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Syria: MSF Urges Syrian Government and Its Allies to Stop Indiscriminate Bombing in Aleppo


Syria: MSF Urges Syrian Government and Its Allies to Stop Indiscriminate Bombing in Aleppo

AMMAN, Jordan - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) demands that the Syrian and allied governments stop the bombing that is causing a bloodbath among civilians in the city.



This is a case where I feel for MSFs position in Aleppo. It's untenable. I want to be clear that hospitals should always be off limits to all military action--if we're going to deride the US for doing it, we need to also take the same position with the Syrians and the Russians, even if their policy pursuits are legitimate in comparison.
Nevertheless, here's the political lay of the land, and the cold reality staring MSFs mission in the face.
Syria and Russia are on borrowed time to pry Aleppo loose and return it into the Syrian polity. With Clinton the likely US president--a president who has already practically pledged a ground invasion of the country--there is limited time to recover the territorial integrity before a probable escalation of the war by the US with a new regime in power. A regime considerably to the right of an already appalling Obama regime.
This is the reason for the intensity of the attacks in Aleppo (and pretty much everywhere else). A race against time for Assad.
Had a ceasefire held with real peace negotiations occurring, this wouldn't have been necessary. But we all know that was a farce, largely to buy time for the jihadis to rearm and recover from their battering.
I still think Assad can probably accomplish this mission without hitting hospitals and using more fire discipline with artillery (and I think he should), but it's also a case of the political situation dictating the volume of force.
Good luck with your mission, MSF, because right now, there's not going to be a happy ending to this story, especially if Syria fails to recover its territory prior to Clinton taking office and renewing the invasion of Syria proper. That will be "her war", and everyone trying to save the Syrian state knows it.