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Symbolic Failure Point: Female Afghan Pilot Wants Asylum In The US


Symbolic Failure Point: Female Afghan Pilot Wants Asylum In The US

Peter Van Buren

History loves little markers, tidy packages of symbolism that wrap up a big, complex thing.

You know, the helicopter on the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon standing in for years of failed war, the Berlin Wall being knocked down to visually note the end the Cold War, that sort of thing.

Well, the never-ending-gobsmacker of the Afghan War may have gotten its iconic moment.


A buddhist region in its pre-islamic days, the area of the planet has been ravaged by so many militias who have all failed to maintain any power over it. The violence that is now inculcated in the culture will cause any populace there to cannibalize .

Maybe the United states can learn somethings from the region.


Afghanistan's preeminent spot as the 'Graveyard of Empires' remains extant. At each instance, there was an iconic moment that cemented this for the outsiders who's hubris led them to believe they were exceptional enough not be effected by it. The USA just had theirs, though Osama bin Laden slipping through their fingers at Tora Bora was a close second.


It also shows you cannot impose freedom on people. They have to want it.

Islamic countries have to decide to step into the 21st century themselves. Look what happened to Iraq and Libya, both ruled by long time dictators. As soon as they were gone both countries turned into fundie shitholes.


I rather think that if you read the history of the last 100 years of western involvement in the Middle East and North Africa you would find that various western countries imposed assorted puppet kings and dictators on those countries so as to maintain western influence there for assorted financial and geopolitical reasons.So you would find that western countries created metastable political systems extending from Marrakech to Mosul that would in all eventuality fail as these systems had no respect for the wishes of the people who actually lived under them. And failure of political systems leads to civil wars until something stable develops.

As for the USA freeing people; when did that last happen? Like most empires, the USA acts out of the self-interest of those who run the empire. At least we Brits built railways and infrastructure and developed education and hospitals, rather than simply bombing the places we conquered back to the Stone Age, and we got out reasonably peacefully when the time came to go.


That only happened after the US military destroyed those countries.


Libya was crushed because Gaddafi wanted to create a gold Dinar to compete with the Euro and the Dollar.




Umm, hello, Marshall Plan? The US lifted all of western Europe out of the post war slump.

Look at Japan and Germany after WWII. My guess isthe US was planning the same thing in the Middle East but the quality of the people was not what they were expecting. Now that's what i call a major intelligence failure.


globalresearch.ca? Let's be mature people and use serious news outlets.


You are entitled to your opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.



The fact is that US intervention has been a disaster, irrespective of whether you think Islamic countries need to step into your distopian version of the 21st century.


While you are clearly not a global research fan, this was written by General Clark and Amy Goodman...or are you a big fan of the MSM propaganda?