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Swear-In for First Muslim Woman in Penn. Statehouse Starts With 'The Epitome of Religious Intolerance'


Swear-In for First Muslim Woman in Penn. Statehouse Starts With 'The Epitome of Religious Intolerance'

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A Pennsylvania Republican lawmaker delivered a fire and brimstone prayer aimed at an incoming Muslim member of the statehouse Monday, prompting outrage and accusations of bigotry.

Rep. Stephanie Borowicz, a Republican from central Pennsylvania's Clinton County, opened the day's session with a prayer that called for the country to ask for God's "forgiveness" for, in her view, turning away from Christianity.

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Rep. Stephanie Borowicz WWJD

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Now as ever before ,separation of church and state,



definately seperation of church and state, evangelicals, most of them shithouse crazy!



The Republican Party will always be known as the party of Bigotry.



The only people losing sight of god are the Talibangelicals and Evilgelicals of the tRumPutinCon Party

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One of the most memorable moments of my life was my good fortune in being part of a small and exclusive delegation granted an audience, including a Q&A, with the Dalai Lama, at his residence in exile in Dharamsala, India. The extremely forthright and probing questions were put forth by the university students I was with. One of them pointedly asked about the value of religion in today’s world.

With good humor and his charming laughter, but also with gravity, His Holiness stated bluntly that, considering the discord, bellicosity, intolerance, and hatred that overwhelms human relations today, religion couldn’t be considered anything but a failure.

I’m an atheist myself, yet I support the right of all peoples to practice their faiths. That said, the Dalai Lama speaks for me.



WOW! What an honor, ST! Treasure that time!

As an atheist also, I’m afraid I am much less tolerant than you about those who “practice religion”. There have been centuries of “practice” and, generally, they STILL haven’t gotten in right. Religion is nothing more than a crutch for the fearful and a reason to “Hate Thy Neighbor” and kill them. (i.e. The Middle East)



I’ve traveled widely and been treated with extreme warmth and generosity by members of all the major faiths.

Conversely, I’ve experienced animosity and blind hate from some of them, as well.

So in regard to your comment, I’ll just say, blanket statements aren’t fair. Still, the Dalai Lama spoke a great truth based on a cold, hard look at the world. Yes, religion has sowed division more than unity.

What that says about humanity is just shameful.



Well, I hate to bring religion into this, but Jesus H. Christ. What a cruel, weak, divisive way to precede the swearing of a member of a civil delegate in a (supposedly) secular body of legislators.Shades of Billy Sunday, Charles Coughlin, and the 20s-30s era of false prophets. How anyone could adhere to such a thought is beyond me, although I have relatives who are extremely conservative, and would agree with such an invocation. It’s pretty scary for a 64 year old, white suburban guy to be called a commie by his own relatives, just for speaking out against the inhumane and injudicious hard right.



Agreed…my statement was a blanket statement and it was painted with a broad brush. I know there are those who practice love, peace, and understanding but my experience has been seeing more hypocrisy than commitment to what they say they believe.



And they probably insisted that she be sworn in with her hand on some holy book, presumably the Koran. As an atheist, I’d request that my hand be placed on Heart of Darkness, so help me Conrad.



Religion has NO PLACE ANYWHERE in government…PERIOD! The U.S. government is already a body of hypocrites, why feed the fire?!



Jesus what an arrogant B***h. I’m your ambassador?
This woman is insane. Legally, literally and DANGEROUSLY.



The separation of religion from state?

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I thought, just for a moment mind you, that this republican was requesting prayer for the well being and safety of the new member. Of course it was a long shot, and turned out like we would expect.
Are all members going to have right and balls to offer group prayer sessions for their particular religion, or are they going to go on the assumption that they all have a unitary God to begin with?

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Good Lord, what an asshole.
I wish I could find it amusing, but I really can’t. These are the same people who question whether or not a Muslim in Congress would be swayed by their religion, (i.e. institute Sharia), or remain faithful to the Constitution. Will the hypocrisy never end?



To quote Mahatma Ghandi:

“I rather like your Christ. I don’t like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.”



Sorry. One more minor rant.
The more II thought about it, the more disturbed I became with that woman’s incredible ignorance of the history of the country she represents and so tearfully “loves”.The Constitution was Never based on anything Jesus said, nor did they ever invoke him or any other god. Her contrary claims expose either willful dissembling or abject stupidity; neither quality is desirable in a government official.



Clearly. Why would her Jesus want to come back to this sorry world? Well, maybe just to whip her ass…