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Sworn Enemies of EPA Now Just One Step from Heading Agency's Key Departments

Sworn Enemies of EPA Now Just One Step from Heading Agency's Key Departments

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

"All four have condemned the very existence of the EPA and want to weaken it beyond recognition, threatening the EPA's mission to protect our clean air and water."

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But . . .   But . . .   Big Oil, along with Big Pharma, Wall Street, and the Health Insurance Industry, owns “our” government – they bought and paid for it 100% legally with “campaign contributions” – so what’s the beef??

Four good reasons why it was a big mistake to vote for Jill Stein.

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That was a totally worthless comment, and a gratuitous insult to one whose integrity your heroine HRC can only hope to fake.

This topic alone demonstrates, frankly, what lazy idiots the bulk of the country has become. Just have a conversation with someone right now about the EPA and good chance they have no idea what’s going on. Many of the young don’t know anything about the agency. I never thought I would see something like this. Liberal, otherwise somewhat progressive people are often turning a deaf ear to the what is essentially the overnight impaling of the agency. This and education, are two areas we are going to see very bad things happen very fast unless an abrupt halt comes to it and there is a turn over of the people… The entire Cabinet is essentially illegitimate at least in intent. What are Americans DOING with their reading time?

Voting for Stein was like voting for Nader-an essentially immature, nihilistic act.

No, it’s a realistic statement about how impractical people were. I did not like Hillary at all-but LOOK what is happening NOW. Stein is wonderful person, that means little in the discussion.

People who consistently vote strategically—that is, for the presumed lesser-of-two-evils—have brought us to this exact point. Those who don’t vote at all are now in the majority, saying, in effect, a pox on your D/R houses. Yet both groups feel justified in calling out third-party activists for “immaturity and nihilism,” for lacking “practicallity,” even for actual malice.

So tell me: what’s mature, practical and life-affirming about voting for the war criminal who stole the D nomination from the candidate who could have buried Trump? What’s realistic about accepting whatever tool the 1% selects for you? At what point—if any—will you personally refuse to take another step backward?

Lastly, what do you do on the 364 days when you’re NOT voting?

Go to Switzerland if you want a culture of perfection. You are NEVER going
to get it here. I loathe Hillary. I also really resent people who allowed
the United States to essentially dissolve in 2000 with the “installation”
of W Bush by SCOTUS, courtesy of Ralph Nader. That blood may remain on
those hands for all I care. That year was the end of the Union, sorry.
If you cannot see this I will pray for all of us.

It’s the lie that won’t die. Some 96,000 registered FL Dems voted for Shrub; more than 100,000 potential D voters were purged from the voter rolls by the R candidate’s brother; the Congressional Black Caucus literally begged for just one senator to refuse to certify the election’s results, and got only embarassed silence in return—including from Al Gore himself!—and none of that matters because “Nader gave us Bush???” Give it a rest, won’t you?

There are more than two lines on a ballot. Get over it. If Brand D wants my vote, it will have to earn it by coming up with better nominees.

No, you are in the wrong and that’s it. You are probably never going to
get what you want and are dragging us down for it. I agree with your
sentiment. I would also suspect you are white, educated and frankly are
not that affected by what actually happens in the trenches. Your “get over
it” is exactly the crap we hear from Trump supporters continually. You
are very selfish.

And you’re a fact-free, ad hominem-flinging, blame-deflecting Dembot who doesn’t own my vote as a birthright. Serve up some candidates we can believe in or get out of the way.

Your writing is far too full of buzzwords for me to have a discussion with
you. Starting with “ad hominem.” I don’t think I am any of those
things. Its cliche of you to throw that stuff around, Bye.