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Syphilitic Chimpanzees Inc.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/10/30/syphilitic-chimpanzees-inc

When I saw the title to this article, I thought it was going to be about promiscuous apes, turns out
I was only half right.


Zimet sez:
“Mick Garris, one of the original Hocus Pocus creators … shreds ‘satire’ so inept it’s ‘as if drawn by a syphilitic chimpanzee.’”

This crowd does “satire” at a skill level Wile E. Coyote used to employ working in the medium of anvils.


LOL, when I saw the sparkly light in his crotch, ( after what some women who knew him have said,) I thought maybe he had a flashlight attached to his penis, so he could find it if the lights go out in the White House.
He appears to only have one leg in that poster too, and really, I would not have recognized any of the people who are said to be the subjects in the poster.
So---- who put this poster together and really----it seems like a junior high attempt to make Trump look presidential----oh — but that attempt was -----and is a fail!
Is this supposed to have something to do with Halloween? That’s just silly, because everyone in the world knows by now, that Trump celebrates Halloween every day, because every day in America is a satanic version of Trump’s Trick or Treat. ( the tricks appear to be winning. : (


You know, since Trump insists the Dems are on a witch hunt, back in the day they had some great ways of proving whether or not the accused witches were innocent or guilty.

There are probably some goads, scrapers and ducking stools around somewhere so he can prove to everyone he is, in fact, innocent. Of course, he’s only proven innocent if he drowns but I think we should find out for sure.


Actually, it looks like they resurrected Jack Chick to do the "art"work.

Quite an interesting idea! Abby, what you do with words is incomparable, love how you put your essays together by getting to the point, along with throwing in scathingly ironic humor, Thank you for what you do!

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“Fine Art”?
Choppa line now.
Some reich-wing moron must have pulled out his trump straw to snort “detergent” before engaging in propaganda production.
You are a person with a snow-job …

Hi phatkhat:

I’m sorry, I don’t know of that person…who is Jack Chick? But apparently he is dead?