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Syria Denounces 'New Aggression' After US Warplanes Bomb Government Forces

Syria Denounces 'New Aggression' After US Warplanes Bomb Government Forces

Jon Queally, staff writer

The Syrian government of President Bashar Al-Assad accused the United States of "new aggression" on Thursday after American warplanes bombed government soldiers in the eastern part of the country.

Syria's state-sponsored news agency SANA said the attack—which it decried as an "attempt to support terrorism" in the province of Deir Ezzor—left "scores of persons dead and others injured."


The Russians are the invited party guests, while the Americans are the gate crashers. Now, who are the naughty boys? Terrorism in my name; thanks Bush/Obama/Trump.


So the US has granted itself the right to pursue “terrorism” wherever it might lead? I’m reminded of a royal fox hunt, when a serf’s fences, crops, livestock and children could be trampled by horseback riders in hot pursuit of their quarry, with no recourse. How exceptional.


The fascist Duopoly. Republican Fox viewers/Trump supporters. Democratic MSNBC viewers/Clinton/Obama/DNC-DLC supporters. All ripe for fascism as they are “The Ultimate Marks.” Any thought of alternative news sources or criticism of Zionists dictating our foreign policy and all aspects of our government are verboten.



“One–remember that whatever I’m doing, it’s not actually magic. And two: never look where I’m trying to make you look."
From the Counterpunch article

Thanks for that kajsa52. So I’m going to post an article that is sure to get me called a Putin stooge. But before anyone does just think for a moment. What if ALL of it really is bullshit all the time. I don’t know for sure what this person is saying is absolutely true but what if most or maybe ALL of what we read and hear is intended for the “mark”. Just think about it.



As a young boy, growing up in 1950’s rural America, I played with little Army Men.

Around the age of 10, I put them away.

As long as the People of America continue to support the parties of the Duopoly and their warmongering ways of excessive spending to maintain the Evil Empire of 700+ Military bases worldwide, we will be subject to their abuses of the power that voters have given them.

It really is that simple.

Support warmongers and you get constant war.

Yesterday, the Democrats sided with the Republicans to keep the government open for the next two years, allowing this administration to use $70 Billion more to go towards our Murderous Military.

Think of how that money could have benefited the people of this country.

There’s only two groups responsible for this: Democrats and Republicans.

Oh, one more group.

Those Americans who keep voting for them.

When will we as a nation put our toys away, and grow up?


Great link, thanks

Agree 100% Ponyboy - Stay Golden


Unusually fact free even for counterpunch, but at least Eskow is a real person with his own opinions.

The Russians are party guests. What a wonderfully cold blooded view of Syria. Progressives are capable of explaining away anything if it impedes their one track thinking.


Why this story but nothing on what the monster Assad and his Russian friends are doing in East Ghouta and Idlib right now???

And this explanation should not be necessary, but, to those who will accuse me for being a shill for US imperialism against the Man-of-the-People Assad and his hot wife, but yes, US, along with Russia, should get out of Syria so that right-thinking Syrian people can with non-state assistance capture and hang Assad.

(and will Commondreams please do something about the huge default size of articles with photos?)

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Hunts continue today, not royal ones either, and regularly cause damage to property while at the same time threatening domestic animals. The Countryside Alliance, which was taken over by the huntin’, shootin’, fishin’ lobby shortly after being formed, defends this sort of activity as “traditional”.

You do know that the person who is throwing this “party” to which the Russians are invited, has accumulated over his years in power, then preceded by his father before that, longest and most the most savage human rights record of in the past 40 years, right?

What’s next, the left deciding that the Argentine Junta of the 70’s-80s was not so bad after all?

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Syria, what’s the deal?

Regarding those White Helmets:


I get around it by clicking on “<<show preview,” then in the preview box click on “<<hide preview,” then hit “Reply” in original posting box. It works, but agree it shouldn’t be necessary.

Longer and more savage than our best buddies in Saudi Arabia?

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Let’s go back to the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 to find out how the disastrous lines in the sand made much of the sad history of the ME inevitable. The English and the French, with tacit approval from Russia, pretty much started this quagmire for the dark drippy oozy stuff.

Morons! The American Military can’t claim self defense when they are in a country illegally. The Syrian government should move every piece of artillery that they have within range of both the SDF base and the American base and just pound them with everything they have including the kitchen sink, and keep the S-300’s and the S-400’s ready for NATO,Saudi or Israeli aircraft!

Yup on your #s. Now, contrast that with candidate Sen. Sanders who said, " I think $80 Billion in cuts ( DoD ) is doable “. Feb. 2016
Over $650 Billion " negative swing to the deficit and debt " in just 2 years ( fiscal years 2018-19 ). Based on Obama’s #s in 2016.
Now, just how much Medicare-for-All does that buy for the U.S. in just 2 years?
This is why we can’t have nice things. The fix is in. And, it is trying to make itself permanently in.
” There’s a rat in me kitchen, tell ya’ what I’mma gonna do; I’m gonna fix that rat, that’s a what I’mma gonna do. I’mma gonna fix that rat. "

Yay war! Yay Assad!