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'Swamp Is Anything But Drained': Report Details 281 Lobbyists in Trump Administration Over First Two Years

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/15/swamp-anything-drained-report-details-281-lobbyists-trump-administration-over-first

From the article:

“…the Trump administration has quadrupled the President Barack Obama administration’s number of lobbyists in government in half the time.”

Take THAT, you black Kenyan socialist commie! Woo-hoo!! WINNING!!!

Is there any hope of 45’s supporters realizing how badly they’ve been punked?

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As long as Trump keeps his boot on the necks of black and brown people his supporters are with him.
“Drain the Swamp” was just another mindless chant for 45’s supporters…they will never question its meaning and will be Trump fans long after Trump is dead.

The Trump family has always been second to none in benefiting from swamp culture. Why would they want to kill a goose that lays golden eggs for them ?


I guess you answered my question (sigh).

Yeah, well if he has quadrupled Obama’s lobbyist then there must be what, about a million?

Don’t worry. The next president will really really drain the swamp.

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I am seeing Sen Rand Paul out there defending Trump----Rand Paul going after Biden’s kid for making too much money??? I am sure Mr. Paul has never benefited from his last name ------it’s common to elect Senators in Kentucky who are eye doctors???

But the most outrageous statement by Paul is that he believes there is no wealth gap??? Listen to this guy talk-----He is a spoiled little brat that has probably never worked a real day in his life-----and he lectures people on needing to work and be happy they have so much-------in other words be good slaves! WHO VOTES FOR THESE PEOPLE???

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the swamp certainly IS drained - right into the trump administration, where it now resides.

please! dog save us! why doesn’t this despicable individual just GO AWAY!!!

there’s a REASON donald is now president, and it’s because the corporate oligarchs who own hillary, joe biden and the democratic party establishment,preferred taking a chance on one of “their own”, then allowing someone like bernie to get elected - someone who most definitely would have defeated donald in 2016.

if hillary (or joe) get the nomination, for 2020, while i don’t want donald to win, and while i would never vote for him, i would pray that the democrat loses.

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Trump drained a few swamp rats, and then ushered in a herd of crocodiles.

The flooding out East is literally a symbol of Trump’s criminal administration.

Rand Paul is a slave to 45 spreading lies and disinformation to anyone who will listen.

His fate lies in 45’s continued pathetic existence.

So the basement of the White House isn’t big enough to hold what’s in the swamp?

If you think that Senator Clinton would do anything to the ecology of the Capitol’s damper regions then you are badly deluded. She and her husband were instrumental in constructing some of its more modern features. Taft-Hartley was his crowning achievement and set the stage for the crash. Of course SHAFTA wasn’t ever a problem.

Taft-Hartley was his crowning achievement

I think you mean Gramm-Leach-Bliley.

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