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Swedish Court Refuses to Lift Warrant Against Julian Assange


Swedish Court Refuses to Lift Warrant Against Julian Assange

Common Dreams staff


My understanding of the case remains that the two women who made formal inquiry into what recourse they might have, having ‘unprotected sex’ with Assange, regarding any unknown potential for a presence of STDs, and that they were NOT attempting to charge him with rape.

With all due respect, the press must find a way to firmly state the actual origins of the state actions vis a vis the original intent of the two women, and, given Assange’s responding, in Sweden, by going directly to authorities to respond in a socially responsible manner, only raises higher the question of a railroading on political grounds. It would seem, ultimately, that the entire case serves to lay bare the willingness of the powers that be to kneel to abusive powers that want to keep secret the modes and degree of undermining of societal well being for the sake of the power of advantage rather than transparency for the public good - and to set a nefarious precedent internationally.

When institutionalized power uses every means at its disposal to secure advantage over legal discovery, it presents the appearance that it is already in the wrong. The longer this goes on, public questioning of institutional legitimacy must also be keenly aware of instances where, as in US military practice of supplying weaponry to both sides in a conflict, flawed premises left unaddressed result in identifiable consequences.

One pattern long claimed by spin doctors for power is that the public has a short memory. Notable in that assertion is the big blank spot that is and has been intentionally created by obfuscation of the truth. So the reasoning is not only is a form of institutional self-indictment, but an instance of willingness to engage in intentional domestic traumatization. Given the demonstrations now occurring all over the world, I think we can put that lie aside.
Many procedural practices, which societies the world over recognize as necessary for equilibrium, are being sliced down in wave after wave of bids for power by sheer brute force. The latter is also a scathing indictment of viral institutionalized litigious lawlessness.all too commonplace and being suffered by people all over the world. This includes sociopathic constructs like Citizens United.


The Swedish Court’s actions are another example of corporations buying governments around the world. Karl Rove was instrumental in getting the current Swedish Prime Minister elected and cornering Assange is part of the pay back.


Clear, concise, right-on comment. Good stuff!


Karl Rove? Seriously? Would you buy a used tire from that con?


Karl Rove helped the former Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt, get elected. The current PM is Stefan Löfven of the Social Democrats.


This just goes to show the power of the Amerikan Empire!


I cannot agree more.
Julian Assange is a hero to many around the world. He is a suitable candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, particularly in view of some of the recent recipients.


Neocons will go to any lengths to cover up their war crimes. Millions dead , the Middle East in chaos and Bush, and Cheney, Rice and Rummy are safe in their beds…God bless the evil Empire.


Assange performed a great pubic service but that does not make him immune from human foibles. He is kindly described by those who know him and have worked with him as difficult. How this whole mess plays out is yet to be determined, but it is possible for good people to do bad things and vice versa. In this case, it appears that the women have a legitimate case and that had Assange employed a prophylactic as requested by the two women, he wouldn’t be in this mess. It is a matter of legitimate and genuine concern if the US government is in cahoots with Sweden to extradite Assange for his part in exposing US government secrecy and wrongdoing, by exploiting his penchant for unprotected sex. Assange most definitely should avoid entering the US, but if he is actually guilty of a crime against these two women, his public service shouldn’t get him a free pass for charges that result from his sexual antics.