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Swamping the Drain in Washington


Swamping the Drain in Washington

Tom Engelhardt

Recently, I visited New York’s Guggenheim Museum for a show of conceptual art by Danh Vo, whose family fled Vietnam as the American war there ended in 1975. He was four years old when he became a refugee and, through a series of flukes, found himself in Denmark, which has been his home ever since. Much of his work is focused on that grim war and the colonial history leading up to it.


Thank you for linking Rebecca Gordon’s book. We need resources to work on getting public awareness of the institutionalization of war crimes. Ordered my copy.


Coming soon: $100 turnstile fee for access to the Trump Jefferson Memorial.


Nobody will bring down Trump. The Democrats pissed away the opportunity by embracing the whole Russia fiction. The damage they did the republic by doing so is perhaps even worse then the damage they did by running Hillary as a candidate. Now Trump supporters and the Republicans in Congress are cemented in their support for him. The democrats cried wolf…when no wolf existed and instead left the back door open for the werewolves to pillage and plunder. You just couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. I am planning on a full eight years of Trump…and you should too.