŻve to think that, someday, the PTB will not undertake firm and comprehensive measures to take away most civilian firearms. I gasp and shudder when I wonder about the state of the socio-economic order during which any such wide-scale crackdown would occur.


Oh please, we don’t need all these guns. They are a blight on our society and they offer nothing meaningful in terms of the “resistance to power” that you imply. They are pure evil in our midst.

I wish they were all gone and I don’t feel like I need to be “careful” in that wish. In fact, I know I don’t. The experience of other countries around the world demonstrates the need to get rid of these guns

I wish all the deceased victims were still alive or not disabled, all the hundreds of thousands of them. I wish all those future victims wouldn’t have to die or suffer life-long disabilities. I wish all the victims’ families and friends wouldn’t have to bear the burden of grief and loss occasioned by this senseless nonsense.

I wish the Parkland students were in charge. I wish the adults would show up and stop this needless violence. I wish Justice Stephens had never retired. I wish the Second Amendment would be repealed.


Best to comment or publish based on confirmed information, not speculations.

Christian Christensen, professor of journalism at Stockholm University, warned that “given the location of the event,” reporters and citizens should be careful about trumpeting unconfirmed information.

“Stick to confirmed sources only and trust very, very few videos,” Christensen said. “Potential for trolling and exploitation here is big.”


My comment concerns the manner in which and the circumstances under which a massive and pervasive gun-control campaign might ensue. The comment is not meant to imply that extensive and effective gun-control measures ought not to be implemented.

It is ever so easy for the ruling class to take advantage of perceived and actual problems—by introducing solutions that do not truly benefit the public-at-large. Instead, the proffered solutions substantially advance any number of agendas of the “power elite” themselves. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: problem->reaction->solution (thesis->anti-thesis->synthesis). It is a great way to persuade the citizenry to accept something that actually is not in their best interest.

At the highest levels of decision-making, the Democrats versus Republicans dichotomy becomes blurred, and substantially disappear. Things are not always what they seem, as their ostensible motives conceal their true ones. Practically speaking, it is analogous to playing “good -cop/bad-cop” in a police interrogation room. For, in the final analysis, they all serve the same master: the international ruling class (“power-elite”). Such real power and control is manifested through the financial institutions; it is largely enforced via the media, national security, intelligence, and military apparatuses. “Divide-and-conquer” strategy takes care of the rest. This inertia is built into the system. So, is it such a surprise that—at the lower levels—the citizenry question little, and effectively “police” themselves?

The cold reality is that the “deck” is stacked against the ordinary person. Far too often, even if a particular group or cause wins a victory against the ruling class, it is actually a hollow or Pyrrhic victory. You can rest assured that—at some point in the future—the global ruling class will take back the value of what they gave away, with interest. Don’t you realize that they can manipulate world affairs to such an extent that you are more than happy to allow the government to take away your rights? Out of fear, you’ll all too willingly give up your rights—even those guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What a scam!

Those in power will always seek a way to control and dominate—if not one way, then another. Who can say for sure how they will do it tomorrow?


Gee, I was almost with you up until that passage. In my view, the ruling class is more than happy to have those they worry about have unlimited access to guns while they slaughter one another.

I don’t give a rat’s ass about the so-called “right” to bear arms. That “right” was fabricated out of whole cloth by the Supreme Court more than 200 years after the amendment that supposedly guarantees it was written. The Second Amendment was never intended to bestow such a right on individuals, it was all about preserving the right of the states to maintain a militia – in modern parlance the National Guard.

Other rights are far more explicit and reasonable, as in speech, freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, equal protection under the law, etc. This particular one has been grossly distorted by a right-wing Court with an agenda. Plus, it plays directly into the rulers’ control agenda you identify by dividing and conquering the “masses” by allowing them to kill one another at will.

Gee, what a world you want!


Good posts, guys!

I agree with both of you! I do wonder, however, which driver is stronger: wanting the rabble to slaughter each other or wanting to instill such fear and paranoia that the rabble (et al.) buys lotsa guns and more guns, ergo more $$$$ for gun manufacturers and dealers.

For killing off the rabble, they give us wars, toxins in our foods, toxins in our water and air, toxins in deplorable living or work conditions, alcohol and street drugs out the kazoo, and totally inadequate, if any, health care.

What a laugh…but don’t let any women reduce their contributions to over-population by getting abortions…and today, heaven (?) help the poor woman who miscarries…



Did anybody put it on YouTube?


Now admit you NRA haters— just more, and more, and more, and more guns than ever before in the hands of private citizens is all that is needed to ensure NOTHING like this ever happens again!!!

(NRA–Do I get cashback for the plug like all of those we “elected”.)


Indeed. Now if were only a school shooting, we would know right away it was for real.


Let’s hope, then, that guns are taken away from everyone, including the military (as if that could ever happen).

Most enlisted veterans would likely agree that having the military (and municipal police) be the only possessors of guns would not be wise, given the fact that neither the military nor municipal police are one hundred percent paragons of virtue.


You’re living in fantasy land if you believe having the populous being armed is anything close to being a force that could stand up to the military or the police – they have unlimited fire power that far exceeds what the people could muster against them.

Disarming all of them is the only rational strategy – attempting to counter their arms is insanity. Their perceived need to increase their firepower would decrease if the general public didn’t have arms. See, for example, all the rest of the civilized world.


But, for the time being; and, time is definitely a factor here, gun owners have some sort of protection from rogue elements that have guns. And, if you don’t think this is a possibility, then, you are fortunate to be living in a bubble that sees much less violence than I.


Really? They can’t even get control of Afghanistan.


Yeah man, the Bill of Rights amendments were put there to protect the governments rights to free speech, assembly, protection from unreasonable search and seizure and of course to make sure that the right of the State to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Everybody should understand that the writers of the amendments used the term “people” to mean the State!


News reports indicate that this was a domestic dispute.
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.

This does make the case for proper gun control, however.
If she had had good control of her gun, no bystanders would have been hit.


And if she didn’t have a gun, no one would have been hit.


Or maybe not. Looks like she had a beef with YouTube.


Do you honestly believe most of the guns in the U.S. can be confiscated?
Do you honestly believe that open borders will stop gun traffickers or that the criminal demand for guns will dry up somehow?

Even though you didn’t say it. Yet. “If it only saves one life, sob!” is an argument that many people use without thinking.

There are SO many more preventable causes of mortality MUCH more harmful than guns, particularly the essentially harmless “assault rifles” that people here scream about, but that doesn’t matter.
“OH NOZE, the GUNZ!!!”


I’d refrain from putting words in my mouth. It’s both an empty resort to strawman argumentation and just plain presumptuous. Oh, and it was you who brought up the “saving lives” aspect of this incident:

“If she had had good control of her gun, no bystanders would have been hit.”

Do you believe that individuals diagnosed with mental illness and prescribed psychotropic drugs should be permitted to buy assault rifles?