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Sustainable Farming Advocates Warn Biden That Vilsack 'A Very Bad Pick' for Ag Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/08/sustainable-farming-advocates-warn-biden-vilsack-very-bad-pick-ag-secretary


Well there were Victory gardens to help get through WWII, and we may just have to have Vilsack-Resistance gardens in our backyards to get through the Biden administration. Joe, just say NO!


Corporate farming with its reliance on petro-chemical fertilizers, different varieties of round-up and insecticides are literally killing us.

“Autism spectrum disorder has risen in prevalence from 1 in 5000 children in 1975 to 1 in 36 children in 2016, and the rate has been doubling every 3-4 years in the last decade in the US.”

h ttps://zachbushmd.com/blog/autism/

This is only one example of how our corporate farming practices are causing ever increasing damage to all of us. Damn it, we have to put a stop to this and find a system that actually is good for us and the earth. We are connected and the harm we do to our environment will come right back on us.

Screw you Joe Biden for not caring!


If only w hadn’t been so mean and insulting to Biden, he would have picked a progressive. /s

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Another idyllic movement from that era that is impossible today, no? I and most people and families I know own all the acreage of a 5 by 9 apartment patio.


Few of those that saw the critical need to defeat trump & all his rotten regime believed that Biden would deliver any kind of real change; his record clearly showed who and what Biden has been and remains - a tool of profits before people!

Crony and connected sectors like agriculture, big-pharma, banker/wall street, and all the rest need real change, not lipstick on the pig or more identity politics BS!

The need to commit to continued and increased public action and pressure on Biden & co and build resistance to his regime as with trump’s remains; to build a true People’s Party to counter the utterly corrupt un-Dem Party of neoliberal corporate service, and its entrenched political tools and street-walkers.
Business-as-usual is Biden’s clear path and we knew it - no surprise there - his legacy as a failure is being assured and solidified as he sabotages progressive American issues for same-old charade and corruption… Poor old Joe, he just doesn’t possess the required quality!

Organize, educate, inform, radicalize and build resistance to the continuing patterns of self-interest and crony corporate revolving-door governance that marginalizes the 99% and sabotages issues the majority of Americans support to create profits for crony power…

trump and his pathological regime critically needed to be deposed with prejudice, but we did NOT vote for same as it ever was, or meet the new boss same as the old boss recycled players, corporatism, or for-profit war-machine and arms industry diversion of civilian priorities! The opposition must gather strength and refuse to go to sleep again!


I am reminded of the voided pate of Ayn Rand. I don’t believe we can call it ‘revolving door governance’. It seems nothing more than knuckle dragging managerial hubris - and piss poor at that - deluded by a power notion that true governance actually disappears into the swamp of the predatory management model. Concepts inverted, plundered for media propaganda etc…

I’m also reminded of the similarities between the law of physics stating that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and the concept of karma, for instance.

The current system is in the process of shattering for those lined up to grab. They don’t have the conceptual frameworks necessary to respectfully see into the consequences they have created.

Big Ag needs to be relegated to the dustbins of history as do all the ‘transnational’ (note the terminology) gargantuan interests building hyper-large scale monopolies. Its a death cult. The Nation State is revealing the robbing of the disenfranchised at a level akin to attempting surgery in a sandbox. It has hit the wall and its reflexes are to kill. It is incapable of imagining the sheer breadth of creativity that first came from beyond the claims to power that have been buying innovations and throwing them away because of the religion of power. Rotting from the inside.


Vil-sack-of-shit, I can’t think of a more detestable pick. Kick the can down the road Joe. This says Joe is not serious about public health. This says Joe is not serious about climate change. This says Joe is just a jackass with an elephant nose, ears and tail. This says Joe is unethical and immoral. This why the extreme right republicans remain one election away from office. Lesser of two evils.

Come on Joe, here’s your big chance to show progressives that your not the same ole shit all the time. Hmm, don’t tell us you’re going to accept the gop’er deal on no agri factory covid liability deal too.


Regarding the headline: If this guy were a good pick that would defacto disqualify him.


“Rain on the scarecrow blood on the plow”

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So far, Bidens picks have mostly been crap.

But then he warned us that Nothing Will fundamentally Change


Why are we putting the same people in positions of power when we know they only have solutions to yesterday’s problems? You have a lobbyist heading the Pentagon, a lobbyist for DOD, now somebody who knows Big Ag inside and out. We need people who can think ahead, not back.


Middle finger #146 received! And here are two back at ya’, Joe, because I’m feeling generous.

Maybe Obama’s latest narcissistic propaganda delivery system - his 3rd of 4 planned memoirs - will enlighten us as to the way forward. He always gets it, that guy, always knows just what the country needs to move forward (and not look back, you know, at war crimes and such.) Surely he, through the infinite wisdom he sometimes feels we are worthy of receiving, will know how to get our overlords to serve up something other than poverty, homelessness, poisoned food and water and a ruined planet. Are we good enough to receive his wisdom? I worry. /s

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It was meant to be a tongue in cheek comment understanding the rampant urbanization that has taken place and the fact most citizens have not learned how to farm and it ain’t as easy as it looks. By no means was it meant to be derisive in any way. Sorry if you took it in that manner.

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Joe Biden and Tom Vilsack are longtime friends, and Vilsack served all 8 years as Obama’s Secretary of Agriculture. He was the only cabinet member to do that.
Obama won Iowa in 2008 and 2012, and rural Iowa trusted Vilsack. Biden performed poorly in rural America in the recent election, though it helped Trump that he used billions in government money to bribe farmers to vote for him.

That said, I think Vilsack is not high on Biden’s selection list for Secretary of Agriculture. Or if he is selected, he would serve for a short --one year-- term, as Biden establishes himself as president and his administration rolls out.

As this news feature reports, Mitch Jones and Jaydee Hanson make a strong case against Vilsack’s selection, and for Congresswoman Marcia Fudge, endorsed by Food and Water Action. She is a strong candidate.

Finally, would Vilsack want the job? Move to DC? Perhaps Tom and Christie are comfortable enough remaining in West Des Moines and looking after their grandkids.


my vote was an antitrump vote - not one for the biden harris team. each day makes me sicker seeing who the old man picks for his “team” sos.! I was so right. ugh.

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No no, I didn’t take it that way, I suppose I was being cheeky myself; it’s a great idea that would confront a number of issues. When I drive by the oddly chain-linked expansive lots in my neighborhood I dream of huge community gardens, maybe employing homeless and unemployed people and generating more community-based optimism devoid of dc drama.


The Democratic Party should not have endorsed Biden, he was VP under Ehud Barack Obama. Vilsack was in the Ehud Barack Obama Administration for both of his terms in office. He has ties to Monsanto which is bad for the environment. Biden is just as much of a warmonger as **George Warmonger Bush and Tony Blair Witch Project.

Bill, Fudge is a city girl. Maybe drove past a farm in Ohio when she drove to Ohio State University (THEE) from Shaker Heights. That is as close to knowing anything about agriculture that she has. And where is her executive level experience?

Please note that ‘family farm’ federal support died in 1943 inside the white house. I do not know who made the decision to back large operations rather than 40 acre family operations. I know the reason is the tractor, that had already converted 30 million acres from pasture to grain.

The early 1950’s had farm income so low that the farm did not support the family financially. The children had to leave after high school. From Napoleon to Toledo, Oho as an example. Many auto suppliers were able to locate in small midwest towns and gain very good workers, Then, NAFTA followed by China, followed by India, followed by Africa, Brazil, central America. Anywhere except here!!



RT supports Trump on many things, but I believe they ran this article because I’ve heardregarding farming practices, they are fairly green.