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Syria: Obama’s Most Momentous Decision


Syria: Obama’s Most Momentous Decision

Joe Lauria

With the Russian-backed Syrian army encircling Aleppo, cutting off Turkish supplies to rebels and advancing on the Islamic State’s capital of Raqqa, a panicked Saudi Arabia and Turkey have set up a joint headquarters to direct an invasion of Syria that could lead to a vast escalation of the war.


Excellent comprehensive piece from Joe Lauria, detailing the madness of all parties to the Syrian "civil war" - except for the victims slaughtered, starved and dispossessed.......one can only hope that there is a grown-up in the mix and others to heed their appeal.

The "latest" atrocity was the bombing of the hospitals and school perhaps committed by Russian forces......the failure of diplomacy so-far is clearly displayed, and perhaps millions will be lucky to survive.



The neocons will not readily accept defeat by Russia in Syria. This is what I think happens

At the close of Ww2 the USA occupied the south part of Korea even as Russia occupied the North . This has lead in effect to two Koreas.

East Syria is where the oil is. This is the area the Turks and Saudis are eyeing.
It also where the Kurds are.

If east Syria occupied by a coalition of western friendly nations the neocons can come out on top yet by promoting the idea that the differences between the east portion and the rest are too great and that Syria should be carved in half.

With forces on the ground in the region they feel Russia would not risk a world war to dislodge them.

They would get their pipeline corridor from the rest of the gulf states, a major enemy of Israel dismembered and the Russian friendly portion of Syria with little in the way of oil will be impoverished.

A north and South Korea recreated as an east and west Syria


Where is the MSM on this potential escalation of the Syrian War? Seems like it should be, "breaking news".