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Syria ­- A Light to the World


Syria ­- A Light to the World

Mairead Maguire

BELFAST, Dec 31 2015 (IPS) - In November 2015 I visited Syria together with an International Peace delegation. This was my third visit to Syria in the last three years. As on previous occasions I was moved by the spirit of resilience and courage of the people of Syria.


Thank you. "Syria is a light to the world as there are many people working for peace and reconciliation,"

If Syrians can hold out a little longer, the people of Europe and the US might eventually evolve to real democracy and reject repulsive military profits and murderous governments that serve the profits of war on innocent families.


Yes, Light to the World


usa: criminal murder on a massive scale.
obama and bush are christians?
PROSECUTE THEM...or nothing changes....fiction prevails


Jews, Christians, Muslims. All "People of the Book," all "descended from Abraham".
* For thousands of years, all have lived together, essentially in peace, accepting each other as People of the Book.
* Now, for war, profit, power, the Oiligarchies of the West have returned to "book burning," and the result is plain to see.
* I hope that We the People of the World will again learn to stand together, put out the fires and resist the powerful psychopaths that are creating such chaos. Perhaps we can again have peace.


unfortunately,zionists in the Likud govt want chaos in Syria, Iraq, Iran and elsewhere to cover the crimes of genocide in Palestine. Since the NYT, Wash Post etal.support Bibi, we can expect more weapons to be sent to Israel and ISIS.


Yes, Syria may, in spite of GWB-Obama policies of bombing everybody who disagrees with their stupid policies, Syria may rise from the miserable policy failures and show promise to the world. It would help if we had a few writers who could stop mealy-mouthing the obvious, like this: "now Syria too has been turned into a war-ground in the geo-political landscape controlled by the western global elite and their allies in the Middle East."

Who the hell does Mairead Macguire worship into such a blind twitterpation that she cannot bring herself to say BARACK OBAMA and THE US EMPIRE rather than that vacuous mass-media euphemism, "western global elite"?

Euphemism is not clear writing.

Get over the mealy-mouth disease before it is too late to reverse the self-destructive imperialism that now threatens the whole planet's sanity as well as our climate, our social order, and our perhaps, potentially salvageable political-economy.