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'Swamp's Doing Fine': Amid White House Chaos, Trump Cozies Up to Right-Wing Donors


'Swamp's Doing Fine': Amid White House Chaos, Trump Cozies Up to Right-Wing Donors

Jake Johnson, staff writer

His party is publicly rebuking him, corporate executives are rushing to distance themselves from his administration to safeguard their own reputations, and rumors of more White House departures are swirling after Chief Strategist Steve Bannon's ouster.


Progressives can and must win the next election. Had Bernie been the candidate, Democrats would have won bigly.

Some like “Draft Bernie”, dream of starting a perfect progressive third party to challenge Trump while dividing the Democrats a la Koch, never mind that the third party vote was less than 1% of the total.

After Trump, “voting our conscience” by voting third party again, seems puking dumb. For progressives, taking over the Democratic Party and winning has never been easier.

It follows that excluding fatalistic “conscience voters”, how many progressive sounding, “vote third party” shills will Koch millions buy to divide and conquer?

Direct Democracy


“With the Trump Administration’s Chaos sucking up all the Attention…it is remaking the Justice System, Rewriting Environmental Rules. Overhauling Public-Lands Administration, (and) appointing figures who will guarantee the Triumph of its Idealogical Vision for Decades to come.”

Distractor (Par Excellence)-in-Chief.

“Oooh! What did he Tweet today?!”


Mr. Trump has a majority coalition in America consisting of

  1. Right wing donors, and
  2. A handful of immediate family members.

That’s how powerful the donors are in politics.


The swamp steams up as Trumpism fits the Constitution with cement boots. Stink and sink.


It is a complicated issue. While Bernie campaign showed that a progressive unknown can go far in the party through the will of the people, the primary also showed that the DNC will use any tactic to sabotage such a candidate The DNC, through lies and manipulation, picked the only candidate that could lose to Trump, just because the idea of an actual democratic nominee disgusted them so much. If the only way a progressive can win is through the Democratic Party than this corruption also needs to be dealt with. Sadly I doubt it will be paid much mind. Expect the Dems to lose even more seats come 2018 and still not learn their lesson.


This group seems to have some good solutions:



The heads of “organized crime” (in this case, legalized crime) are gathering to cheer and celebrate their success in ripping off the American economy. Sleazebag -in-chief is leading us into a cesspool, from which we will not be able to extricate ourselves for decades to come. And yet, there are Americans who cheer this–a clear demonstration that there is a portion of our population that is really, really troubled.